It is understood,
is it possible to fall in love once and for all? In my opinion, true love must be
eternal. And all the other feelings that are - are not love. These
feelings are varied - love, passion, adoration, sympathy, calculation
, etc., they all eventually go away or turn into love .....

When they say
that love is passed over, it seems to me that people did not like. Just
really love not for something, and just love. And what can change
in 3-5 years. Not to mention, when the flow rate through the year. What is changing?
Adults with an established world-rarely change their habits.
So after some time, just beginning to see what had not previously
noticed, we tried not to pay attention?

When people talk
about love at first sight, they mean almost instant mutual
attraction, but not anymore. What would need to learn to love the person.
Passion is held in six months, maximum two. Because the release of
hormones in the blood, heart palpitations, breathing and some other
physiological processes may not last long. The organism can work in
this wears only a short time mode. And when is a passion,
it is the man himself. And what is it - rude, dishonest,
humanly unpleasant? And then there is a choice between simple inclination or
opportunity to be with this person. Hence the phrase, "We
fell in love at first sight," says that this seemingly
proved to be accurate and they really loved each other, only to later. Well,
I do not believe that it is possible to love only for appearance, or even
talk to the person minute. You need at least a day - a maximum of a week!
That a man can betray a difficult moment, learned only in
difficult times. So take people different feelings for love, and for
some time later, and the presence of complex situations say that love
has passed ... So it was not love.

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Talk about
love harder, because it's a feeling experienced at least once in life
almost everyone. Someone takes love for love, someone says that
this is the first "step" of love. In any case, it all begins ... But
love is different from the true love that while in this
state, one does not notice the shortcomings of the object of their feelings. In contrast to
this, we love a person, with all its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore,
over time, upon closer inspection, the lover is starting to see and
negative qualities of another. And here and there is a sobering and
realization that someone can forgive the shortcomings of another, and someone does not
want to take them. Accordingly Love or blends in
love or ends ...

Talk about the so-called worship of man is even more difficult ... Perhaps
someone thinks it's a kind of love, or even a higher degree of
expression of feelings. But it can be a lifetime to worship, exalt someone to appreciate
a person for his talent, intellect, for something extraordinary? And what in return? Often,
talented people are capricious, not adapted to life. And the rest of his life
to remain in the shadows ... Two brilliant person, I think, together, not
get along. I is illusory happiness is not clear. Although it is possible to recall
a huge number of artists and their companions.

You can still recall the "partnership marriages" when people are together, because
it's time, because it is convenient or not other options. In general, often
people come together for very different reasons. And over the years, all the talk about the habit.
She really connects. But really love ends, and at 3, 5, 10
years, people together by inertia, habit, because of the children?

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Perhaps feeling that is not real love pass. But
I want to believe that love is eternal, and I will not have to give up on their
feelings. The need to believe in something. Otherwise, why not just live.

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