The  majority of families in modern society the case of adultery. Why is this happening? In our opinion the reason for cheating is two components - a male polygamy, and the woman herself. Are you surprised?

Of course, the family - is the most important thing in life, but for some reason they split up, why men walk left and right? These questions are very difficult to prove scientifically. But we will try to fully carry out the logical chain of this phenomenon. Why does the man changes? Maybe he was tired of psychological violence on the part of the woman or the monotony of family life just bored?

In today's world, a woman has taken a niche on a par with men, it has become more purposeful and demanding, the opportunity of a prestigious career, and so can be continued indefinitely. But most importantly, women have become very demanding with regard to men, their men. If even our grandmothers were their husbands, but now women are demanding that the men went after them. Of course, there are big advantages of equality, but if a woman in today's society has moved to a new level, the male half of humanity remained on the same plate. This man need a caring, loving wife, and not the tamer of tigers, especially in his face. Uncertainty men near a strong woman that fills his own rules and statutes, is growing, and in this regard, there are the first thoughts about the necessity of such a marriage. No, the stronger sex is not against the confident women who themselves can stand up for themselves, but in the family, where it is so warm and cozy, I want to be with his beloved in his arms, but not in the claims and reproaches.

Unfortunately, people rarely realize their mistakes before the real problem. And the worst thing in a marriage - it was originally innocent psychological violence that women in modern society exhibits in all its manifestations typical: insult, society controlled by men, manipulation, accusations, etc.

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Also infidelity plays a big role polygamy. Most men like variety, and they strive to win as many females as possible. We are not saying that you need to resort to extreme options, just worth considering. After all, if you do not like something, then you and this is not desirable. The same thing happens with the male population of our vast world. They just want to be satisfied no matter whether it concerns sex or a simple dinner with your family. Every day, for five consecutive years to dine chicken soup and mashed potatoes with a cutlet - not everyone wants to. Why not add a touch of sophistication? Add some color to the interior of a personal or home. It is necessary to surprise a man, at least occasionally. And if you notice strange impulses are not in your favor, just remind your man that you had to eat, how to cook, my mother, a maid, but as a real woman who can tame him in bed, but no matter-of-life !

Variety, interest, respect - that's what makes a man to remain in the family and not to look for new adventures. A woman can tame all around, but remain the sole and only favorite for one person. There is no mention of obedience or risky sexual manifestation of family life. We are talking about the proper distribution of your life roles. You should not carry a "mask" the director to his house, where you love and expect.

And remember: "In the old, beloved guitar, you can simply change the string, and it will sound the same notes of the soul."

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