Of all the existing and there is a real practical importance is the condom. He remains the best means, as is absolutely harmless to health (with the exception of latex allergy in 3% of the people), if used properly, protects against pregnancy and most importantly - from infections, sexually transmitted diseases. This selection tool for beginners as inexpensive, does not require much effort of memory (as opposed to tablets, about which we must not forget), easy to use, does not require a doctor's advice (as opposed to the pill and IUD), is safe and protects against infection. At the beginning of the sexual life partners share their germs, and in response to the ingress of foreign microbes develops an inflammatory reaction - it does not necessarily mean an infection, especially venereal - this is a reaction to the first alien microbes trapped here. That is why to start having sex and keep it at the beginning it is necessary with a condom.

It is not true about condoms:

  • With it you do not feel anything. Of course, if you read this fable in advance and believed in it; if you ever think about it as you now do not feel; if we assume that the concern about birth control - none of your business, and a condom with your hand, it is the victim; if to convince himself - then so be it. Really modern latex condoms are very thin, and their maximum influence on the sensitivity - is a prolongation of sexual intercourse, which is good in most cases. Notes also some staunch opponents of condoms reduce sensitivity - is a consequence of psychological persuasion and discontent.
  • He always breaks. Not always. We should not be stingy and take the most expensive and well-known: Durex, LifeStile, Playboy, Innotex, to look at the expiration date, package integrity (very carefully, because there is a gimmick like a pin prick :), put it before, not during intercourse, clamping before putting tip to remain free space, remove carefully.
  • From it there are still children. Subject to all rules of use (by the way they are described in the instructions to the packaging - with pictures) - net.Pravda about condoms:
    • Subject to the rules, he protects from pregnancy
    • It protects against infections, sexually transmitted infections
    • He is the only remedy that has no contraindications and side effects.

    inherit;">How to improve the reliability of a condom:

    • Buy expensive condoms known companies choose not with embossed surface and with spermicidal jelly.
    • Follow the rules of use
    • Combine with chemical methods of contraception

    Chemical methods can be used only in conjunction with a condom. By themselves, these drugs have a very low percentage of protection, and in combination with a condom reduces the risk of fertilization when it is interrupted or jumps off. Chemical contraceptives (farmateks, kontratseptin, patetenks oval) cause irritation of the vaginal mucosa, exacerbating inflammation and dysbiosis, require a new introduction before each sexual act. The new convenient form - a sponge farmateks. It operates 48 hours, i.e. no need to replace for a new sexual intercourse during this time. But in general, the safety of chemical contraceptives lower their reliability, so they retain their value only in combination with a condom.

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