It happens in the life of the black bars - if the whole world turned against you. You're exhausted and tired from the hands of all falls on the nightmare, in his personal life a mess. Stand, look at yourself in the mirror and really you do not like what you see in it. "Well, and erysipelas!" - you say to her reflection. And they answered, "Self love it!" And there was no optimism is not enough to imagine that all this will ever end. Remember, as Baron Munchausen dragging himself for pigtail and follow his example - choose from the black stripes! And it appears in our life depression and to get rid of it you need to take swift action. That is why we have made a number of materials that you find out how to get out of the depression woman alone.

Almost everyone in the world today are exposed daily to sufficiently severe stress. This leads to the fact that the constant fatigue and apathy become his faithful companions. If the state of inner emptiness and dimmer is delayed for more than a few days. it can be assumed beginning of the process of a depressive disorder. How does a woman get out of depression by yourself?

Depression is a serious mental illness, developing in hormone levels and is associated not only with stress but also with impaired hormone metabolism. The increased level of internal anxiety and ability to enjoy life seriously degrades the quality of a woman's life and can be very dangerous to her health.

How does depression in women

How does depression in women

Experts identify a number of causes that provoke depression in women. Mainly on the development of the disease is influenced by biological factors - genetic predisposition, hormonal disruptions and lack of certain nutrients in the body. Next on the significance of the influence of group - social factors: prolonged stress and emerging on the background of the nervous system overload, social and financial insecurity.

Finally, due to the high emotionality of women, depression can easily provoke feelings against the backdrop of a divorce or separation from a loved one, quarrels with relatives, the deterioration of relations in the working team. Women are very sensitive to the slightest changes in the relationship with the environment, the loss of moral support can cut the ground from under his feet and faced a wave of apathy and indifference.

Symptoms of depression in women

In accepted clinical psychiatry guided ICD-10 recommendations (F30-39), which are described in the blocks of affective disorders associated with changes in mood and emotional status. In addition to diseases typical of both sexes, highlighted some "feminine" affective diseases: premenstrual dysphoric disorder, depressive symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum depression, menopause disorders, pathology in postmenopausal women.

The duration of such disease states may be both short and long term, and depends on the characteristics of the hormonal status of the patient and individual nature of the stroke. Thus, the DA's syndrome, which affects 7% of the female population has a cyclical, recurrent monthly character and manifested no more than 2 weeks. Postnatal depressive states, protracted disorders occurring in a more severe form, affects up to 50% of women. In menopause about 15% of women at risk of developing depression, as climacteric phase occur sharp fluctuations in hormone levels, directly interacting with cerebral neurotransmitters responsible for the emotional sphere.

Symptoms of depression in women can be different not only in their somatic and psychic manifestations, but differ from the symptoms of minimal impact to the fully "absorbed" by the patient's consciousness. It is important to promptly detect alarming messengers emerging disease and seek qualified medical advice.

The main psychological symptoms of depression, which developed as a result of hormonal changes:

  • Melancholy mood, depressing sadness, interspersed with excited, euphoric state;
  • Causeless crying, mistrust, resentment, are replaced with unrestrained joy;
  • Ideas of self-judgment, self-abasement;
  • The feeling of hopelessness and futility of the future;
  • Internal stress, irrational anxiety;
  • Irritability, aggression, conflict behavior;
  • Loss of interest in usual activities;
  • Decrease or increase in appetite, a need for a specific food;
  • Difficulty concentrating;
  • The feeling of lack of energy, fatigue, decreased performance;
  • Insomnia or excessive sleepiness.
  • The lack of meaning in life, lack of desire to live;
  • The occurrence of suicidal thoughts.

Autonomic and somatic symptoms of depression in women manifest psychogenic pain syndrome, including:

  • discomfort, tension, aching pain in the breast;
  • cephalgia (headaches) squeezing, aching, squeezing character;
  • muscle and joint pain;
  • tachycardia, discomfort in the cardiac region;
  • frequent "jumps" blood pressure;
  • dyspepsia;
  • the appearance of swelling of the face, feet, hands;
  • strengthening of sweating;
  • itching sensation on the skin.

Signs of a deep protracted depression in women

The symptoms of major depression depend on the severity and stage of disease.

At the beginning of the disease behavior and way of life of the patient is usual, the only change his way of thinking and feeling.

As the disease progresses and the worsening state appear and severity of symptoms.

