How do you want a weekend evening to see a light, pleasant movie to forget about their problems and concerns, take a break from everyday work. One of these can truly be considered a French romantic comedy "Do you want to or not," the charming Sophie Marceau and Patrick Bruel in the lead roles.

The film about a girl who slept with all.

The film "Do you want to or not?"

Judith - a real beauty, exude sexual energy, to curb that has been able to no man. Sex - for her entertainment, relaxation, and of means of achieving goals. Need shoes - no problem, sleep with a shoe salesman. The taxi driver turned up? - why not? And all this is so simple and natural to Judith that even looks matter or dissolute. However, an irresistible desire for amorous pleasures it brings a very big problem in life. Woman laid off from work because of an intimate relationship with a few male colleagues. Despite this, she believes that sex for her only cure, relieve tension after work. And no man can resist her charms.

The film about a girl who slept with all.

But he appears here. The man who tries to break his irresistible attraction to women. Lambert even attend special courses in order to restrain their desire. And now their paths cross. Vibrant, passionate, and Judith "tied" Casanova. Who will win? Will Lambert resist? Change (to settle down) Do Judith. Are flashes romantic feeling or everything will remain at the level of single-sex. Or they will just work colleagues?

The film about a girl who slept with all.

Fun, easy to film. The best thing for a Friday night to take a break from work or school.

Of course, the film has got from the critics. The plot sluggish, the topic of sex was not disclosed, pornography apparently not enough respected critics. Despite the candid moments in the film, in spite of all that sexuality, which emits and the main character, motion picture, "Do you want to or not?" Can not be considered vulgar. Yes, the base of the film, the idea and the plot - all this is based on the attraction of man and woman.

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"Do you want to or not?"   Franco-Belgian, romantic comedy. Cinema nice and funny, it looks with a smile and uplifting. Most amusing scene, when the heroine Sophie Marceau closed my eyes and imagined all naked in front of men. But when she fell on the - really, the focus does not load.

If you like a light plot, gently presenting morality, a modicum of drama (because the mother of the heroine's father killed out of jealousy to his own brother), then this is your movie. 

The film about a girl who slept with all


The film "Do you want to or not" in good quality

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