Love - "malaise" flowing through the three phases: desire, romance, affection .

When a man is born a sense, come into effect the processes described by science: starting out violent activities of various hormones, such as testosterone.

Romantic stage of relations is accompanied by chemical reactions responsible for fixing all the psychic energy only on the subject of love. The third stage involves the generation of oxytocin - a substance responsible for the attachment, which supply the body carries pituitary - part of the brain that controls the release of hormones that affect the metabolism, growth and reproduction.

Love is a state of euphoria . In addition, the dependence can occur not only on the subject of love, but also on the actual euphoria, which, indeed, is similar to addiction, drug or alcohol.

The main symptoms of this romantic disease: mood swings, obsessive thoughts about the other person, inflated self-esteem, insomnia, fitful sleep, self-pity, reckless impulsive behavior, headaches, blood pressure drops, and allergic reactions, as well as the syndrome of obsession: she loves me, this I know, but for some reason is silent.

Depending on the mechanism, in question, is that among people tied relationship that about a year give a light feeling in full force, then feelings start to fade away. There comes a stage when relationships no longer hold because the hormones do not cause acute sense of happiness.

It was then that a man and goes in search of a new passion.

On the chemical nature of love, watch the video!

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