Are common

  1. Apathy - a violation of emotional and volitional observed in all patients with severe depression. In this state, the patient did not want, it becomes passive, taciturn, too calm, it ceases to be interested in others. Sometimes apathy clearly manifested in depression, the patient continues to lead a normal life, performing daily duties, but is experiencing a total loss of interest, becomes emotionally cold, sad and "lazy." It is also characteristic Abul development - the complete absence of desires and motivations for action, as well as the impossibility of taking arbitrary decisions. The first sign of emotional and volitional disorders becomes a worsening of the patient mood, changed his behavior and appearance - it ceases to monitor the condition of their clothes, clean and tidy, does not support communication with others, spending most of their time alone.
  2. because of excessive weakness in women decreased performanceAkinesia - deceleration of motor activity in severe cases of depression may be replaced by a sharp decrease in muscle tone and the restriction of range of motion. At the beginning of disease a person experiences a constant weakness, reluctance to move, he reduced efficiency, muscle activity, the need to move, to do something irritating, as the disease muscle weakness increases, movement more slowed down, the patient is trying to as little as possible to move and can simply refuse to leave his house or his room.
  3. Change of mind - it's one of the greatest dangers of deep depression. Moreover, these changes occur quickly, for others and for the patient, increased anxiety, irritability, there is fear, self-doubt, negative attitude to what is happening in the life of the events and the inability to cope with the influx of negative emotions. Deteriorating skills, memory, thinking slows down, sick with difficulty focusing, perform any complex tasks or highly intellectual work.
  4. Physical symptoms - apart from mental changes, depression there is a weakness, headaches and muscle pain, appetite loss, sleep disturbance, decreased or sudden weight gain, pain in the heart, digestion or pain without a specific localization agencies.
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psychotic symptoms

Besides the classic manifestations of depression, major depressive disorder may develop psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, depressive stupor.

girl stupornoe stateIn major depression patients hear voices accusing or condemning feel bad smells, can see dead people, monsters, insects, snakes or other unpleasant creatures.

Usually, depression is dominated by the idea of ​​his own guilt, insignificance, delusions of persecution, poverty, jealousy. Unfortunately, patients often hide symptoms of psychotic illness, and their behavior is misinterpreted others who do not pay attention to the "eccentricities" and "bad character" of man.

Without medical treatment and professional assistance on their own to get rid of the symptoms of psychotic depression impossible. The patient's condition is getting worse without treatment, he may attempt suicide or self-harm.

How to get out of depression independently woman folk remedies

Traditional medicine is so popular at the moment, that perhaps even depression treatment folk remedies. In general, depressed mood can be described as a condition in which a person has lost appetite, worsening general health, and in addition, it does not show a sincere interest in anything whatsoever.

depression treatment folk remediesAlong with this, a person can feel his own uselessness, worthlessness and lose the joy of living. That is why it is important to know at this point to be around and help to get out of depression, in particular resorting to traditional medicine.


When people talk about the use of folk remedies in the treatment of a disease, people often imagine that this used herbs, tinctures, decoctions. But it is not always the case. For example, in the treatment of depressed person state folk remedies for depression - it is also a little cunning. About them should tell us more.

Treatment of folk remedies depressive state is primarily based on the organization of the normal regime of work and rest, as well as the establishment of an optimal diet and its balance. In addition, you should pay attention to some points:

  • develop habits to keep your back straight;
  • increasing amounts of magnesium in the diet;
  • the use of natural sweets;
  • rejection of bad products.

Surprisingly, the posture adjustment a positive effect not only on the physical well-being, but also on his psychological self-awareness. A man with a straight back and straightened his shoulders just can not feel bad. "Treat" yourself from a bad mood so you can every day, just 3 minutes after standing, leaning against the buttocks, head, calves and heels to the wall. In this position, the maximum spin stretched, aligned posture.

In addition to good posture, you can check your diet for the maintenance of magnesium in it. That's all right with magnesium is used and there is no lack of it, can say that detected the presence of the following products in the human diet:

  • nuts;
  • beans;
  • cauliflower;
  • buckwheat and wheat grains;
  • raspberries, strawberries, black currants, blackberries;
  • rye bread;
  • cheese;
  • chocolate;
  • plums;
  • potatoes;
  • tomatoes.

depression treatment folk remediesSome are trying to "seize" your depression, consuming kilos of sweetness in the form of sweets, cakes, sugary drinks. The best solution would be to fight against stress and depression in the form of eating natural sweets such as dried fruits, prunes, dried apricots, figs.

In addition, to overcome the state of depression and broken, it is important to abandon the product-enemies in the face of fast food, alcohol, strong coffee or tea, biscuits, cakes and other creations of master confectioners. A few minutes of joy brought by these products, not only can not win at the root of depression, but also put aside in the form of extra kilos.

