" Temperament - it is an inherent feature flow psychophysiological processes (their pace and inertia, the heat, the ability to switch, etc.). The character of the same - a stable feature of the human relationship to the world, other people and themselves "(Wolfgang Kretschmer).

There are many different classifications of personality types and temperaments. However, they are only to some extent can meet the needs of the average person to understand themselves and others, because he (the common man), as a rule, quickly loses orientation in a sea of ​​psychological terms and theories. And yet - is there a classification, to determine exactly what features are unique to a certain type of character, and what - are not inherent in it under any circumstances? And whether these types of fairly recognizable? And how to get the real benefit from this information, in order to overcome the difference in the characters with near and dear people, if any?

This guide to the characters there. It is a joint effort of characterization of clinical and practical psychology. The first originates in forensic science, it is the founder of Ernst Kretschmer - German psychiatrist and psychologist, founder of the typology of temperaments based on features of a constitution. His descriptions of the characters created scientist watching criminals, so they are full of specific nuances of a criminal nature.

Subsequently, the opening of the German psychiatrist served as a basis for further research of psychologists. As a result, there was a system, which includes a total of 9 character types, some of which contain related subtypes.

Any science is perceived by its practical value. Therefore, oddly enough, only the sciences never become a subject of idle speculation about the usefulness or uselessness of their postulates. It is obvious that psychology must also reach the precision of mathematics, that is, the level at which it can be used in real everyday life. Of course, not labeling. It should contain "forward-looking" knowledge that will give a person the opportunity to predict their relationship with people, prospects and the correct direction of development.

However, despite the undoubted benefit schemes and algorithms, enriches psychology Other: irreplaceable intuitive and imaginative apprehension of reality. "Aroma" personality and inner spiritual drama of man truly accurately conveys only figurative language.

Mathematically impossible to reconcile human behavior. Beyond the typical person will always be original with their individual characteristics. That is why it is appropriate to talk about the core of the personality , which is inherent to the human for some reason (anthropomorphic, physiological, psychological, and so on). This is exactly what each of us have to deal with all his life, we are proud of what we complain, fight or sometimes decide to stop resisting and accept things as they are. And often invent tricks that help us to overcome in themselves that prevents us from living the way we want to manifest fully, and successfully implementing their desires and ambitions.

Someone overly hesitant, the other is easy to confuse, the third inclined obstinately to overcome all obstacles, and then find yourself on the wrong path. In addition, our psychological traits influence our relationships with people - and close and distant. Why do conflicts arise, which often turn into a fateful and fatal? Very often, the cause is precisely the difference in the characters of the plane. A bit of psychological literacy in this area can help to not make typical mistakes.

After all, the most important medicine - prevention. A man with a difficult character, or mental illness systematically inflicts psychological damage to others or yourself a hard time adjusting to reality. If you would like a better understanding of the surrounding people, the difficulties would be less at all . Even healthy people suffering from misunderstandings, give rise to each other painful neurotic reactions. The ability to correctly identify the type of character at the core and a loved one helps prevent mental breakdowns and nervous crises.

It is especially difficult to bring adequate requirements to close people. We want to make their attitude towards us was exactly the way we see it. It seems that if a person loves us, he can for us all. Sometimes people love it measures the number of relatives of the victims that they are ready to bring. What happens as a result? Due to good relationships and dependencies loved one tries to fulfill our wishes, but if they do not correspond to its nature, these efforts fail. All the ends of his despair or resentment towards us and our resentment towards him for his supposed lack of love. Perhaps the principle of "if you like - hence, can" born in a situation where we require people love themselves this love not having. Because if we are loved, perhaps, sought to find if not a justification, explanation problems that arise in our relationships with other people. The principle of "any burning question you can always find the answer" would be more appropriate. To the family and the marriage was stable, it is necessary to reckon with such a stable structure as the character (the nature of the core) persons involved.

In addition, education and the environment in which a person is capable of both smooth and soften the manifestations of congenital difficult character, and their unusually sharpen. Therefore, the ability to correctly identify the kernel of their own child, help to create the conditions that will be most favorable for its successful development and implementation of creative for him.

