It would seem that may be easier - to write a letter or message please the man. This is not a person, looking straight into his eyes, said about his liking. Excluded stuttering, change in skin color to a bright red, embarrassed and somewhat stupid expression on his face and other unexpected trouble. But in fact, write a letter of love is much more difficult than it seemed. Let's try to figure out how to do it by the rules.

To search for friends or the second half may be a variety of ways. Of course, the chance encounters and love are the most romantic means. However, the usual letter for the power to be a much more attractive opportunity to meet a person of interest to you. So, how to write a letter to discover the object of your attention?

The sequence of your actions

- First of all, we decide on those to whom and for what we write a letter. Perhaps you do not plan a romantic relationship, and business acquaintance or friendly relations. In any case, your interest should be reflected in the letter writing style;

- Also important is the way it was written. You can write a letter of love in a modern, ie, using a PC, or by hand, just like old times. Whatever it was, above all literacy.

How to write a letter of love for different purposes?

First greet the addressee. The first greeting to ask further tone of presentation of all the letters, as well as creating the impression of a man of you. Respecting the beginning and is the most common neutral. However, if you want to show a friendly disposition or readiness for closer communication, it is quite possible to make it easier, especially if you're going to write a letter to love, not relating to the business sector;

Tell that you are attracted to a particular person. Perhaps he has a special technique, the skills that are indispensable for your business. Or, let's say you like the appearance favorite person, it tastes or looks at things;

Make a couple of compliments to the addressee. It is not necessary to stoop to outright flattery. Specify only that the person and without you he knows what he is proud of. For example, scientists can be commended for knowledge, and a beautiful girl emphasize the wasp waist and a perfect lip line. It is only two or three of these comments throughout the letter;

Tell about yourself. There can exploit in full the imagination, most importantly, do not write too much. For example, a potential partner is not worth talking about, "How I Spent My Summer" and the object of attention or a friend should not talk about where you work and how many earn;

Do not overload a letter of information, try to write a letter to explore short. Even when you try to make an impression of an honest man, do not lay out in a letter to all his "inside story". Then you have a chance and a reason for subsequent letters;

Do not engage in self-promotion. Even if you incite a strong desire to praise yourself, do not do it. Let the recipient will inquire by yourself.

So your journey through the Internet - space has finally been crowned with success. On the screen - a photo of the prince himself, for which you will become a perfect second half. Only here it is about this do not even realize.

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Because you're just now agonize about how to make the first message that it will not remain unanswered. After such a nice guy for certain letters come in whole bales. And your "Hello, how are you?" Or "Let's get acquainted" hardly deserves the attention.

It is clear that before to write a letter to a guy, you need to carefully examine his profile. What does he do, he loves spending free time, that it hopes to find a dating site, etc. Wow, if you show up a common interest, then the task is greatly simplified.

But even if you do not find those, and you can pretend for a good purpose. For example, it perfectly plays the guitar. Then we can construct the first message in this way, "Since childhood, dreamed of playing the guitar, do not you teach?"

However, the first letter of the guy may be longer. So you prodemonstriruesh genuine interest in his person that the prince will surely be nice. The report is well to emphasize your similarities - always nice to find a soul mate. Ask him about anything not specified in the questionnaire.

Make a compliment - believe me, they give pleasure not only to women. Why not just write the truth - because you also really liked the mysterious blue-gray eyes. Or you can ask in the form of half-joking, who presented him with a wonderful smile.

By the way, the humor - an indispensable tool in communicating through correspondence. He makes the dialogue easier, laid-back, fun. And, besides, a sense of humor a lot can be said about the intelligence of its owner. So it is not out of place will be a little joke in the first message, showing himself a clever and cheerful companion.

Talking about how to write a letter to a guy, you can not ignore the flirtation. In reasonable doses, it is even useful. It is only important not to go too far, otherwise you can easily scare dawned on the horizon of the Prince.

The same undesirable effect is likely to cause a long complicated sentences. Brevity - the sister of talent, and all the delicious simple. Do not forget that - and be sure your message reaches the target.

Finally, it is better to forget about the formulaic expressions. In the first report as nowhere else it is important to emphasize its uniqueness. In addition, receiving a standard letter, the prince may decide that you simply are copying the text and sends it to all and sundry. He wants after this cute guy from the photo to deal with you? Of course not. Especially, he and other fans enough.

If you really want to get acquainted with him, try to write honest and sincere letter to guy for dating, coming straight from the heart. Do not be afraid even honestly admit that the very hope to continue the dialogue. It is unlikely that such an act will be left without attention.

