Each pair, tying the knot, I'm sure that they will live a long, happy life together. But that family life was filled with understanding, love and trust, it is necessary to try. This is a huge and very hard work, which is performed on a daily basis. How to make so that in hindsight, you do not doubt that for each other?

At some point in time, becoming an adult, everyone understands that it needs its own family. It does not matter if a person grew up in an intact family, or incomplete, and perhaps even without their parents. In the latter case, an orphan soon come to the decision to start a family, and hurried to surround them with care, love, affection, which he did not receive in due time.

Some people believe that children copy the behavior of their parents. We can not say that this is 100% true. Very often, children who grow up in dysfunctional families, which was dominated by violence and cruelty, have become ideal parents. They make the lives of their children's bright and colorful, which did not have them. Conversely, fine, respectable parents, who all gave their child can grow up spoiled heir, unable to create their own family.

From this we can conclude that what will your family life, depends only on you, on your life goals, behavior on your desires. Family - is not just a life together, where you acquire property together, solve everyday problems. The main thing - is the relationship between husband and wife, their children and relatives on both sides.

So how do you keep the love of your life? What you need to do?

First, we need to talk. At first glance it seems very simple. But if you think about it, communication also requires effort and time, which is often lacking. Every day, coming home from work, share with your companion about the day, about their success at work, the problems that have worried. Do not keep all in itself. This is a very important aspect of any family relations. Make time for children interested in their hobbies, friends, school grades. By establishing a relationship of trust with the child as a child, the smaller the probability of serious problems in the future. But it is also very important not to overdo it in education. Overprotection repulsive acts and does not lead to anything good.

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Solve problems together. In the event of conflict, to yield to each other, looking for a compromise, find a solution that satisfies both of you. In a fit of emotion does not throw words. Unwittingly, you can greatly offend the person. If we really want to create a scandal - take a companion by the arm and go for a walk. And conflicts will manage, and bring health benefits. But if it comes to blows, it is worth considering whether such a family life is needed.
Do not sit at home all the time. Make your life varied. Go to the movies, theaters, cafes, visiting friends. If we do not have time or maybe the money, select a 30-minute walk in the evening city before going to bed. Let it become a habit.

Do not forget to talk about their feelings to each other. If the relationship is built on mutual understanding, respect, trust, such a family will live a long and happy life. Everyone has a chance, the main thing - to use it.

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