Observe the behavior, he says as moving Truly feminine.

You'll notice it hidden strength, which allows her to not run, no fuss, and just go, trusting in the river of life.

She knows that the world is on its side and that everything happens for the good. Any loss, any experiences carry a cleansing vibrations they teach her wisdom.

She does not complain of the circumstances, she knows that every second of the life of their thoughts, she paints a picture of her. So she consciously chooses to think about the good, the good and limits the flow of negative information to it.

Her gaze understood, it glows with a gentle, caressing light of unconditional love.  

It is not tied to a man, she is working with him. She knows how to show man as he is strong, she is inspired by his courage, thus giving him voznosyaschie wings and allowing to reach new heights.

And she does not fuss among hectic crowds, no runs, where to go?  

She carries herself as a precious treasure, its gait is by air, as flying moth. She pacified and is in the present, enjoying the beauty of this moment, knowing that happiness may not feel sometime later, but only just.

And she drinks the nectar of happiness in the sun, in the open flowers, warm drops of summer rain, in the laughter of children playing in the bizarre clouds, in the smiles of passersby.

 It is filled with them by multiplying the radiance of his soul, and generously gives to others, helping to touch your divinity to anyone who leads the universe to meet her ..


Source https://vk.com/publicbestnews

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