They do not need a lot of foreplay. Easier to seduce men through words, it is much easier than a woman. Not sure? That is why the underestimate what women can achieve with our words to say in your ear. If it is not enough to hear a compliment, to be interested in a man, then a strong half of humanity just the right words can be controlled and even change the course of follow-up for us. Remember the words of Pushkin, "Dead Princess", "I am given to another and will never leave him." Imagine that your man heard this phrase from you while talking on the phone with your ex?

Women have more power over men. It surely noticed. While women are more discrete and mysterious, men always look into my eyes on the well-groomed and sexy woman, is not it? And although men visual creatures, they first attracted to what enters the field of view. But wise women understand that not everything that initially attracted relations can guarantee their duration. You can "dominate" the opposite sex through the words. There are phrases that are infallible when it comes to temptation, if your goal - to subdue the man. In fact, this simple phrase, which increase their ego, to make them feel important, loved and attractive, so a woman who is able to correctly and most importantly at the time say the cherished words will always be ahead of the other ladies, and it is certainly nice.

Do not underestimate the power of these phrases to entice liked the man. And not all the phrases spicy, sometimes with simple and everyday words, you can seduce just like with the playful suggestion. Let them ... Let us examine

"Let's stay home tonight"

When a loved one comes home from work after a bad day, those who are close to him must support him. Remind that you care about him, and that life after work can be fun and enjoyable, and should be such. Perhaps at some time your man should be allowed to be alone, even if there was something incredible, and you've been waiting all day to tell you about a great news. Wait. Contrary great desire to talk and talk, wait a few minutes. Allow the switch to the "home mode". The man is very important to feel your support. Move into the background of your needs and try to feel the whole load, which lies on the shoulders of your partner. A few words spoken at the wrong time, even without bad intentions, may simply exacerbate an already out of a bad mood. Men in these moments important common support, that no matter what, you stay with him. Yes, today was a bad day, but the evening can be changed. And both of you the strength to do it. Because you - a couple and love each other. Hug, hold to him and, without further ado - release. When the time comes, your man he will tell all, and if not, the time has not come yet and it is not necessary to pull out word for word, only - for curiosity.

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What to do when a woman is too tired, and her choice too came home from work tired? It is not necessary to practice in which one of the two larger and exhausted. This will lead, if not to quarrel, then to misunderstandings on both sides. Women are stronger than the female and fatigue can be removed by taking a warm bath with lavender. Men in this area difficult. Even when you're at home and taking hundreds of relaxing baths man did not stop to think about the problem. Because of its solution depends not only himself but also his family. A man - the head of the family!

Situation: You have been invited to a certain event, but he did not show much enthusiasm. Your man came home from work tired, he just wants to lie down on the couch and watch TV ... That lie down and do nothing, do not think and do not respond. This behavior is peculiar to men. They are working on a schedule and over graphics, for family and for himself. And it depends on the woman he wants to continue to work like this. Support in the selection of favorite holiday clearly show how you understand it and enjoy. Feel free to offer him to stay home and watch together an interesting (or not) a movie. There is nothing better for the weary men like to just sit in an embrace with his half. Tired by one - rest together!

"How beautiful you are today"

Your husband wore a new shirt? From it smells donated your toilet water? He just changed the style haircut? Tell him he looks good. With delight and approval. The fact that we say have a great impact on the atmosphere of our relations .About men developed a bad reputation as a strong part of the globe that do not need compliments. This is not quite true. Yes, they are closer to hot and delicious soup, ironed trousers and other useful and necessary things. Only women understand: "Do not live by bread alone." Who does not like compliments? Such phrases will improve the mood of any person. A sure way to seduce a man - is to tell how good it looks. Try to be as detailed as possible uttering a compliment, it must ring true. Tell him that you love his hair, that you enjoy the smell of his perfume. Men are greedy for compliments even more than women. Speaking compliments on his shirt, you make your man more confident and therefore more successful in business. Of course you need to care of your clothes to praise the second half. If you do not like blue sweater, given your man a favorite aunt in the memory of the trip to Mother Russia, we should not praise this sweater. Face of any woman "praise" sweater so that faith in compliments from her mouth for a long time, if not forever go away and if there is no trust in the small, the duration of the relationship will not have to talk. Just tell or delicately hint that another sweater goes to face more and in general makes it irresistible. Emphasize what makes it so appealing to you. Men also like "ears". These words may be the beginning of a romantic evening ...


"Loved you so much work, and you have to find time for me and the children. I am very proud of you. You're doing fine"

This phrase is reserved for exemplary dads who are, for all load minute to spend time with his wife and play with their children. If you have just such a man says he is much more likely you are proud of them. Men feel realized, when they are able to provide for his family and it is very nice to hear from you what it is really well done. Accept loud and as often as possible its efforts. When you are proud of your loud man, the relationship between you renewed again and again, as though you just met. Uttering words of admiration, she seems to be saying to myself, what a wonderful choice it has made. Your significant other will always be happy to return home, where you built the center, which dreams of every man. Show him all your love, caring and recognizing every success and believe me, you all come back with a vengeance, with great attention and care. Recognizing the success of your husband or partner, you create the ground for the conquest of their new heights. A career is very important for any man.

"Let's have sex ... NOW"

Well, if you really want to drive him crazy and raise the libido through the roof this phrase guarantees success. Do not wait until your man will offer a night of passion ... Why not offer yourself? This your initiative to add extra points! In addition, men enjoy from time to time to receive such surprises. In general, it should be noted that men really like is taking the initiative. When a woman shows this approach in a relationship, a man sees an interest in it. Simply put, you choose it. This choice makes your beloved - the one and only. Eclipsing all others. But we women, we know that every man wants to be unique and desirable. After all, beloved and unique and she wants to be any woman.

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"I made your favorite dish"

The temptation and delicious food are two inseparable friends. Women have known for generations that a man conquer through his stomach. And it is true. If a woman will prepare a delicious dinner - this is the right strategy to attract male attention. Food - this sensuality and delight, color, taste, food for the body and the senses. And all that surrounds dinner in an intimate setting, be it light or lighted candles, brings us together with the beloved and in his eyes you look beautiful and caring. Add scented candles and music ... And, of course, the conversation gradually turning into something more. Is not that fascinating? And with a full stomach, the heart becomes happy. If you want even more fall in love with your man or conquer liked colleague, prepare his favorite dish. Most importantly - attention and sincerity, even if you are not an experienced hostess, your enthusiasm will be left without attention. Breakfast or lunch, and dinner as well, you can delight, enchant and entice a loved one, no matter how long you are together. In the house, where they cook delicious and satisfying, always love lives. Surprise and be surprised. Admired and admire. The most important thing - understanding in the family and the sensitive relation to each other.

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