So, each character has a core that is most essential in the character. It allows you to see the nature of the core and highlight its typical features of different people, speaking of them as a representative of one character. In other words, . Not feeling the core of human nature, and how it all painted, it is difficult for a variety of individual manifestations catch integrity. Character is shown in the internal human reactions to the outside world, feelings, facial expressions, gestures, body build, and, of course, the behavior, set its stereotypes.

The character may be ugly, disharmonious - then it is called psychopathy . It is widely known definition of a German psychiatrist Kurt Schneider that the psychopath - a person, due to the difficult nature of suffering itself, or causing others to suffer (often occur simultaneously and that, and another, albeit in varying degrees).

So here they are - the main types of characters that are used in the practice of psychology. Try their description of yourself and those around you. Who knows, maybe it will help you to understand something important and that understanding will change your life for the better?

1. authoritarian and tense.

This type is also called epileptic - because of the similarity of the negative manifestations of behavior in people with childhood-have features of the authoritarian nature of the stress, and patients with epilepsy (epileptic may not be representative of the type of character).

Harakterologichesky similarity is found in the form of thoroughness, a malice, viscosity perception propensity to flattery vindictiveness, suspiciousness, angry explosiveness nature.

The core of the authoritarian nature of the stress can be defined as follows: straightness with a thrust power and the formation of overvalued ideas .

What does the straightness of the thoughts and feelings in this case? This refers not to the external manner rigidly express "plain truth" in his eyes, and regularity manifestations of internal mental processes. Straightness - a tendency of thought, striding clearly and confidently, to move to the target on the shortest path, ie in a straight line. The idea is not circling back streets of doubt, no piles of ornate theoretical constructs, does not go into an elaborate game of paradoxes, and simplifying and cutting corners, a straight line going forward, poor talent for criticism itself. A person with this thinking bad feeling overtones, it does not matter the situation with humor, irony, self-analysis, a compromise.

Now imagine that next to you turned out to be a representative of this type of character. It will be easy to identify in the first place by a heavy atmosphere. If you have a way with speech, never experiencing difficulties with the expression of his own thoughts, you can not find themselves in the presence of this man. Language will totter, thought to slip, and your soul will grow heavy, as if someone had pressed her stone.

If this person is firmly occupied any position, it is a hard case, it is difficult to even slightly moved. It lacks internal reason to depart from its principles, the most natural thing for him - a struggle for them. This spiritual outlook is also called "the character of a warrior, the owner, keeper of traditions". Like "warriors" may be women, although men are still more likely.

The above peculiarities of thinking in dealing with people will inevitably turn into authoritarianism. Authoritarianism - a desire to dominate, captain in the broadest sense, the commander's deafness to dissent, the belief that everything should be, "I said, and a point."

Strong natural instincts and inclination are inseparable from the nature of core. Sex and food passion, desire for material goods, and the thrill, the instinct of self-preservation, with his selfishness - all in excess inherent authoritarian and tense.

And this "bouquet" of the already heavy character traits, even added a pathological belief in anything without sufficient grounds for that. Unlike delirium is psychologically understandable conviction, based on real facts that simply are revalued.

For example : my husband suddenly came early from work and found in a bucket, the preparation for removal of a bottle of champagne, noticed a startled look of his wife (she did not expect his arrival) and is convinced that the house was a lover, not a friend of his wife, as it was in Indeed. His thoughts clear, there is no illogic (like that might be). Pathology in that bottle in a bucket and frightened him enough to look deep conviction that his wife has changed and will change in the future. Even if the whole future life show that he was mistaken in regard to his wife, in the depths of his soul will live on the conviction about the case and alertness to such a future. Important prerequisites his belief is that in recent times it has become a little worse with potency, and his wife became a little nicer with other men.


As a child, authoritarian and tense appears in high demand in the physical comfort : it is important that a child has been fed, lying in a dry and warm diapers, otherwise izmuchal his weeping requirements.

