"Early marriages hid from the bold exploration and great achievements"
by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, "Alter de Lacy. Legend Kepperkallena "

P Annius marriage - is a relative term, because everyone has their own ideas about when to legislate early relationship with his partner, and when late. But, according to statistics, 82% of marriages end in divorce.
Often for early marriage much more experienced parents, not the newlyweds. But here it is to correctly assess the situation. If both "offspring" learn, earn money, they have housing and they genuinely like and respect each other, then such a marriage has a good prospect. If all of these characteristics are of questionable quality, it is necessary to consider both parents and children.

The main reasons for early marriage can be attributed, first, love marriage, when the young absorb feelings for each other. They think that individually they can not live. Secondly, marriage is "for aerial." And this is a very interesting case, because the situation can develop in two ways. Or play a cruel joke and imprudent young man will have to marry his sweetheart, and provide for the family. Or prudent lady will choose a candidate for the role of the father of her child, and then to use the pregnancy as blackmail. Thirdly, there is still such a reason for marriage as stupidity. The young want to take revenge on someone or escape from parental care.

Early marriage has both positive and negative sides. On the positive side is the fact that the couple will be more patient, prudent, wise, self-reliant. Like it or not, but the marriage tempers the character, makes us think not only about themselves but also about a loved one. This is a great school of life.

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But without a spoon of tar in this matter has not done. Especially common cause of the collapse of early marriage is considered to be the fact that young people still have not said goodbye to childhood and parental authority. Therefore, in their partner, they do not see the second half, and the mother or father, from whom await eternal understanding and support, rather than clarify the relationship.

On the example of the history, we can see that it had been a girl marries at age 18, and even earlier. After 24 girls were already considered old maids. But, if you look closely, the woman in those days, and a woman today - it's a completely different person. Previously, on the conscience of the women were just the comfort of home and the care of children, or to conduct any business outside of the home is often not possible. It is today, in an era of equality, girls are free to engage in what the soul desires. Someone is interested in career growth and formation of ourselves as individuals, someone's head goes to work, and who that year after year, is committed to new knowledge, conquering more and more schools. Combine all my passions and hobbies and family life - a great art, which are trained for years. Even psychologists advise not to rush with the entry marriage. The optimal age for women is 22-28 years and for men 27-35. But if the young still married, they do not need to hurry with the children. This is a very important step, because for a child to sacrifice their own interests and desires, and the couple hardly ready for that. They often want to "live for yourself."
It should be very carefully choose a partner and plan a family life, to the first pancake was not lumpy.

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I wish you all to find their man and it does not matter how many years it will happen!

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