Man far removed from the personnel profession, obviously unaware as personalschiki in a huge stream of people manage to select the right people. It's no secret: the resume of competitors often look like twins, and the dialogue itself at the interview is based on the knurled pattern. Is all this not by dazzled? So we decided to ask the recruiters Petersburg, what should distinguish the applicant to have shown interest to it, stand out from the mass of competitors?

Jaroslav ZARUEVA,

HR Manager "Giprosvyaz St. Petersburg" (the design of networks and communications facilities):

- The most important thing for a competitor - the thought in his eyes. If a person learned all over the house and talks like a template, it is unlikely to stand out from the mass of competitors.

We recently took the employee to the position of Secretary General Manager and chose a girl with minimal experience, which attracted just the ability and desire to think.

When you talk with the person and you see that he on the run processes information quickly switched the conversation, even if it leads away from the topic, offers a solution - it is always perceived positively. we welcome these candidates.


Business directory Sales Director "Business Pages STATION":

- The main thing that attracts applicants - his positive attitude, zest for life and the ability and desire to ask intelligent, business matters. And, of course, the right look.

Some time ago we came to interview a woman who complained that her unhappiness in the family, so you need to earn some money, although in principle it is in the money is not particularly needed. We can sympathize, but we need a stable team, which means that new employees, we select with the prospect.

A person can be super-professionals, but if it does not demonstrate a positive attitude ... When a man says that, in fact, he is so positive and only today have a bad mood, it seems unconvincing.

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Maria Zolototrubova,

Deputy Director of Human Resources Company "Bread" (a network of retail food stores):

- Neat appearance, of course, makes a favorable first impression. Later, however, it can spoil if muddled answer questions, and to stray away from the subject. All this is alarming as the fact that it is felt that a person is not telling, showing lack of confidence.

So if all of these disadvantages are not observed, - the applicant is interesting to us. I glance can determine if it will work with the applicant for a positive dialogue. It works enough with the experience, and if a person comes in, and you feel that it is unpleasant to you, through your own perception of the not cross.


Svetlana Volchek,

Head of personnel "Azimut Hotel St. Petersburg":

- We pay great attention to the interest of the candidate is in the hotel industry. This is reflected in his gestures and in the way he asks questions than interested.

Scope of hospitality implies that there must work open people, sociable, and it is by the presence of such qualities we identify "their" man.

To make sure the candidate is interested in our job, we can give it a small task. For example, to call on a certain day of the week at a specific time. And if precisely at the appointed time the bell rings, then, interest in the position of actually present. Of course, these tasks - is not determined, but can confirm the correctness of our choice, to determine the true quality of the candidate.


Anna Kozlova,

HR Manager "NPO Osti" (production of premium products):

- Almost any job interview takes place in a specific pattern. Always talking about the level of education, work experience, computer skills and so on. N. To the head of the personnel department singled you out from the mass of applicants clearly necessary intelligibly answer questions, show their positive sides, but it does not look like an ode to myself. It is useful to take written references from previous jobs, make copies, and each interview to provide the head of the personnel department. To be remembered before the interview, you can send a resume with a photo 3x4. And, of course, do not forget that the friendly attitude and a smile - your undoubted trump card!

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Dmitri Vorobiev,

PR-manager of the Northwest Network of stores of digital technology DIXIS (distribution, service, sale of digital technology, equipment and accessories for cellular):

- I think that question should be put differently - and whether it is necessary to express their individuality in the interview? After all, employers appreciate, above all, professional skills, and not the ability to "bulge". The emphasis is on self-identity can only prevent the applicant to reveal itself as a specialist. In addition, corporate standards adopted in many large companies, to put it mildly, not always include ripped jeans and orange T-shirt. So in this regard, applicants are requested to show flexibility and to focus primarily on their business quality and conform to the requirements of the vacancy.


Tatiana Goryachev

Source:  Vacancy from "A" to "Z"

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