Already to three years can manifest sadistic. Children tortured animals, trying to hurt loved ones, the other children. Sadism is shown and hidden, in a passive way: with exaggerated happily eating sausages in front of a hungry person, a stray dog.

Sooner celebrated Child's frugality with petty accuracy in relation to their things. The games and exercises they show ponderous thoroughness. Work is often slow, but compensate for this by careful implementation of each work item.

Teenager authoritarian type of stress is trying to take a lot of unlimited rights in the house, neglecting responsibilities. It is therefore advisable, while he had not yet done, give it certain rights, but always with responsibilities. He will tend to keep the rules and traditions. It is important, giving him the right, to emphasize its advantages, thanks to which he has the right to receive. Reasonable notice of his willpower, thrift, thrift, thoroughness, praise him so that he became very appreciate this confidence. You can "reward" his honorary "titles": mother's protector, younger example, faithful assistant to his father.

In the movie " Schindler's List," there is a scene where there is talk of power between Schindler and cold young Nazi sadistic. Schindler masterfully transformed the idea of power in this fascist. He showed him that has the power to kill and have the power to pardon, when he could have killed. The second power is higher, because belongs only to God and the Emperor. H acystia wanted to feel himself emperor, and he was trying to be gracious.

Such approximate scheme of interaction with people of this type. They can not contradict right and indicate them wrong or even outright stupidity. If you go this route, it is possible to almost completely make enemies, and quite vindictive and motivated.

2. Infantile-juvenile character.

In fact, this category includes three types of nature, namely, hysterical, juvenile and unstable. But we can restrict the characteristics that are common to all three characters.

1. Brightness, colorful impressions. Children and adolescents are acutely feel fascinated by the colorful, vibrant, brilliant, and iridescent world through their senses moveable as rough small mountain stream. Feeling them even can be compared with a sparkler that quickly erupts into flames and burns as rapidly extinguished.

2. In the psychic life of the child is dominated by the impression of Braz, and not an abstract analytical structured thought.

3. The life of the moment. No serious anxiety about tomorrow. Eyes wide open what is happening at the moment. The soul is entirely captured by them.

4. The brightness of imagination and fantasy . Sometimes fantasy so carries in its brightness becomes so real that the child begins to believe in it as a reality. This is the essence of innocent children's lies. Adolescence inherent lyricism and daydreaming.

5. Lack lasting inner shaft. The child has not yet stable outlook, the established principles. The psyche of plastic and light, responsive to all the new and unusual. Attitude toward the world is changing the mood of the moment. The child tends to be infected with an interest in one or the other depending on what interest and admiration at the moment important for him to people (psychic analogue of the fact that the adult world is called fashion).

6. Striving to be the center of attention (self-centeredness). No matter what a child, he asks them to look as it turns out, requires a lot of attention. This makes sense: adult watching a child, he may suggest something, to learn something. As the development of the child need to be seen decreases, flared up again in the adolescent age.

7. Easy soulful chilly. A child is not capable of disturbing, deeply enter into the problem of relatives. He was too absorbed in themselves and their own interests. Often does not reflect the status of the parents, the objective situation - to deal with it, period.

8. Deyatelnichanie. Children and adolescents can not long remain inactive. Their hobbies are often noisy and mobile. But if there is no "carrot and stick", it is easy to throw started and switch to something else. Persistent strong-willed self-determination occurs in rare cases.

9. Emotional and subjective thinking. All estimates exist in the light of the good or bad relationship to this person at this time. Changing the ratio and thus changes the view. Adult, mature man is capable, and vice versa, it is clear to see the disadvantages of loved ones, unlike the child, respect and appreciate even the one to whom feels a strong personal antipathy.

10. The moments grief and joy child pronounced component motor expression unlike secretly-internal adult experiences. Children scream, stomp your feet, bend the arc in the mother's arms, jumping for joy, sobbing violently in short-term frustration. In children, unlike adults, are rare deep, solid, long depression.

