Member State had to work on the dirty work. Bondarevskaya family. Part 1 of 4. Season 5. Issue 2 dated 9.2.2016

In order to improve relations in the pair, Yana need to learn to communicate with humans without provocation and humiliation. The first test of the second issue suggested that a complex and rather unpleasant job of putting it in the framework of which it will be able to find the right way out. However, John was not used to put their pride lower duties or needs of others, so the lesson she could not bear it.

Eugene ran his chief fear. Bondarevskaya family. Part 2 of 5. 4. Season Number 2 of 02.09.2016

Eugene Bondarevskiy at first seemed quite fearless man, but it soon became clear that, like any human being, he also has fears and concerns. The worst enemy of the hero became a fire that it and to conquer. Jack became a member of the original and beautiful fire-show, and the fire had become a companion of men.

Check the credibility of the spouses at the cost of life. Bondarevskaya family. Part 3 of 4. Season 5. Issue 2 dated 9.2.2016

The main problem was the lack of a pair of trust and constant pathological jealousy. To resolve this issue, leading the project proposed to Yana climb a vertical cliff, and his wife - to insure his woman. Support helps a husband Jan, though it was difficult to overcome himself. What came out of it, look at the video.

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Ian met with former boyfriend for a serious conversation. Bondarevskaya family. Part 4 of 4. Season 5. Issue 2 dated 2.9.2016

Between husband and wife always stood several men, Jana fans who were waiting for her return, and hoped for the continuation of the relationship. When each pair quarrel and going, but it's time to end it. To dot the "i", Jan secretly met with a man who craved the longest of her love. During their meeting he observed Eugene, barely holding back his emotions. The trial ended in a pair, and a sudden recognition of the hero did - learn by watching video.

Why in the family spouses compete with each other? Part 1 of 2. The post-show. Season 5. Issue 2 from 09/02/2016

In the last issue of Jan lied about their past love affairs that quickly revealed. Did John is recognized as the relationship she was in a period that she lived with Eugene? Release heroes together with the guests and experts will be able to see the consequences of the revenge and hurt in a relationship, and that the effect of teasing relatives to certain events in the life of the couple.

Pair will have to pass the final test of the project. Part 2 of 2. Post-show. Season 5. Issue 2 from 09/02/2016

Why spouses are fighting for power and how you can handle it? The studio post-show came to a couple that has broken all records of heroes - they disagreed 20 times. Guests will be shown by example why competition in the pair of wires to poor results. Jan and Eugene once again come face to face with their problems. if they can not give in to provocation?

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