Each may become a victim of psychological abuse, regardless of their life baggage, age or attractiveness. Look to partner: Do not show signs of a potential tyrant he? You should be aware of the 10 most common symptoms.

Thus, the 10 signs that your man DESTROY YOU

1. He tried to forbid you to see with family and friends

Partner, used to refer to psychological pressure, wants you to completely and fully belonged only to him, and will make every effort to limit your contacts. He not aware that there is a circle of people in addition to your relationship, communication with them is important and natural to you, it's friends, colleagues and family! If your friend is trying to limit such meetings, this is a clear symptom that points to a tendency to psychological violence.

2. insulted and ridiculed
Remember that derogatory nicknames that you reward supposedly in jest, your friend, have a very specific goal: to get stronger and hurt "know their place." Seeing your reaction, it would be to shield myself accuse you of excessive touchiness, will offer a look at things easier and not to look around the deep meanings.

Intuitively, you know that do not deserve such treatment. Tyrants often try to convince their victim that degrading treatment - normal, and the problem - in your own.

3. blame everyone for their failures

If your partner is constantly blames his difficulties encountered by others, and most of you, this may be a bad signal. Rolling his tantrum, he tries to prove his guilt in what is happening there, it says that everything happens because of you. Avoiding responsibility and shifting it to the other - a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

4. drink or drugs
Not all, but many people from the category of domestic despots abuse alcohol or drug dependence. The tendency for these things leads to inappropriate and uncontrolled behavior.

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5. Fearsome
If your man makes you fear, these relations are far from normal. Potential home tyrant wants to humiliate and intimidate you.

If he deliberately puts you in a dangerous situation or showing you his collection of weapons, suggests that without hesitation seize the arsenal at clarifying the relationship - it might be worth thinking about the separation?

6. punish you for the time spent WITHOUT
Often this tactic is used in conjunction with the prohibition to meet with family and friends. It is worth to go somewhere or do something without it - or even if you're together, but next will be your friends, and later wait for punishment! He will shout, abuse, threaten or find methods worse, and all because you did not fully dedicate themselves to it!

7. WAITING TO YOU servility

Psychological rapist considers himself an outstanding personality in all respects and wants his royal honors. He insists that the partner took over the role of the voluntary serf servants, believing that you will to obey and never need help.

8. WAN jealous
Painful exaggerated jealousy - a bright feature of the emotional sadist. He is jealous of you, not only to your friends, but even to the dreams and goals!

The reason for this anger - the inability to take control of all the material and spiritual aspects of your life.

9. CONTROLS YOU emotions

Prone to mental abuse people, as a rule, a master manipulator, if you do not agree with his ideas, and you will not carry out his orders, he starts picturesque, childish pout, threaten to leave you and all the forces will try to punish you for disobeying. He will try to bring you a sense of guilt whenever you decide to express your opinion and insist that you think is correct. From time to time, such people can pretend to reconciliation and love, but it's "repentance" would not last long, as soon as he feels that you "give up the slack" and is ready to back down, he immediately resumes psychological pressure.

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10. physically assaulted
relationship in which the present emotional aggression, regularly come to the next heavier Level ultimately your "second half" will switch from intimidation to physical violence. Initially partner may "accidentally" painfully pull your hair, push, or grab the arm so that the manifest bruises. This is a sign that in the future the situation may worsen. If, in addition, he has an explosive temper and previously showed a propensity for violence: in a rage smashed comes to hand items, banged his fist on the wall or shouting themselves hoarse, it is likely that soon he decides to go to the assault.

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