11. The stubborn desire to act contrary to the advice and requests of seniors is a striking feature of the juvenile. In children, this feature is not as durable and is manifested in the so-called period of negativism (the age of crises). Teenager in response to reasonable offers senior says that he does not care and does the opposite, just to prove their independence.

12. High ability to displace from consciousness unpleasant. Children and adolescents, when there is something unpleasant, like able to forget about it and live a fun, until the time of reckoning.

In contact with such people in any case can not drop its own credibility in their eyes. This is the pillar on which to base your interactions. There is authority - there is contact.

Between tantrums, the representatives of the juvenile psyche and volatile there is a significant difference. If a hysterical show-off and self-centeredness - this is most important, while at the same time they often have something to show, there are also some very talented people, the juvenilia usually have a nice character, become a universal favorite and soul of the company without much effort and can be quite mentally mature people. At the same unstable hardest contains all of the above problems of this group of characters: they are often hit by poverty of the soul, the absence of the inner shaft, and even defects conscience. All of this lies behind the constant desire of spontaneity and lack of commitment.

Because deep down in people with infantile-juvenile character is a deep lack of confidence, it is just important to search themselves - their vocation, their principles, preferences, goals in life .

"What I want it?" - important question for such a person. And the next, logical: "How to achieve this?", And at last, it is desirable to answer point by point. Do not interfere with the circuit, ready-made recipes and other specific approaches to realization of desires and goals.

An example of infantile-juvenile nature can serve as Scarlett - the heroine of the well-known and loved by many of the film "Gone with the Wind."

3. asthenic character .

Representatives of this type of character when dealing with life's difficulties are not an aggressive attack and try to escape, hide or closed in the spirit of silent protest. Such people are very conscientious, what is the opposite of an aggressive or lazy, indifferent people.

Astenik inherent conflict of the vulnerable self-esteem and an exaggerated sense of their own inferiority. Such a person is in serious periods of his life seems to be currently worse, less significant than most people, and acute suffering, as his self-esteem can not be reconciled with it.

Externally, asthenic feelings of inferiority expressed in indecision, self-doubt, shyness timid. Shy, astenik hides his eyes, thick red, do not know what to do with his hands. Such a man often thinks of himself worse than he deserves, easily succumb to unexpected audacity acutely ashamed of their drawbacks. Avoids public appearances, the center of attention, as is afraid that his "uselessness" to be seen and ridiculed. At times, after some success, or just dreaming, astenik able proudly to overestimate themselves, but it lasts until the first failure, after which the experience of inferiority breaks out unabated.

Asthenic irritable weakness manifested tantrums. Astenik yelling at loved ones unjustly insulting them. This flash finishes its opposite: repentance, tears, apologies. It is not true rage, danger transition to grossly destructive aggressive actions. Causes irritability astenik usually resentments and suspicions that he is treated badly, not like a little help, do not care enough. Astenik especially irritable when at heart dissatisfied himself , because he can find fault with everything in the world, shouting that all hate it, want to get rid of it. These outbreaks are sometimes called "hysterical", because proceed rapidly and loudly.

However, they do not hysterical narrowing of consciousness with inability to look at himself from the outside, so astenik through crying or convulsive sobs sometimes can bring a smile to even get to think seriously.

In asthenic irritation no poses, demonstration itself, the essence of it - the inability to restrain discomfort surging emotions.

Asthenic woman can go home and in a fit of irritation with a flourish to throw at the wall just bought a cake, but even in such an action does not appear hysterical mechanisms and pathological incontinence.

Astenik especially irritable on a background of fatigue, in times of desperation. When he had to endure a lot of resentment and humiliation, in the soul accumulated mass of still persisting trauma, enhanced internal discomfort, which is also a fertile ground for tantrums. The coarseness of the words peculiar to such outbursts, does not exclude tenderness asthenic soul.

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I will explain an example. Just a gentle skin easily ranitsya, abrasions on her for a long time does not heal, itch, and so is difficult to hold back, to not comb them sharply.