Treatment of depressive states HERBS

Despite the fact that today there are a considerable number of different antidepressants, herbs for depression do not lose their relevance. Herbs can be a clear advantage to compete with medical drugs.

One of the anti-depression prepared according to the following scheme. 100 g of grass immortelle, the same amount of birch buds are mixed with 10 g herb Hypericum and chamomile. The mixture should be finely is ground. 1 tbsp. l. mixture to pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. After 20-25 minutes, the infusion is filtered. Assuming it is necessary 1 glass with the addition of 1 hour. L. honey. It is better to drink the infusion before bedtime.

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When emerged apathy will use special herbal tea. To make it necessary to take the mixture of the leaves of Plantago, Hypericum, rosehips, all components of 20 g mixed with 10 g of thyme and Leonurus, and 5 g of valerian root and herb speedwell. The resulting mixture in an amount of 1 tbsp. l. to pour 2 cups of boiling water. Tea will be ready in 15-20 minutes. Drinking on an empty stomach it has to be no less than 4 hours before bedtime.

The following recipe involves the use of 1 part of valerian root, hops part 1, 2 parts of mint, motherwort. 1 tbsp. l. ready-mix need to pour boiling water. Consume this tea should be a month in 1/3 cup 3 times a day, or half a cup 2 times during the day.

Not only to get rid of depression, but also on vascular dystonia may help to remedy. For it is required to take elecampane root (about 50 g) and the root of valerian (40 g). The mixture of these two herbs poured 0.5 liters vodka and left for 40 days in a dark place where the sun's rays do not penetrate. Folk medicine need to use at bedtime for 1 hour. L., Diluting it with 30 ml of water.


depression treatment folk remediesTreatment can be carried out by the "reverse." That is not necessary to treat the depressed state, it is necessary to raise the power of the spirit, mood and belief in a better future. And for this, by the way, has its own proven folk remedies.

In particular, it is possible to prepare a great tea that will give not only an unforgettable taste, but also a great mood. To prepare the tea, it is necessary to mix for 1 hour. L. the following herbs:

  • thyme;
  • St. John's wort;
  • yarrow;
  • catnip;
  • Schisandra berry.

Ready mix plants poured 0.5 liters of boiling water. Infuse tea should be in a thermos. You can drink after 60 minutes, but it is better to use just before bedtime or in the morning for half a cup.

In order to get rid of depression, it is possible not only to drink teas and herbal teas, but also have excellent salads.

One such salad cooked very simply. 1 banana plug kneaded to a uniform consistency, is mixed with 1 tbsp. l. honey, juice of half a lemon and 1 tbsp. l. wheat germ. You can add cinnamon on the tip of a knife. This salad is not only satisfy hunger, but also give a charge of vivacity morning.

In addition, there are some tricks that will cheer up at the right time. The first thing to do is proposed - is vigorous rubbing of hands. Following you need to warm up the cheeks, as if after a frost. Fist of one hand you need to grind the other forearm. After all this, it is necessary to tap her fingers on the top of his head and rubbed his ears. In carrying out these ridiculous manipulation, no more than 5 seconds each, can cheer up.

depression treatment folk remediesIn general, it is worth remembering that depression is "sitting" in a person's head, and only expelling it from there, you can get rid of depression.

How to get out of depression woman alone after breaking up with a man (husband)

Sadness and sorrow after breaking up with the person with whom you have lived for a long time - a common phenomenon, but if it is not delayed.

Even if divorce was desirable and welcome, no one can guarantee that you will not catch up with depression after a divorce. It is not surprising, because the separation is always accompanied by feelings of despair, inner emptiness and sometimes apathy.

So how do you overcome and cope with the oppressive feeling after breaking up?

Yourself out of depression is very difficult after a divorce or separation, because you do not have the experience or knowledge. However, you will be able to help the simple advice of the best psychologists. They are equally suitable for both men and women.

