Many women dream of working in the men's team, but very few men are willing to work in a female ...

Today we have a very interesting and sensitive issue. Let's talk about where it is better to work - in the women's team or consisting only of men.

Some of the young ladies who are early in their career ladder often have the impression that working in a team consisting only of men, much easier and more pleasant than the composed of women. It should be noted that as it may seem at first glance. A purely male team is fraught with many reefs and still do not know which is better, "terrarium" women or men "barracks".

Of course, it is nice to reflect that time I was the only inimitable beauty in this team, all colleagues will fall at my feet, and will be vying to treat me cakes. And no matter how sad it may sound, but the times when men fought for the ladies on the duels and singing serenades under the windows are long gone, and now the man to work as soon as your direct competitor, and he does not care who you are.

Then we would like to share advice of a girl, to gain experience while working in the men's team. Once for himself clear about the main idea with which you have to live in the early days of the men's team. This is what the first man you perceive it as an employee, and therefore lead you yourself have a good employee along with them, surely, in general, as a man. If you act the same way as they do, then you will be perceived as a colleague, your opinion will be considered, and you deserve respect.

Try to make decisions quickly, without delaying indefinitely. Acting confidently and quickly, you will gain credibility more quickly, since it is pleasant to men. And even if you make some mistake, the men it will be easier to forgive. But do not forget about our "women's things", though it works only with moderate their use. If suddenly something went wrong is your fault, you can throw up his hands, suddenly weep, because you see, they are afraid of our tears. But, in any case, do not flirt! Such measures work only in extreme and difficult cases.

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There was a significant event, when working in an office with men allowed themselves too rapidly enjoy successful completion of the transaction, which is then greatly regretted, because my partners started looking at me pretty squeamish. That is no longer a professional look in their eyes, turned into an ordinary woman. Therefore, the greatest expression of feelings, you can let it smile.

Never "cry to the vest," do not complain about the problems with male counterparts, it still will not be seen by them. With such a feminine habit, as the discussion of all, of all things, would have to leave. Complaining one colleague to another is also not necessary, as the "bad" is a man and a natural way colleagues will be initially for it.

Try to choose the topics of conversation are those who would be most interesting and most often affects the male threads. Never become "mom" for their male counterparts. Naturally, in the women laid the instinct to take care of the spouse and children were not hungry, that was about comfort, etc. But you're at work and not at home. Do your colleagues already have their mothers and wives, and it does not take them with you to work and study.

Curb jokes erotic-sexual way to his side immediately, as the saying goes "Gathering". It is not necessary to respond to an invitation to a paltry fellow travelers. More often than not it ends frivolous jokes at your address, and sometimes even dismissal. A case with a friend of mine, who was flirting with a colleague at work, so this is her colleague and "podsidel". Before you apply for a job in a purely male team, think carefully and weigh all the "pros" and "cons." And if you still dare, be a pro in their field, be natural and sincere. So you are more likely to build their careers and relationships do not mess with colleagues. Good luck!

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