Autonomic instability - a characteristic feature astenikov. It manifests fluctuations in blood pressure, tachycardia (vascular dystonia), headache, sweating, hand tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation.

The autonomic nervous system that controls metabolism and organ functions that can not be normal volitional control, so astenik helpless before these sensations that are "inundated" his body. It may torment insomnia, poor tolerance of stuffiness, transportation, heat, weather changes. He povyshenno sensitive to bright light, noise, rattles, squeaks.

Tight collar, tie, sweater scratchy act on his nerves.

Asthenics differ increased sensitiveness . They long can not move away from their feelings excited at night remembered the unpleasant events of the day, and deprive them of sleep. The sight of blood, road accidents, terrible scenes on television screen presenting them with strong reactions up to fainting.

Asthenics sensitive to rough, hurtful words, and therefore are sometimes unsociable.

The essence of asthenic alarming suspiciousness is exaggerating some kind of danger, for example, disease, exam. The word "hypochondria" comes from the old Russian word "fancies", that is to appear. Indeed, astenik often emotionally disturbing exaggerating the danger, instead of laboriously calculate its probability cold mind, regardless of emotions.

However, this is an exaggeration, though without logical proof, long shelf life due to inertia and deep anxiety astenik. He often anxious stuck on some of their imaginary inferiority, thereby enhancing and making persistent internal conflict.

Astenik characterized by relatively fatigue . Intellectual, emotional, nervous overload exhausts such people. Due to fatigue, they have time to do much less than you would like, and therefore even more suffer from an inferiority complex.

Asthenic children from an early age are drawn to the intimacy, warmth, a kind word, keep comfort in the heart of the family hearth. In the soul of the adult astenik are many beautiful childhood experiences, such as seen in the first spring awakening of nature, drops of dew on the grass, the soft glow of the sun on the roofs. In difficult periods of his life he comes back to these memories, and they have it warm.

Many of these children start early to dream, to love books and movies will certainly with a happy ending.

"Where is the best: in a hole or in a palace" - is the main issue in astenik life. Then confined and trying to find in the life of "hiding place", then re-starting to suffer from inferiority complex and desire to be like everyone else, and even better, astenik suffering, until he finds his place in life, and they will not quite satisfied.

In contact with astenik avoid ambiguities and to remember that interpretation can be taken astenik for criticism. In contact these people appreciate the unobtrusive warmth, tenderness : astenik gratefully react to this, finding the spiritual protection. You should not comment on the manifestation of his shyness, appreciatively, looking at him at close range. Your naturalness will be natural to him. From authoritarianism astenik shrinks and retreats into himself, sometimes frightened and starts stupidly, like a soldier to obey and remember uncontrollably insolent.

An example may serve astenik heroes Andrew Myagkova in two famous films E.Ryazanov Zhenya Lukashin in "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath" and Anatoly Novosel Efremovich in "office romances" .- cute, soft, shy, timid people who, the however, managed at the same time and show character, and to understand their feelings, and get things done.

4. pedantic character .

It is believed that people with this type of character is much more common in Germany and northern Europe than in Russia, Ukraine and so on. However, all the same, and in our latitudes people with pedantic nature meet.

The main feature of this nature, as you may have guessed, is the pedantry , that is petty, nagging compliance with formal requirements. Pedantism has positive symptoms such as accuracy, integrity, rare care when performing work on the part without any control.

Pedantic man beware of hasty judgments, weighing like on pharmaceutical scales, his words and deeds often differ sensibly, as perfect in its practicality. Such people are indispensable where you want accurate, punctual performance of duties.

Fine, if aircraft technician checking the plane before departure, will be a man with similar properties. However, if expressed too pedantic, while repeatedly checking nuts and bolts, it may be so overzealous that will roll "neck" to some screw.

In meticulous housewife in the kitchen reigns museum order every night, she gets up to check electrical and gas, although never in my life did not forget to turn them off.

In the books pedant visible clarity, completeness. The work these people do not quite peculiar setting - "and so goes".

