Is it possible to find a job in Avita

- Can you believe the ads on the site Avito? Or is it to use for this purpose specialized resources? Who has the experience of getting a good job ad online Avito?
- Yes, what that serious job I have not nahodila.i salary does not always coincide with what is written in obyavlenii.Esli soon as you do not leave the job, what you are looking for then more likely to find
- we prefer to recruit staff among a friend of the workers. Occasionally someone comes from. Somehow it happened that the so-called "leftists" of us go, not having worked for a year.

- On "Avito"

Not so long ago tried to find another part time. Advertisement was terrific, they say will work on HR specialist. I was called, asked to meet, have said that they take, they need someone with a legal background). But I was alerted that did not say what the organization does. In fact, it turned out that this is a rough network marketing with the sect members (We all love each other! Patted each other!). My question is, why did not immediately say what actually will be engaged, "they told me," But then you would not have come to us, "Please submit the form contract for review - is denied under the pretext of the most stupid?!. I ask, they say, in this connection for an agreement with me want to tear off 400 rubles. In response - rech.Koroche inarticulate, stupid waste of time.
- And surprisingly, a number of other similar ads "Avito" are in the same company ...

- On this site

you can find really good job. I do not try to look purposefully, but it was necessary to place ads on your job search. True, it was not work, and the provision of legal services, but the people I treated and helped them. Platildi and people left satisfied. So Avito can find a job for you, but worth looking for and wait. See takdzhe and other sites work.
- Yes, you can. Very serious job there does not appear, but they and niche sites are very rare. If you go through a bunch of ads explicitly left it is possible to find the right, or if you know the exact name of the position. I just searched tlko a broad range rather than a specific proffesii.

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- I personally visited

three or four interviews of advertisement is to Avito all bad, but it has nothing to do with the fact that they Avito simply do not fit me. Scams networkers or sale is always possible to calculate in advance.
- If you are a serious professional, find a good job through this trash like Avito I think is unrealistic. In my opinion there hang ads only for the purpose of market research or for show, well, find someone poglupee. What can you expect from people who advertise on free resources? That they proyavyat ineffable generosity? Logically, cheap technologies mean cheaper results, so do not count on Avito.

- What do you think

it is generally possible to find a decent job in the internet? Now looking job postings and a very personal and have a job s / n which would suit me! Very pleased that the search for "mystery shopper"))) My dream when something)))) Who ever found so job?
- there is a real job
- I used to work as Mystery shopper 7 firms ... to decree ... a very good job ... and interesting ... try ... and good zp
40,000 promise! I once worked in Euroset, come to us a friend! It was fun))) How was your job? You were given money to buy some of the goods? Or so ... stick with questions to the workers?
gave money to buy !!! Well too without asking! as it were, in the subject! and it can be understood if the question will immediately !!! Well, I was happy !!
-Recruiting. even with a white and a big salary. There I found a job already being pregnant at 8 weeks
- Mystery shopper really, and basically a scam to Avito.

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