Do you feel that you fall in love? But you do not know what a man is thinking about the relationship? Just pay attention to some signs themselves will understand.

He listens to you, and most importantly - to hear.If your kid is interested in everything you say and actually listening to, it shows that he cares about you. Pay attention to what you need and what you have to say. Weigh your words. Any guy who is interested in a long-term relationship will want to meet with your friends and with all that you are interested in. Such interest is due for you, and after meeting with your friends, it is exactly get along with them, because it affects your relationship. If a man take care of you to have a good relationship with friends, it is said that he really wants long-term relationship with you. How can it be expressed? You can always ask him for advice about the act of a friend, and he did it without offending will help, which is only capable of doing. For example, your girlfriend a ride to the train station.

The next important step. Your new friend introduces you to your friends. It might seem that a simple and normal for girls. For men, this is a very important act. Not every girl represent their colleagues ... And if you learn that his friends know about you for a long time and quite a lot, it means that you are really important to him and he is determined to seriously towards you.

Another sign pointing to a genuine interest in you - it calls it, from time to time he is trying to find out where you are . Sends you a lovely message, let them short, as, for example: "How are you?". Behind them lies a great desire to see you. In the first weeks of dating, he's calling you just to say "Hello", but more often he calls for meaningful conversation, it's because he was bored. Your new friend became interested in how was your day? Remarkably, you encounter a person who wants - something serious with you.

In love with a man she is interested in the fact that like his woman . For example, if you are crazy like a - a movie, he is sure to know about this film everything possible until the fabric for the costumes of the protagonists. And to satisfy you, he will invite to a film festival or a film that put the same director. All this he does in order to get close to you. Such actions indicate that the man is not a pity to spend your day on the recognition of the fact that you like. Actually why? That's right - he is very interested in you.

One of the most important signs that a man is really in love and are serious, if a man has given you the keys to his apartment . He really thinks about how to live together. Certainly such an act may be accompanied by phrases such as, "If you want to see me, just in case, I'll give you the keys. Suddenly, I will not be home. "

And the most important sign that the scattering all the guesswork, he wants to introduce you to his parents . Perhaps it is the act of showing that man is set seriously. For the "demonstration" can be selected typical day, or vice versa, it will be planned in great detail.

If your guy shows some of the above symptoms, be happy, you love.

Now let us consider a few signs that your loved one wants to marry you.

You are meeting for a long time, and maybe just a few months. Perhaps you have already built up some plans or thinking about him as a future husband? What signs will tell you that he is also thinking about the wedding? There exists some symptoms that tell us about what your man wants to marry, too.

Find out in advance that a man wants to marry you, and begin to prepare dowry!

He says you're the only one and the same one woman he had waited a long time, he says about you as a man who filled his life with meaning. All this shows that the man is ready to wear a tuxedo and buy a ring.

If a man invites you to family events such as birthdays or holidays to be together, to be sure, for this man you are - especially women. Believe me, man tuned to flirtation, not to worry about any of your girlfriends, nor will acquaint you with your family. Familiarity with his mother, the most crucial moment, and try to get his mom you like. This is not a typo, it is you, not you to it. In fact, someone you live with her or her adult son? In-law you sooner or later, like, in case of emergency you can tolerate each other and always be respectful to each other, but compulsively and violently try to please, will not exactly the result you expect. If your son-in-law with you well and he is happy, and along with you - amazing! Family idyll - this is something to aspire to more and frayed pair of time.

Many of his friends have already married. If your man offered to meet with another couple to dinner together , this is a clear sign that a man is set more than seriously. You should not confuse the majority of his friends are married, you may even feel more confident being in the company of his friends. Get used to it, and his friends will soon become your friends and that you will remind him of all the birthdays of your friends. You are ready?

Your man is already seeing you in his future wife, so increasingly touches you . For example, when you cook it touches your hand. Or do you work at the computer, and it starts to make you a massage. This behavior is typical of a man in love with a woman and want to make her his wife. Such convergence is a clear sign that a man has made his choice. If you agree with it, we move on.

A man wants to live together with you. And it is not in economic matters. He just decided to live together, it is worth noting that should not be too long to live together in a non-registered union. It is best to decide to live together, when clearly expressed by the previous signs.

Maybe he wants to buy a pet together. For a man such an act, a sign that he is not looking for just cohabitation. Buy a pet - a shared responsibility, both of you. After all, you must first take care of choosing a name for your pet, then about his upbringing. At this point, should be extremely cautious and allow your man to give a command. Why not? Men's responsibility will be felt. And you quietly watch from the behavior of your future husband, maybe not everything you enjoy in his method of education. If everything is fine, and you see your future husband to take care of your pet, it means that he is ready for the next step.