The appearance of a pedant is usually characterized by extreme care: shoes polished to a shine, clothes are always clean and ironed, often sophisticated, well-trimmed hair and stacked.

Even at home the kind of person does not look sloppy.

Very often pedantic fond of collecting and include their collections in good order. If the representative of the authoritarian nature of stress is important monetary value of the collection, or the knowledge that others do not have such a collection, it is important for the pedant its completeness and integrity.

But sometimes, unfortunately, the letter of the laws, regulations, orders, becomes more important than the spirit of the business so that it loses its meaning. Flexibility and tolerance enslaved by petty fault-finding , which affects relationships with others. Even virtue, justice, a man soaking pointless pedantry becomes heavy, oppressive.

Particularly difficult if there is no pause in the humor, fun, though a little levity. On such a man psychologically subtly wrote Anton Chekhov in his story "The Unusual". The protagonist Kirjakov "... honest, fair, judicious, reasonable economy, but it is unusual in such amounts that a mere mortal is stuffy."

Often the cause of this situation is the poor development of the human emotional world, which is replaced by pedantic inclinations. As a result, pedantry can turn into some form of compulsive behavior, like Jack Nicholson's character in the movie "Never better."

In Melvin Judel so much pedantry, that he separated himself from the people in the apartment, the fortress, where there is a museum in order. He writes novels about love, nobody is not loving. Because of the fear of contamination, he goes to the outside world only by necessity. He has many obsessions associated with door locks, switches, hand washing, cracks on the sidewalk, taking food. He obsessively afraid of strangers touching.

Melvin is ready for the money to treat the son of a waitress, as it is necessary that it was she who served him at the cafe, because it does not destroy its rituals.

He emotionally hardened, narrowed to selfish interests. With people it behaves as misanthropist, arrogant and pointedly, increasing the causticity contrast radiant smile and aggressive voice tone, but immediately lost when this resistance. It's all in the "lats" clamped body and hides from the others and assume their vulnerability.

But Melvin is able to overcome their complexes and out into the world, joining in a complex relationship with the woman with whom the force of circumstances became friends and eventually fell in love.

It all began with a sincere warm relationship to the little doggie. Then the emotional world of the hero began to develop and expand, until it reached the normal human form.

Psychotherapeutic value of the film is that it shows how a small spark of life can ignite a full desire to live and to love.

5. cycloid (naturally-cheerful) character .

Central to this is a full-blooded nature of naturalness. The concept of "natural" has different meanings.

three kinds of naturalness can be identified.

Natural from the point of view of social. People think naturally the behavior that corresponds to the norms and customs, accepted in a given society. If a person's behavior in a given situation deviates significantly from the standards, it is not seen her, a stranger. Many people, being natural to remain in the perception of other pretentious, demonstrative, authoritarian, harsh, that is not very pleasant and natural.

Often we seem natural people, with whom we have a simple and cozy in communication: with them we liberate themselves and become natural.

People of different subcultures (punks, hippies, bohemians, etc.) seem to be the natural representatives of their subculture. How people evaluate one another in terms of social norms preferences engaged sociology.

Personal naturalness - a desire to be true, yourself, follow your own truth and experience, internal rhythm and momentum. However, not any momentum, but only the one that keeps our integrity and self-esteem.

Personal naturalness, undemanding to itself - is emancipation. Someone to feel natural and relaxed, quite fun swimming in the sea, passion for any game. In the state of the natural man gives personal inner unclench "spring" of tension, it allows to manifest the fact that it is eager to life, and it becomes easy and enjoyable.

Natural personal striving for spiritual growth - self-actualization. When approaching to himself, "what you thought of God, but did not realize the parents" (an expression of Marina Tsvetaeva), there is a festive feeling of elation over the ordinary himself. This requires internal work, which is no limit.

Unified personal canons of course not, because its criteria are in the field of consciousness, which is different for different people.

To be a homosexual himself is aware of his homosexuality and to implement it, that many felt unnatural.

Criminals maniacs personal naturalness seems as freedom of sadistic torture and kill.