  1. Understand yourself. It is best to start a fight with depression after a divorce or separation, plunged into it even more. After all, the only way you will be able to find the source of the disease, to find out what exactly is causing your depressive thoughts, and therefore will be able to learn quickly from it to go.
  2. Find a new hobby or dive into the existing favorite thing. The best advice for men and women to come out of depression after a separation or divorce, will engage in some hobby to distract from the sad depressing thoughts. The main thing is to find a deal to his liking, you will be able to devote all his spare time, especially at first.
  3. It is scientifically proven that the best way to get out of depression after a divorce or separation - this is sports, especially in the open air, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general. Drinking alcohol or drugs only exacerbates depression man. A sport gives a sense of freedom, free from the sad thoughts, and also will improve the physical condition, not just mental. Fortunately, nowadays there are many different types of sports available to anyone. No matter what sport you choose, be it jogging, dancing, swimming, cycling or skiing. The main thing is to find a sport that you enjoy more than others.
  4. Embark on a journey by yourself or with friends / family. A lot of excitement and beauty of new places will allow you to get out of depression after a divorce or separation. Think what a journey to become the perfect for you. In men, it can be the conquest of the mountain peaks, and for women, for example, may be sufficient, and the usual beach vacation with warm sand beach and to get out of depression.
  5. Read more. Being depressed after a divorce, a man overwhelmed with negative thoughts and depressing, so it's important to update your brain new useful, and most importantly, positive information. This will help you easily literature. Read often useful, interesting work.
  6. Keep a pet, which you can take care of. No matter what animal you will have: a lizard or a cat, with any of them, you will not feel lonely. Taking care of your new pet will make you stop thinking about yourself and get out of depression after the divorce and separation. In addition, the animals will make you lead a more active lifestyle, walking the dog will allow you to find new friends. It is scientifically proven that people with pets are less prone to stress, depression and suicidal thoughts. Just imagine how much joy and confidence you will bring your pet! Even when you will feel that the whole world is against you, so nice to be near each other and support. After all, he did not betray and will not throw in difficult times. Even when you leave the rest, it will remain and give love.
  7. Try to laugh more, smile, make the positive in their lives. Start to smile and maintain a good mood after a divorce is always very difficult, and not everyone can handle it. Force yourself to smile and enjoy life again, even by force. Believe me, it will pay off, and eventually you will be able to get out of depression. This way you can "trick" your brain and make him believe that you are well. Help you to be able to good good comedy or funny videos with animals. Scientific evidence shows that even people in the normal state should be seen daily at least 15-20 minutes of positive and funny videos, since it affects the release of positive hormones of happiness - endorphins, which in turn can improve brain function and memory.
  8. Start dating, communicate with new people, try to start a loving relationship again. The best way to get out of depression after the divorce and forget about the old ways - is to start new ones. Try to find a new love, even though it will be difficult.
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How to get out of depression alone woman on maternity leave after giving birth

Nature programmed, that sooner or later almost every woman begins to want a child. She is making plans and dreams as will leave for baby care products. However, after the birth, especially if the child first, a woman is faced with unforeseen difficulties (lack of sleep, the whims of the baby, inability to relax and take the time to care for themselves). All this contributes to the development of a woman's postpartum depression manifestations. The first months after the birth of a baby - a time when very often tested for strength in relation to a young family.

psychologist's advice

To prevent the emergence of depressive state during maternity leave, psychologists recommend to adhere to certain guidelines.

If a woman is difficult to independently cope with the upbringing of the child, it is necessary to talk frankly with my husband and determine what duties he is ready to take over. The conversation should be no cries and complaints. But we should be prudent if the spouse have to get up early for work, do not take on him the night caring for the child.

Women who value self-realization, to get out of the state of depression will help distant work or training. Giving these studies a certain period of time of day, the woman will be able to avoid degradation and to spend maternity leave.

Sometimes you can loosen the total control and allow your child manage for a while in the house. And at a time when the child will be busy, you can safely read or have a cup of tea. Early childhood development - is good, but everything should be in moderation. Everyday lessons consuming mother a lot of time and often tedious for the child. Sometimes it is a bit to draw, read a book or polepit kulichiki.

To take a break from practicing at home, it is desirable to allocate a couple of hours a week to socialize with friends. At this time, you can visit the cafe, beauty salon, or go shopping. If a young mother is absolutely no one to replace the recreation time, it is advisable to hire a nanny. In this case, a woman can even combine child care with education or work part-time.

Tips psychologists how to get out of the depression woman alone

Psychologists tested tips will help and advise,  how to get out of depression on their own, when there is no power to do anything.

Tip number 1.  Take responsibility.

Tip number 2.  Browse interesting and inspiring series and films.

№3 Council.  Avoid solitude and loneliness. Often communicate with other people. Attend exciting activities. Get yourself a fascinating pastime or hobby.

№4 Council.  Allow yourself to accept help from other people.

№5 Council.  Refer to the spiritual world.

№6 Council.  Completely eliminate alcohol and other drugs. They negatively affect the state of mind of people and degrade with each use of it.

№7 Council.  Adjust sleep. Only a long and healthy holiday able to restore the nervous system.

Council №8.  Engage in physical activity.

Council №9.  Do something good for the people selflessly - to show love to them, and they reciprocate.

№10 Council.  Use affirmations.

Psychologist's advice to withdraw from the video Depression

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