"I probably do not throw it because it does not leave me. And it's not easy. From my "second half" lousy. From it, too. We deserve each other. "
John Green. "Looking for Alaska"

We all dream of a great and mutual love. Maybe someone has already found her, someone else to find who's falling in love once, was able to achieve reciprocity, but at the time the relationship was not able to save these deep feelings. Year after year we find and lose and so can not seem to infinity. With each attempt, build strong relationships, we step on the same rake, experiencing the same frustration. Some lose faith and they go "to the winds", others "go a" and given to fully work. But in any case, do not do it! Every minute, every new turn can store new impulses of love for you. It can overtake you in the most unexpected places, do not lose faith. Just when fate will give the next time you need to be a little prepared, be wiser not to make mistakes of the past. To this end, and created this article to the example of the experience of the happy couple, the maximum eliminate misunderstanding, absurd grievances, let jealousy and many other mistakes in seemingly simple things.

Communication . People who want to build strong relationships, communicate. They share experiences, discuss what is happening in the city and in the world to talk about that today they happened at work. They did not talk for days, but they had no problem about what to talk in the kitchen for a cup of tea. Look for common themes. More read, watch movies and TV shows, get out on the street, communicate with other people.

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"Communicate, communicate, communicate and then more."
Bob Nelson

Touch . You are close to each other people. Do you like to touch each other. This allowed not to everyone. Touching you again and again, giving to understand themselves and to everyone who surrounds you, that this is your second half. In turn, your loved one again and again received confirmation that he is loved, that it belongs to you, entirely, every cell in your body. Not so important, how often you have sex. Well, if you frequently. But even if this does not happen as often as you would like, you can always show love and affection with the help of passionate kisses and cuddle.

"He just touched, and I forgot how to breathe."
Svetlana Zhdanova. "Bride of the Demon"

Understanding . That relationship has become strong, you need to learn to understand the other half. It is important not just pretend that you know what a man feels close to you, you need to be able to stand up in his place, to feel what he feels, take the same path that he did.

"Who awakens in us an understanding, that excites us and love."
Vasily Rozanov. "Legend of the Grand Inquisitor" by F. Dostoevsky

Trust . Without trust, no relationship. No. Sooner or later, your union will end in failure. If you do not want, then you learn to trust your partner. He is with you, and this is most important. Almost everything that you yourself come up in your head, is devoid of any basis. This serves as a platform for your own self-doubt. Stop senseless jealous man, reminding him of what happened in the past, to forbid him something. It is better to give up the relationship with the person to whom you do not trust, and will not be able to believe. Do not waste your time in vain. Lack of trust can ruin the rest of the picture, even if it is perfect in every detail.

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"Trust - the best reward of love. If your favorite can fully trust each other, their love is really great. "
Sergei Rudenko. "Letter for the first time in love"

Independence and freedom . Each of you is an independent personality with their interests and preferences. You have to respect them, to motivate further development, help your partner, but do not forget that you yourself do not have to sit still. So that you have a strong relationship, we must remember that only in melodramas love people spend together 24 hours a day. Go to the demonstrations of your second half, but do not throw your chess club or fitness club for the extra 3-4 hours per week with your loved one. It is not right. First of all, you are a person, and only then you someone's partner, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. If tomorrow your relationship come to an end, with which you stay? And who you are, if you give up what you love?

"Complete freedom in a relationship does not include treason, and makes it possible to be honest."
Sergei Rudenko. "Letter for the first time in love"

Love . And, of course, guarantee of a strong relationship - in a sincere, inexpressible words of love, without which it is impossible to imagine your life!

"All the contrasts are insignificant to the power of love."
Elchin Safarli. "I'll be back"

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