Thus, we see that the state of the natural personality arises and disappears - depending on the circumstances of life, of spiritual work on themselves, and for each person has their own unique expression.

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Here we come to a fundamental difference. Naturalness cycloid always with him in all situations and regardless of the spiritual work.

From this cycloid breathes the soul-body warm, it felt even physically in contact with such a person.

Aroma enveloping warmth, softness, good-natured cheerfulness, humor. This is evident not only in relation to close people, but there is a broad wave of warming and oblaskivaya all around.

The main feature of cycloid naturalness is synthon (from Greek. Sintonia - consonance, consistency). Sinton is hit "in one tone." First of all, it opened directly in communication. Cycloid adequately responds to the state of the other person and behaves in the same tone.

Changing the tone of the conversation - and changing facial expressions, eye expression, voice modulation, gestures, posture, mood cycloid. This resonance is clearly noticeable because cycloid is clear: his feelings are reflected in its appearance and behavior. He gives full vent to his emotions. From the fullness of the senses can hug, kiss the person or yell at him to pull the stairs.

Due to the same naturalness cycloid blowing his nose, yawns, stretches, without causing the majority of the surrounding embarrassment, but quite the contrary, it creates an atmosphere of ease and comfort. This line can be called a cycloid naturalness naturalness . Due to this natural cycloidal man does not hesitate to sexual desire to a woman he liked. Cycloid, having met in the morning colleague may, beaming and friendly holding out his hand, saying, "Something you today, dear, do not look as if the aged" - and all this without any causticity, sarcasm, in their own care and with kindness.

Disarmed like a natural resentful colleague was not angry, and goes to look at themselves in the mirror.

Thanks to "lush" sensuality, cycloid in love with the earthly pleasures of life. cycloid sensibility includes strong nutritional and sexual attraction, rich memory, fast response, accuracy, and dexterity movements practical intuition.

People of this character is bright, tenacious and subtly capture the nuances of the world. Cycloid often teach a foreign language not only from textbooks as grasping it on the fly to communicate with foreigners. Cycloid woman just "feels" a scoundrel, villain, as if he skillfully nor pretended.

Described how the extraordinary powers of observation and practical intuition distinguished psychotherapist Milton Erickson.

Painter Kuindzhi lasting only able to notice a second unusual condition and the nature of the memory transfer them to their webs.

The cycloid is in man a natural, physical, strong "call of the blood". He mysteriously biologically feels that the parents and especially the children - his flesh, and in his case the conflict is difficult to erase them from your life. Unlike astenik for which sometimes meeting with a relative of whom he had never seen before, is no different from a meeting with a stranger, cycloid, responding to the call of blood, ready to selflessly help and heart to accept a relative at his home.

If representatives of this type of character singing on stage, they "sing soul," such as Mark Bernes and Joe Dassin.

Most children with cycloid character physiologically inherent increased vitality, good mood, activity. They are characterized by over-optimistic setting. They are good-natured, talkative, able to make friends, rogues and rascals, like a joke, fun, often the opinion leaders among their peers. At the same time pronounced their negative traits. They take up a few things at once, without bringing many of them to the end, can not stand the restrictions, monotony, like everywhere, "poke its nose" and take part in everything that can sometimes cause irritation.

It is for young people with this type of character it is possible to attract trouble and get into asocial companies.

Such a child is useful to buy a gentle dog, not a cat. Cat offend him with his detachment: when he wants to come, when he wants to go. The dog is just waiting to be called, in his sympathetic feelings small owner.

To establish contact with a representative of cycloid character very easily. It is more difficult to maintain your distance, avoid familiarity.

Knockin 'quite simply to this type of child. It's enough to ask him to take the place of his mother, father or other person and try to understand it. This method immediately will bear fruit, because it is the element of the cycloid. On the other hand, if the child responds to this approach, it means he has a cycloidal character.