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A man wakes up in the paternal instinct. You may not believe, but men also have their paternal clock. And if your man starts talking about the children of your children it shows that the time has come to think about, which will host a bachelorette party?

Did you notice all or nearly all signs in your chosen one? Excellent, you are very close to your wedding. So start thinking about the dress and veil, and on the guest list. If the prospect of marrying you does not appeal, then what do you do at this point? You have long had to flee to a nearby club (yes anywhere, if only away) in search of itself, adventure or new experiences, who he wants.

If you are happy to try, but well try to make your happiness lasted all his life, and together, you and the family!

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If a guy says about marriage

If a guy says about marriage

Sooner or later there will come a time when a man decides to give up bachelorhood. Approximation of this wonderful moment, certainly provoke a girl, especially if she is loved and understanding.

But how to understand what will soon be followed by a marriage proposal?

1. The man who was going to marry, spends most of his time with you. And not with your friends. He likes to not only have sex with you, but also to listen to you, to consult with you, to talk about themselves.

2. He rarely says "I", and, increasingly, insists "we."

3. He did not spend all their money on entertainment and leisure, and with great zeal striving for financial independence.

4. Previously, he gave you flowers, buying dresses and perfume ... But lately he often gives you gifts for the home. For example, he presented to you TV or a vase ... Get ready, it may very well be that he will soon move to you.

5. He does not behave more like a boy. He behaves like a man. And it is impossible not to feel. He takes care of you and protect you. He is ready to come tearing along and help you with the first call.


Signs that a man loves you and is ready to marry

Did he marry me guessing

Did he marry me divination Online

The man says about children


So today - boys and girls are not used to directly talk about their feelings, intentions, just desires. How can authentically understand what a man wants you. Especially if you did not show it and do not talk about their hidden desires? And if a man wants you, the first thing he will experience an irresistible urge to touch. In actual fact, know whether you want a man, not hard. But it still does not mean that a man in love, experiencing some serious feelings and wants to be with this girl!

The truth is that most men really can not explain my feelings in words. Studies show that men use it to emphasize the independence and individuality (and women - quite the contrary, speak with the aim to join).

How do you know if a guy wants children?

Children? Aaaaaaa !!!! Says: Let vstretimsya.Dumaet: We spent five nights together, and only one of them ended in sex. He said (immediately after lovemaking): I would like to show you the house where I grew up. Think: Are you still thinking about her ex? You say (after you introduced): You know those guys He hears: I want you right now you're talking: What do you do?

What can I say man, that he understood you correctly: 1. Men perceive only one instruction at a time. So if you want to ask him to go to the kitchen and pour you a cup of coffee, we divide the request into two parts (this also applies to the bed) .2. If men say too many words, it is only to encourage to action (at that time, as women deal to establish contact).

And if you say that you like his shirt, he thought: "Cool, she wants to touch my muscles!" 3. But because Men importantly - action, it is much more important than what he does than what he says. What he did not want to hear? I want to get married? "He always suspected that you want to do that, and he does not want to hear about it." How do I look? So compare these attributes with the same, but in relation to you. If they are clearly different - it is possible to draw conclusions.

And when he was talking with a woman really wants, all his gestures will be concentrated in the pelvic area (if sitting). It's psychosomatic, and with it will not argue: gestures give inner desires and thoughts. Also, a man can make involuntary movements of the hips or knees, this is a very natural and almost imperceptibly for himself.

Speech and voice of man will also be different. Listen as he talks to other women and compare. If a man during a conversation looking at your lips, neck, chest, legs - it is obvious that he wants you. In this case, such views often not intentional. When a man passionately wants a woman, he would glance at it every few seconds.

While he was busy with some kind of their own thing, or, for example, talking to someone, he will periodically glances in your direction. It is important for women not to show their sympathy and to be modest, mysterious, intriguing and cause men to suffer in ignorance.

Translator from male to female. What he really wants to say to you?

Most likely, the man will show signs of attention, because he does not just want a woman - he would think how to get it. Every man is well aware that in order for you to fall into his strong embrace, it should be attractive. For every man woman's body - an object of admiration. If you are selected you have a man in the company's total, and there are other members of his or her sex, it will obviously try to be better than others.

Generally, for a woman it is not difficult to determine that it is very much a man wants. Even the most modest and timid man can not hide his desire. A lot of girls do not want more than to marry and to have children of their own. And if a guy is ready to have children, it is likely that the marriage and he, too, has matured.

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1) The simplest recognition - it is when the guy he advertises his wish. And in fact, his children did not want to. These words are clear hint of what he specifically says that, in order to clearly convince you that his plans coincide with yours. 4) He will always make jokes about the children. Some phrases uttered by allegedly by chance, but with a clear allusion to the fact that he sees you in your future.

