the boundaries between male and female responsibilities in modern society are increasingly blurred and the beautiful half becomes more independent.

That is why such a question, as the combination of a successful career and family more than ever relevant. Be that as it may, the female instincts do not go anywhere and we want to be a loving mother.

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To begin, it is still necessary to decide what will be in the foreground, for two hares do not chase. In fact, to combine these two things are quite real, as is known, successful people - successful in everything.

Career, family

There are three quite well-known position in society: 

1. Force-social position.

The woman - a born housewife, but due to circumstances, it is forced to make a living.

Career, family

In fact, it's not so sad when a woman can escape from the daily routine at home and be independent. But if the hostess against to leave the house, if it works only for the sake of profit?

In this case, the family will feel the eternal discomfort and frustration due to the impossibility of her husband provide for the family.

2. Feminist-career position.

The woman must first place as a specialist.

Career, family

It is these people we call careerists. Only in this case it considers that earned the respect of the children, the husband and the people around them. This provides a decent level of income, but family time is almost gone.

3. Biologically-family position.

High Calling woman - a family and children, which is to educate only the mother, not the nanny, grandmother, or kindergarten. Working woman consciously impoverishes family life.

Career, family

Usually, if a man succeeds in career wise, everything is perceived as quite a natural process, but as soon as the woman began to make progress, it is often the marriage is coming apart at the seams.

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How to organize your family life - it's only you! Do not pay attention to the social stereotypes, as we all continue to move away from past trends. Today, more often there are couples in which the man - not the head of household, and both sides are happy.

The optimal embodiment in this situation is equality.
In this situation, the main thing to realize that interfere with these two concepts as "family" and "career" is not necessary. In any case, you should always be time for his household. It's not so difficult to identify at least a few hours a day or a day off and spend it with your family only.
But if there are problems in the family existed before, it is often the dissatisfaction personal relationships makes people concentrate on their work.

As you progress, the gap is growing, especially if his career decided to do only one half. If we are both - then the couple need to understand each other and assign responsibilities, so as not to explode when power-sharing on domestic violence. It's not so difficult to establish who take out the garbage, and who will do the dishes today.

But if the relationship began to become unstuck, the annoying will be almost everything, including what the other at work.

Career, family

If the spouse, for whatever reasons, infringes upon a woman in career aspirations, in such a situation, the spouse is able to even throw a family, especially when the achievements are great enough, and then there is the family and the child.

But most of all, when it will achieve the heights will not be able to enjoy them fully, because to share with loved ones will not be able to. That is why, leaving the family, the woman often regret it.

And so this did not happen, remember the following tips: 

- Clearly allocate time for the family and to work. These two concepts should be combined, rather than oppose.

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- Think about the work at home. Agree that a woman is not so easy to work full time, while working at home or in a free graphics, much easier to cope with household chores.

Career, family

- Forget the guilt complex in front of family and children.

Career, family

- Try not to be separated on weekends and public holidays from family and husband. Of course, the temptation to relax with friends, going shopping is big enough, but because the family is much more important. Also, do not devote all his spare time, unfinished work, it will only escalate the situation.

Career, family


- Negotiate with loved ones, some victims need your job, but do not forget to discuss the positive aspects, such as the increase in wages.

- Organize your life the most convenient way. For example, the purchase of products can be entrusted to her husband or children, because it takes a lot of time. In this case, you need to make a shopping list.

Career, family

-Vydelite time for the family in the morning. Of course, you will need to sacrifice the sweet hours of sleep, but it's worth it. Give the half-hour breakfast joint in the circle of her husband and children.

Career, family

-In the evening set aside all the worries and spend those hours to ensure that the children read a story or a book, play quietly. When the child goes to sleep, you will see that things go twice as fast, and you will cope with their household tasks much faster than in the noise and din.

Career, family

You agree that to carry out this absolutely is not difficult, but it is much easier life and to build rapport.

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