The desire and passion is always accompanied by a man and woman at the initial stage of relations. Few people can keep these feelings to be the only one wanting to lifelong learning, man. A woman can be a good hostess, a skilled cook, but if your bed is not the former fire, you're not the best woman in the world for his men.
But the desire to be the best, the only and most beloved remains, and we have to somehow try to go to this.

Where to begin?

1. Do not be lazy and refer to the literature on sex. Perhaps you have something missing, something not do for a loved one. Your man will be pleasantly surprised, if you apply in practice the knowledge acquired.

2. Remember how you made your man tremble with joy that gives him the greatest pleasure. Do it again and never forget that you can be the best in bed.

3. Be sure to tell the man that you like or dislike about your sex life, ask him to tell me about their preferences. Then the shame will be thrown into the far corner, and you will be able together to get everything they wanted, but were afraid to ask. A man will not need to look on the side to satisfy their hidden desires, if he can implement them at home.

4. Gentle touch and kiss should always be present in your life, regardless of whether they receive a continued or not. Such minor personal contacts help men tune in and draw in his mind the picture of how your hands and lips will caress his night.

5. There is nothing worse than ordinary, routine sex, it's more like a labor service, than filled with passion and overwhelming lovemaking. Invent something new, change the place, posture, time of day, it will give a sense of novelty.

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A few simple tips.

- Find a man's most sensitive areas. This can be done by watching his reaction to your touch. These places can be earlobe, finger tips, neck, chest, thighs, abdomen. Do not forget, every man is different, but you will be able to find the right point.

- In contrast to the woman, the man loves his eyes. It will not leave indifferent elegant lace underwear, stockings and stilettos, whether he will remove from you or not. Enthusiasm and excitement makes men sexy eaten your banana or ice cream, and maybe lollipop.

- The man needs diversity, try to try on wigs, play different roles, you can be anyone, maid today, tomorrow a strict teacher. Your man will thank you for it and will do everything to make it a "new woman" has reached the limit of the highest pleasure.

- Arrange a romantic evening suddenly, with your favorite music, candles and champagne, you can take along a warm relaxing bath. This lyrical attitude will allow you to enjoy each other and engage in a gentle, unhurried sex. While receiving pleasure and satisfaction.

There is no woman that can not be a favorite, desirable and unique for his men, there are those that do not. One has only to want to - and success will be in your hands!

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