2. What are the reasons for which men strive to create a family and to legitimize the relationship? So this is alarming - in your relationship there is harmony and understanding, you are together for years, and the man still has not made you an offer.

The main reasons why a man wants to have a baby.

If you do not want to spend all my life in the "potential wives," you need to act. Man in rare cases, the first to talk about marriage, family and children - it all already comfortable with. He is, as you with your children will walk in the park, and how you'll be fine.

The surest sign - if a man starts a conversation about children is what your children will be the nature of who they are similar. This is not just talk for 2 minutes - he can talk for hours about the children. If a man wants to introduce a girl with her parents - a good sign. So, he really treats you as a future wife. Perfectly! This means that a man loves you, admires you and he was pleased when the closest people to see you together.

If a man really wants a woman, it says that it attracted him with its sexy, attractive, and it draws its forces to dream, be in the sweet dreams. If your guy really wants from you children, you do feel it on an intuitive level, in the first place. If a man thinks of the family and do not hesitate, says the woman about it - this is the main feature of the upcoming wedding.

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The guy is going to make an offer

The guy is going to make an offer

5 signs that your boyfriend is willing to make an offerWant to know when you will marry? We will tell you how to figure out what your guy is going to wear on your finger ring.

1. He too tries to be helpful

If your young man for no apparent reason took up washing dishes, cleaning the bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else, he might try on the role of husband. Before you begin kreshitelnym actions, he tries to show you what it is economic. Your boyfriend wants you to see in him a partner with whom it is possible and necessary to go through life.

2. He praises himself

Even if you are successful in your career and you can well take care of herself, every man you will create a stable financial base before asking for your hand. Instinctively men want to ensure that your other half, and therefore very often be to praise their abilities earner. This means that your boyfriend is vague hint to you about your promotion or mysterious to talk about the big prize, which he is about to receive.

3. He behaves as if he had just started to meet with you

Remember the beginning of your relationship. Does your boyfriend became too careful? If it fills up your flowers and gifts, it means that he wants to be sure that you will agree, when it comes time to say "yes."

4. He always you something interrogates

When the long-awaited moment, most of the guys are trying to be as touching, sincere and expressive. This means that your boyfriend need to this moment as much as possible to know about you: he can ask about your favorite flowers or childhood memories, he will gather all information that helps you make quite an incredible offer. Your boyfriend wants you to remember this moment forever.

5. It's really worried about the details

On the day of X your boyfriend is sure to be terribly worried. Even if it is certain that you will agree, it will still be nervous.

When your guy is going to make you an offer right now 

• When you quietly eat your dessert, he was nervous and covered with red spots

• His pocket bulged strangely

• Do you feel that your left arm suddenly became harder

• He dropped to one koleno..i in his shoes do not have laces.

If a guy tells a joke about marriage


You're not sure if your man wants to spend the rest of my life with you? Read it, and she can tell if a man wants to marry you and be with you always!

Does a man to marry

Many women have admitted that they are planning their big day much earlier, before you find the right man, the same. Men behave very differently. They decide to settle down and think of marriage only when we decided to have found his ideal woman. Unfortunately, the time of the adoption of decisions on their part may be delayed. This can be very frustrating for women, especially those who feel that their biological watch is ticking fast.

Of course, he can say that he loves you, but this statement itself is not an indication that you are a part of his grand plan of life, to be with you forever.

Patience is the key when it comes to marriage, not only for him but also for you. You should never give up on him, no matter how much you want with it a dream wedding.

Even celebrities are not immune from the expectations marriage proposal. Hollywood superstar Harrison Ford made his chosen Calista Flockhart to wait 7 years before he proposed to her. Even England's Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton offer after 8 years. If Kate's waited so long, so it was worth it.

14 ways to know if a man wants to marry

So you want to know if your man wants to marry you. Be on the alert, check for 14 points, and then you will understand hints, if he wants to spend the rest of my life with you.

# 1 It spoils you. Of course when he pampers you with sweet, it may mean that it is just a nice guy. However, keep in mind that men do not indulge women, which are not of interest. If he makes an effort to make you happy and treat you, he definitely wants to keep you in my life.

# 2 He hints that he would like to have children. If he talks to you about parenting or devotes a whole theme that sitting in the evening in a cafe or hints that it would be nice to have children, it is likely he is serious in a relationship with you. It can not directly say, "I want your children", but you can be sure that when your man feels comfortable enough when talking about children and starting a family, he was unconsciously suits you audition for the role of wife and mother.


