The sensational case - Narkofitnes
Series 89

Use chemistry to improve results in the sport - a private matter. Everyone has a choice: to take care of their health or destroy it. For this criminal code does not provide for any punishment. But distributors can receive up to 8 years in prison. What will become hooked on steroids by bodybuilders, time will tell.
Twenty years ago the spectators enthusiastically watched the performances of American stars atletiki.Togda light was put on the hundred-meter race world record among zhenschin.Do still in the women's sprint, this result is not repeated nikto.Obladatelnitsa record of Florence Griffith Joyner has umerla.Anabolicheskie steroids played in her death decisive znachenie.Mnogih death shocked the famous athlete and showman Vladimir Turchinsky .Serdtse bodybuilder could not stand the overload of the long-term acceptance of chemicals.

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