You can draw a piece of paper frame. You can think of a few tens of design styles in the form of a frame. You can simply draw a small paper hearts, which are neatly arranged asymmetrically.


But of course, that in the letter the most important - is the text of the letter. It is not necessary to torment yourself with endless ideas how to write a letter to the guy. Express thoughts is exactly in series, but not too dry, because our goal is to write a letter of love, ie to continue the relationship.

It should not impose himself, but to serve, if you decided to write a letter for dating. No slogans or appeal should not write. If you want to write a letter to a young person with whom you are not familiar, the first lines should introduce themselves and describe themselves.

Lie and sugarcoat reality is not worth it. You must truthfully, but not too much to tell in detail about their lives and interests. Write in detail about the work, the family and the level of prosperity should not write. You can talk about physical appearance. Again, do not embellish or downplay the facts is not necessary. You can talk about why it was decided to write. In addition, the young person will be interested in reading about interesting facts from the life of a girl, that can characterize it. But should write some really interesting stories.

Recognized in a letter of love is not worth a stranger. Once the letter is written it remains the case for small - to send it by mail.

If the letter is written in the familiar guy, you should lay out all as the spirit. Say everything, what is impossible to say in person. To deliver the letter to the addressee, in this case is even more complicated. You will need to quietly throw the letter in a prominent place for the young man.

You can put a letter in his jacket pocket or briefcase, a briefcase or a bag of a young man. Naturally, the need to do all this away from prying eyes. Outsiders may think that committed some strange machinations.

If the guy did not pay attention to the girl who threw the letter, then maybe he just did not find a letter or accidentally lost it, and not finding. You can write one more letter to the guy and try again to throw it to the recipient. You can put a letter in the mailbox or under the door. If in this case, the young man gives no appearance, then he does not want to communicate. And most likely, according to a letter thrown misunderstanding.

In this case, you can collect will in a fist and talk with a young man about everything clean. In this case, do not have to score myself questions about my head how to write a letter to the guy. It will be possible to resolve all the difficulties with the help of confidential conversation.

His first letter you need to think carefully. It should be concise, but informative. Try to keep within 200 characters and still describe themselves. A woman should be a mystery, so no need to lay out at once all the information about themselves. Men like fun and a little bit self-critical female individuals.

In the first report it is not necessary to write about her breast size, or the length of the legs. Normal man these parameters initially not very interested in, and you accept it lightly. In this case, he may think that you just need an adventure for one night and will give them to you. Only here do not need to accuse him that he's a bastard. There already own fault - that he offered, so it took.

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You do not need long to think about how to write a letter of love to the man. You just have to sit down and make a simple, short, but with a twist, a letter.

You need to decide with those who you are going to write a letter of love and for what purpose. You have the opportunity to plan a profitable business acquaintance, friendly conversations, or strong personal relationships. Although your enthusiasm required to be reflected in your chosen words.

Pick himself writing letters reception. It can be done in the spirit of good time with a computer or handwritten by personal address. Be sure to watch the literate.

Welcome recipient. From the style of the first greeting may depend the whole tone of your letter, and also the first impression you will have on a person. The most neutral and most popular option would be a simple respectful beginning. Although the time you want to just show off your friendly location and readiness for close communication, we can arrange greeting most familiarity or easy.

Tell us about what lured you in this man, what prompted to write a letter for dating. He probably has some unusual techniques or skills that you will need for your business. Or you are interested in the appearance chosen, his abilities and tastes.

Just take a couple of compliments. But sincere flattery should not write under any circumstances. Display can only be what people and so on itself knows or hallmarks. At scientist praise of knowledge and services. Beauty certainly point to specific eyes and seductive line of the lips. 2x-3x remarks to the first letter will suffice.

Tell about yourself. Here you have the greatest choice for the imagination. Although there are many tips on how not to write anything extra. Remember that the probability of a business partner does not need to know about your vacation, and fan or just a friend not necessarily talk about seniority and reputation.

Be wary of an overload of information, try to write a letter to explore short. Including when you make a presentation rushes frank person, it is not necessary to lay out all the "from" and "to." Then already you have the opportunity on the second and following letters.

Do not praise yourself in the letter. Including when you are extremely desirable - it is not necessary. In the first place, then it is necessary to convince the claimed quality, and, on the 2, it is likely your destination much more pleasant to talk about himself. Let the better he will take an interest in you very own reply. We hope that these tips help you to answer the question: "How to write a letter of love."

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