Love.I'm so tired to look for true love . How do I get the guy fell in love with a man?

Beautiful, intelligent, kind .... But no one likes? It found that ...

By ak do to you loved? - Useful tips for those who want to be loved:

If, after trying all the options , you will not get anything - you know: your time, "appointed" for love, has not yet arrived. Do not torment your self-esteem, lowering her own complexes, "through the floor." Do not envy, her friends and acquaintances, "colored" envy. Jealous girls, in general, does not carry through life. And for those who are beginning to envy, life seems to be all the more difficult. Do not complicate the life of others, leaving, in comfort, his own.

If the tears are pouring - do not stop their flow. After the man cry, it does get easier. Though, with tears from the soul, it turns out "to pour out" all the suffering and to heal all the wounds of all. So it is, to some extent, it is. Mom can trust their problems. The problem is your - no exception. There is a desire - to open, to speak out fearlessly and boldly expressing their thoughts, words. Mom will understand you. And her insight, by the way, will help you lose weight that, at times, does not provide freedom to breath.

Those who do not do anything and does not change, fear is already in advance the result. Question: what is worse still .... Omission which came to nothing lead, or an action that can, realistically, to fix something? As strange as it did not look, but many, in spite of everything, stop your choice on the static (immutability). This - not a sad fact, but merely further confirmation of "difference" of people.

In one of the women's magazines have a history , which described in detail, as a girl, leave your feelings in a diary. In it, she wrote, and about suicide plan. The heart of her mother probably felt something. My mother read the plan "despair." It prevented him speaking frankly, a little daughter. Do not try to start a blog to spoil and overshadow his lines such thoughts. If you read them, all of a sudden, your mom, or someone from the family, they are very, very upset, because a read - hurt. Not hurt loved ones, even if you are now, unbearably painful.

You see, the world is very interesting works. And only he, in the face of something momentous, is able to "give away" good fortune or luck. When he "become generous" towards you - he does not even know himself. But he does, because - fair, although very violent happens to all.

You are the best! Very soon there is a person who agrees with this for three thousand percent.

Finally you meet the guy with whom you want to stay near all my life, because he is the most-most-most! As you know, man - being quite windy. And who can guarantee you that after some time elect not find a new hobby? In your same power to make a guy you fell in love once and for all. To do this, you should know what "impossible" and what is "possible and necessary" in your relationship.

"We can and must"

You must attract outward Man, that as a girl. Almost every man prefers to enjoy the natural beauty of his life partner, which, moreover, noted them on a subconscious level as a reliable and decent "instance" for procreation. To do this, constantly take care of themselves - their hair, skin, figure. It is unlikely that your guy will be able to tolerate for long near a cross in curlers and faded "Mom's" robe, even though it is ready it delicious and perfectly otglazhivat shirt.

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Of course, there are among the stronger sex, and fans of the "exotic" in the form of a 10-centimeter nails and silicone in different parts of the female body, but there are, fortunately, a minority. And if you need a person who would like to just your doll-like artificial appearance (which, by the way, over the years, lost their sexuality)?

"It is impossible"

Do not choose for themselves the image of the caller. Impressive, but vulgar and outer wear "battle" paint does not associate the guy with a long and serious relationship. Most of what he would expect - a small pleasant affair and a good reason to brag to friends by such beauty. Moreover, paradoxically, it will be constantly annoying that all shamelessly "stare" on his girl. Their revealing outfits Save your best for your romantic evenings with him and nights.

"We can and must"
Guys - very narcissistic personality, so the more your chosen one will hear you compliments and even flattery, the less he will want to look nice words somewhere on the side. Praise favorite for anyone, even the most insignificant occasion to let him know what he's smart, handsome, brave, strong, tender, gentle, caring, in general, a perfect and unique.

Basically, the guy and so about all knows it, but it is important to be seen and evaluated the quality is the one who is near.
Furthermore, it should definitely learn circle hobbies your boyfriend and share (read: to pretend that separates) them. Discussing with them their interests, you should not be silent nod and clap beautiful long lashes, but to become a worthy favorite and a pleasant companion. Learn to maintain a dialogue on important topics for him, whether it's football, cars or stamp collecting.


inherit;">"It is impossible"

Unspoken "taboo" in your conversations should be the theme of your former relationship with the guys. Undoubtedly, you have something to brag or complain about anything, but such "heart" talk better to discuss with her friends. Your favorite will unconsciously assume that you're trying to compare with someone it such incomparable.

Especially not "loads" loved their problems and poser, drawing his attention only to the difficulties in which he (and only he) can you do something to help.

Do not start talking about the one who has prestige of the profession and higher wages. Even if your income is higher than that guy, so Seal "painful" for it is a fact. Never reproach his favorite material failure. Men by nature earners and wage earners, it is very important to satisfy their need for protection and, therefore, self-realization.

"We can and must"

As you must attend elementary qualities such as openness, kindness, benevolence (in this case, not only in relation to your boyfriend, but also to his family and friends). In addition to his chosen passion you have to reserve the right to their own interests. Let it will not separate them and understand, but a hobby you should be (domestic flowers, knitting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, but not daily shopping and visits to beauty salons). Man truly something keen has a special and very attractive fire in his eyes and in his heart.

"It is impossible"

Your strong spirit of contradiction you have to hide deeper. Remember - the guy always right about everything. At least, let him understand. Argue with him - your main mistake that will lead to a deep male resentment and the realization that they do not understand it here, and therefore do not respect. In some situations, you might be better to just remain silent, in others - to elect the role of non-intrusive advisor. But the last word in the decision of a question should always be a guy.

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Do not play the role of a teacher with a guy and not reproach them errors achievements with the words: "But I told you ...". After all, what's done is done. Guy and so quite hard to realize and acknowledge their guilt, and here you are still adding fuel to the fire.

Do not overdo it with persistence and their whims. Man should not feel your personal property, listening to the permanent ban on his meetings with friends or spending time in the garage with the car alone. At a minimum, this will cause the opposite effect - your choice will be, like a spoiled child, do all that you can not. At a maximum, it is such a "dictatorship" will soon get bored and you will lose it. Naughty, but with the mind, that is, so that by the execution of your whims, the guy felt, if not all-powerful, it is very close to the concept of man.

"We can and must"

Fear not for show, for example, mice that guy could protect you and feel like a knight. Fear of the watching horror movies (bloody militants or that he's still in love), still see them quivering against his mighty shoulders. In general, the reasons for fear you can come up with plenty. The main thing is that the guy saw you in great need is his help.

"It is impossible"

It should not be fearful of household chores (laundry, cleaning, cooking, ironing his shirts). Taking care of your beloved should bring you true joy.
Not only for the success of your relationship, but also, first and foremost, for myself, you have to get rid of the inferiority complex. Did not get the guy with endless phrases: "Do not you think that I have recovered?" "I have terrible hair (chest, butt, legs, etc.)." In the end, this "hypnosis" take on a momentum effects on your guy.

"We choose, choose us. As it often does not match ... "It is a fact of life, however you want to so that it is your love for the guy turned into a present and a mutual feeling. Try to act according to these guidelines to achieve the desired and nothing it does not spoil. The main thing is to remember that true love does not exist any obstacles and difficulties. Good luck!

Article Author: Elizabeth Zolotukhin

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