Does a man to marry


# 3 He uses the word "we." Does a man to marry you? Notice how he says - "I" or "we." When a man changes the phrase from "I" to "we", he is already thinking about the two of you as a single whole. No matter whether he has in mind the present or the distant future, it is always a good sign.

# 4 It talks about the future. Another indication of the fact that a man wants to marry you, if it says a lot about the future. Whether it's a question of where you will spend the holiday together or with whom you celebrate the next New Year's Eve, it's good, because it assumes that you'll still be together. After that, when a man begins to make plans with you for the future, it proves that he was very comfortable with you, and he would like to go further and close together.

# 5 Do you have common interests. Although many say that opposites attract, it is more practical to have common interests. Whether it's your shared love of watching Star Wars or obsession ride a bike every weekend.

Weekends and holidays will not seem in jeopardy if the partners have common interests and someone does not have to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of constant interest of another person. Men tend to believe that the general interests play an important role in the long-term success of the relationship.

Does your man wants to marry you

# 6 Do you have a general budget. Whether you're buying a new Ipad or buying a home on behalf of the two, sharing finances and assets for two, it shows clearly that you still intend to continue to hold you in my life.

This can be something serious, like opening a joint bank account or something as simple as an invitation to the 80 birthday of his grandmother and the joint purchase of a gift. In any case, this is a good sign that a man wants to marry you.

# 7 Do you like his family. Do not underestimate the importance of what you're like his family, especially if he is with them in a close personal relationship. Their opinion matters, and if they love you, there is more chance that he will want to make you part of the family.

If you think his mother is a bitch and insulted his brother, you can be sure that they do not just do in the near future and it is likely you can kiss imaginary ring 2 carat goodbye. So if you got a bad start with his family, try to make amends for all today.

# 8 His friends are married. No matter how grown longer your man, peer pressure increases when it comes to important life decision. Most men start to think about getting married when they see that their friends one at a time, but very quickly pick up the aisle.

This raises the question of whether he is ready to do the same. If most of his friends are married or are planning to start a family, you can expect that he will follow their example, if he sees that his friends are happily married. If you want to be wanted, to finally conquer his heart, read the article "30 ways how to become feminine and desirable"

If his friends are married, he also subconsciously wants to marry

# 9 You are getting a pet. If you get a pet or plan to do so in the near future, it is a wonderful sign that he wants to spend rest of my life with you, or at least the next 3-14 years, depending on what pet you choose.

Joking aside - sharing on animal care responsibility is proof that a man sees a relationship with you in the long run. This is a remarkable step for you is that you will be able to be responsible for someone else other than themselves.

# 10 He values your opinion. When a man asked your opinion, you have a great significance in his life. I do not mean stupid decisions about what to cook for dinner, and more powerful - if he should change jobs, whether he should sell his car or invest in any business.

When he asks your advice regarding his future, you can be sure that you and he sees his future. Once he starts to build their life goals, analyzing what would be best for "the two of you" and not "just for him," you can expect that your man wants to marry you, and perhaps soon, he will make you a formal offer.

# 11 Do you live together. Living together is one of the smartest decisions that a couple can take before you tie the knot. If he invites you to live together, he had already decided to hold you next to him in the long run. If all goes well, a couple of years, you can expect the proposal to link their lives with him.

if you live together then your boyfriend can expect to marry you

# 12 It is close to the difficult periods of your life. The man who is constantly there and trying to help in difficult times, is a man who takes you seriously and does not want to lose you. Whether he holds your hand during a severe illness, help to get back on its feet after the financial crisis, or substitutes your shoulder that you cried. These signs mean that a man really loves you.

If he can stay strong and be with you when you needed it will be able to do it consistently. Love is not only joyful moments of life. Seeing that he was there in difficult times, we can say that he wants to marry you, he sees it in perspective.

# 13 He gives you to understand that you are the only one in his life. He can make it on purpose, or is it inadvertently comes up in conversation, you can be sure that you are indeed "the very" for him.

Men do not say these words just like that! If he said so, he stopped thinking about other women have forgotten what holostyatskaya life, and that he eventually wants to start the next chapter of his life with you.

If something is not the same - read my new article: What women prefer men and finally conquer his heart! Long did not have to wait for an offer!

# 14 He trusts you completely. Whether it's his bank card or his heart when the man you completely trust, it is a clear sign that he sees you next to him in the future. If he trusts you, you can be sure he appreciates that you are in his life and hopes that you will take care of him in every way.

These signs will help shed some light on the question, whether a man wants to marry. You do not need to check all 14 signs to make sure that everyone has a different way to show their devotion. But if you see a lot of the above symptoms, you can be sure that the man wants to be with you forever.


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