It is difficult to imagine the life of modern man without social networking. This phenomenon is so seized the people that just do not understand how we ever lived without social networking.

The first social network appeared in the US in 1995, for pupils and students and was called Classmates.

Social networks have become a way of expression for millions of people, a place where users are looking for the recognition of communication. Gradually we become morally - dependent on social networks. Psychological dependence on social networks caused by the desire to get "likes" positive feedback comments. All this helps to raise self-esteem, feel relevant.

But at the same time, social networks are a place where a chance encounter with aggression, rudeness, bullying highest.

Aggression in social networks as a mass phenomenon that has become a subject of study for many experts. Psychologists have introduced such a thing as kiberbulling denoting aggression on the Internet.

So why aggression daily pours thousands tirabaytov on the Internet?

Freedom of expression on the Internet aggressive users of social networking is perceived as permissiveness.

Aggression in society, provoked by external factors, and in most TV provokes aggressive behavior and the Internet. At the same time, the anonymity, the feeling of impunity (because the aggressor is not in close proximity to the victim and does not risk anything) removes all the social brakes person. If in real life, this type will be more cautious and restrained in the manifestation of their aggression, then the Internet is it in his rudeness and anger unrestrained.

Of course, kiberbulling includes activities and professional aggressor (political trolls, troll factories vebbrigady special services). But most of the social networks people have become victims of attacks by the obsessed, neurotic and mentally ill people.

troll factory

Number of psychotics and neurotics in the modern world grows in direct proportion to the negative, aggression and propaganda pressure from the media, television in particular.

Aggressive behavior, rudeness and anger becomes a way for people to get rid of internal frustration. Trolling is seen as a way to assert themselves at the expense of another person. Inferiority complex is pushing the aggressor in the humiliation of others, even completely unknown to him.

Frustration - a mental condition which has arisen as a result of inability to get what you want, or in other words for non-compliance with the desired reality.

Dissatisfaction with their lives, the inability (and perhaps unwillingness) to fulfill your potential, turns a man into a virtual cad, wiping his behavior all the principles and norms of ethics.

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Virtual aggressors are often combined into a kind of flocks under the slogan "Against whom have been friends." Troll victim psychopaths interesting crowd. After all, here you can "show off" taunts and sophistication of its commentary. "Together hate" sacrifice psychopaths is interesting also because it increases the reading audience. A large number of social networking users involved in the persecution creates a sense of demand from a psychopath.

Becoming a victim of aggression in social networks at risk anyone who signed up. Any post can attract the attention of a troll, which will begin to write negative comments, humiliating the author's post.

Become a victim of an attack can be a troll, comment on it, seemingly neutral position. There is the practice of "stuffing" of posts, when the aggressor puts snares and waits for the reaction of the audience.

It is not necessary to continue the debate with the aggressor, the more you respond, the more fueled his. Argue, to explain, to try what - convince - it is useless. You will not hear. You want to humiliate, not to understand.

How to protect yourself from aggression in social networks? 

The best way to protect yourself from aggression on the Internet - to block a troll. In extreme cases, take screenshots, certify the authenticity of a notary (a practice already exists) and write a statement to the prosecutor (without notifying the kiberagressora not to give him the opportunity to delete, change the account on the social network and ID- address).

Use privacy settings. By posting pictures of your life, do not forget that the Internet search of recognition can cause psychological attack on you.

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