So, what women are ideal for men?

Beautiful, well-groomed, energetic, intelligent, able to be the soul of the company, extravagant, artistic, bright and flashy dressing, flirt and love being in the spotlight, with beautiful delicate hands who want to kiss and regal bearing.

But it is only those they dream, looking at the cover of magazines or on the screen.

In real life, the perfect woman for the role of his wife want to see not only beautiful, but also good, faithful, gentle, affectionate, capable of compassion, not jealous, patient, charming, feminine, possessing high intelligence, often companion, Minded and assistant capable time to give the necessary advice, to which it is impossible not to listen, to encourage him to career, to praise and support.

style="vertical-align: inherit;">Man will admire women who consider it indispensable, smart, talented, active, discussing with him his problem.

 And finally, the perfect woman wants to see a loving!

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