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In good, the coach must be a higher education: physical training, pedagogical or medical. There are courses Association FPA fitness professionals, they are available with a state certificate. Normal fitness clubs put a condition, for example, that the person was at least a candidate for master of sports, and in the ordinary - and former security guards work. I personally master skating. But his professional career had to give up: there is no money, load big heart and the village. Arrived in Moscow in the late 90s, went retrained. Donating needed everything from anatomy to the sale of personal training. Yes, we are taught how to "raise people's money." Although in fact, education is never finished: the competition is huge, you need to constantly develop new techniques and methods.


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It refers to fitness of all mass. Cardio, stretching, Pilates, Step, Body Pump. Now here is a new trend - antigraviti yoga, you there somehow artfully hung from the ceiling. I have not tried yet, but from the reviews, a lot of people rushing. In fact, the main thing - exercise, still have. In general, the West engaged in fitness as well as usual, like brushing your teeth regularly. And here it is still a hobby. Fitness is designed for the middle class in Russia, he is just being formed, and a bar in the same state.


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Fitness trainers are divided into trenazherschikov and group leader. The first work in shifts in the hall, on the rate, and even provides individual training. This is the basic salary. Hours of training costs from 1500 rubles, from which you gets no more than half. In some clubs to conduct personal training prohibited in his shift. But we have to get out: if you come to the client, you can ask a colleague to replace you or to run back and forth. Gang bang is divided into dancers, yogis, and so on. They have more interest for emotional discharge: coach smiling, beautiful, the music is right. Home visits is still quite rare: not one house has a full gym.

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It was previously thought that the hall should work pitching. Now there work normal guys, and bodybuilders compete iron in the corner. Still, 99% of customers do not want to be pumped bulls. But in general arrogance towards the fans no other techniques. No such trenazherschiki to look at the dancers in the style: "Oh, you fag cutesy". And the other coaches broken glass in the shoes do not insert as in ballet. Still, salary depends on whether the subdivision plan, so it is not necessary to quarrel with colleagues met, you are working together to ensure that does not go into minus. The client chooses the coach for whatever he alone understood the principles, though often choose simply on who want to be like. There are, you know, and brutal bodibildershi and soft guys - here each his own.



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Asking all the same: throw 5 kg for the beach season, pump up the press, pull up the ass, to be like that girl over there with the cover. In older people struggle begins with the age - migraine headaches, shortness of breath. Some just important to be listened to, for someone to have a personal trainer - status. There are, of course, and curiosities: one girl, for example, requested that her breast pump. Had upset. And to be honest, my goal - not to make the customer handsome in the past month, and hold it as long as possible. This is the aerobatics. We have to inquire about the interests of people. Find out where to work, you come to the website, Google detail. You look as worn, goes to a car. And so slowly established contacts. The main problem - to get them to regularly go to the gym and a healthy lifestyle. And even insulting: the soul you put into them, and they podhalturivayut. But for a good figure lies hard work, liters of sweat, liters! Technically - the hardest are the lower two dice on the press. But, in fact, not in them happiness.

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A good coach should look fit, well-groomed and neat, well below the clothes to wear Reebok dumb. But customers can go as you please. Dude in a crumpled shirt and tattered sneakers can easily be supersostoyatelnym. It's the gym, he does not show off to come and work. But there are all sorts of strange men who strive to expose you in any case. This coach is not exactly necessary, it was used a mirror. Against the half-naked girls, I have nothing, some of us are like the decor: only come to show themselves. But we better: male customers coming back, and we ... I guess so itself gynecologist feels a woman's body - just a job.



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I once went to an acquaintance on Rublyovka to the official's daughter. Three hours was spent on the road, but 1500 rubles per hour classes in the pocket. There is a separate house with a swimming pool and gym, and in good weather engaged in the courtyard. All was well, sex does not offer. Though from my colleagues, I had heard of such stories. Someone similar achievements boasts someone from clients are children, and vice versa. But in general, we have a rule: any insubordination leads to the loss of customers. Are you the thought that you are now on the short leg, whether the client begins to stick and shoot the eyes - nothing good is not the end. Well, in general, have told me that after the, sorry, intercourse with a man as it is awkward to take money.



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Often it is necessary to engage in psychoanalysis. People do not have enough communication, they want to talk, to consult. Especially women forty years. Young girls and gay flirt, but by constant communication, too tired. Sometimes want to shut down in the corner and sit quietly. However, coaching is always room small, it does not put the soft sofas - not peredohnesh alone. Yet I never eat onions and garlic. Because two weekends in a row does not happen, but such sharp odors long weathered. About alcohol and can not speak - is possible at all. Professional slang refers only to exercise and only among themselves. For example, I will tell you: "Make two approaches" Romanian "." You understand? It's just a bent barbell with straight legs. Client called "bald" or "fat" is also impossible.

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You can catch the new people at the entrance. Beautiful smile, play muscles and be courteous. But fawn over you should not. Customers often communicate with each other - for shells in the locker room - and the need to ensure that word of mouth about you only the best to lead spacing. Another good way - directly from the threshold to send a potential customer to a doctor. Because he receives a percentage of the inspection, it will make you and return the favor when he ask about the client, whatever the coach advised him, the doctor will give the best recommendations for you.



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We do not give a tip: exercise and so are many. But for the holidays to buy the champagne is still not necessary. Still give the little things, the handle "Parker" for example. Machines offered. Even wealthy clients great gifts do not. On the contrary, there is a tendency that if a person bought a subscription for 10 sessions per month, and all did not have to move away, then at the end of every day we are doing, so they do not burn. If you are a good coach, with references and qualifications, salary fork - 70-130 thousand. And can do more if fit Rublyovka or in show business. Sometimes the coaches in the dancers walked or personal assistants. We like everywhere else: the main thing - to sell povygodnee.

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