In the story of Anton Chekhov's "The Darling" is shown spiritually simple woman with cycloid character. It is different with different people, like losing yourself. But Darling puts into focus the other person, and dissolves in to care for him, without expecting rewards and praise. It is helpless in front of his deeply-emotional need the whole body and soul to serve the loved one. However, she loses herself as an independent person. But I do not regret it at all - in fact as their independence help her husband?

Her love and motherly bustling, totally around here and finds its highest development in the young boy. Live for yourself it can not. In the film adaptation of the story there is a detail, when Darling asked not to remove from the wall portraits of ex-husbands. She loves them all. If her husband did not die, she would be faithful to his wife for one husband. Stay the same one, no one to help - for it is absolutely alien, so she fell in love again.

Without natural active core character behavior Darling, taken in the totality of parts, can not be explained.

6. A schizoid (autistic) type of character .

Despite the name, this type of character is inextricably linked with originality and talent.

Psychological aspects of autism - the personal solitude and closeness. When personal secrecy person can seemingly easily and naturally as if to chat, but does not let others in the soul, the most secret hiding (both good and bad). However, he feels alienated because they do not happen among people truly himself.

The parents of such a child early start to feel that he is not like everyone else. On the one hand, the child is more detached from what is happening around, on the other hand, different excessive impressionability.

In kindergarten, children are playing near other children, but not together. With six or seven years, they are drawn to talk with adults on adult themes. They do not childish, they are too serious, reserved and chilly.

Often marked discrepancy between high intelligence and hypoplasia of the motor sphere, self-help skills. Sooner revealed interest in the abstract. They are easy to learn a variety of symbols. Some early start to feel the beauty of nature and art, to feel the spiritual dimension of life. Taught to read and write with minimal adult assistance. For some of them more important than the book companion.

Outlining his thoughts, such children do this is logical, but peculiar. Well in terms of abstract concepts, many of them are lost in conversations on simple, everyday topics.

Some of the children show a particular fondness for schematism, logical combinations. The motto of such a child: "My beliefs are sacred to me. If the facts speak against my convictions, I have to check the facts, to look at them a mistake. "

Schizoid children are distracted, but not on the outside but on what happens inside them. For this reason, they are scattered, they do not notice what is going on under their noses.

Some early schizoid children show the ability to introspection. They are critical to notice the difference from the majority of their peers, in the depths of the soul tormented by an inferiority complex about it. Children often choose schizoid targets for ridicule and bullying. Some schizoid children, helpless suffering from this hate school. Some of them are capable of extremely strongly to fend for themselves.

Typical for boys (girls less) of this nature is the so-called Philosophical intoxication. They are to the detriment of the other side of life fanatically fond of philosophy, trying to find answers to the eternal questions. If the cycloid and authoritarian tense is important to get independence in real life, the schizoid need to feel their independence in the world of spiritual values ​​and ideas.

In contact with schizoid important to take into account the autonomy of his personality, to build on it. Mature schizoid decides if he authoritatively declare that he has such a problem and needs to do something. Correct to help him to decide what his problem is and what he really wants.

To help the person with this type of character is used a so-called "velvet" approach, which is not targeted for "surgery" in human mental features. It allows you to carefully develop and improve that person is given.

In the film, M. Kozakov "Nameless Star" shows a kind, sweet, scattered schizoid astronomy teacher who sits all day long for his scientific books, gently evading intrusive communication with residents of a provincial town. He theoretically calculated the star that never sees firsthand, but mentally it is a good color, orbit satellites. When he talks about the star, it becomes a passionate pathos, no trace remains of his quiet modesty. In town the woman accidentally ingested, which fascinates by its beauty and feeling as if she was from another world. With it, he shares intimate.

"There are nights when the sky seems to me the desert, the stars cold dark the dead ... But there are nights when the sky is full of life, as if a good listen, hear the rustle of the forest and oceans on each planet. There are nights when the sky is full of mysterious signs, as if they are living creatures, scattered on different planets that look at each other, guess, signaled looking for each other ... ".


Here's a kaleidoscope of characters. You have learned in any description of yourself, your family or children?

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