Christmas and New Year - favorite holidays for both adults and children worldwide. No matter what country you live or are celebrating this holiday, fairy tales and happy atmosphere will surely surround you in this holiday season.


The streets are decorated with brightly colored lights, Christmas fairs, concerts and fireworks - the main attributes of a holiday. Italy - Catholic country, so the first celebrated Christmas on December 25th. On this day, the Italians are going to the families and indulge themselves with festive treats such as Capito (female fried eel with caviar), a dish of lentils, as a symbol of wealth, and a large variety of seafood dishes. But the most important symbol of the Christmas table is a panettone - Milan pie, rounded, with candied fruits and dried fruits.

New Year's Eve in Italy begins January 6. Unusual New Year's eve tradition of the Italians is the habit of getting rid of the old and useless things, throwing them out the window . So they believe that the place of discarded old things come new. Another interesting tradition is the New Year's Eve in red lingerie - Italians believe that it will bring them good luck in the new year.

As for the main New Year's symbol, the two of them in Italy: Babbo Natale (our Grandfather Frost) and the witch La Befana , which carries kiddies gifts, leaving them suspended in stockings and shoes. If Babbo Natale brings gifts to children for Christmas, the Befana - the New Year.


In Scotland, Hogmanay (New Year) celebrate as much as 4 days - from December 29 and ending January 1. On the first day of the New Year celebration is a grand torchlight procession . Spectators and participants in national costumes instantly transferred to the Middle Ages, to the beat of drums and the sound of bagpipes under the cover of night, they lit torches from marching to the sea, which then drown their fireballs. Fire - is the main attribute of the holiday, as it is believed that it burns all the negative and dark, which remained in the old year.


Another important old tradition in Scotland called «First-footing» (in translation from English -.. The first step). It is believed that if the threshold of your home on the first day of the new year, the first man crossed - brunette, well-being and good luck will accompany you the whole year.

As for the New Year's table, the main decoration is a sand cake with marzipan and nuts decorated with Scottish cross and other emblems.


Cuban New Year is remarkable, first of all, in that it is marked in an environment where the window does not snow and frost, and the heat and sultry (air temperature +25, +27 degrees). That less, as a New Year tree they choose not palm and conifer called Araucaria.

Seeing the old year, Cubans fill all the containers with water, and then at midnight poured it straight from the windows of their homes, thus wishing the new year to be as clear and transparent as water.

Interesting is the fact that the Cubans in New Year's Eve under the chiming clock eat 12 vinogradinok to the new year was the peace and well-being of all 12 months. Grapes in Cuba as a symbol of happiness and abundance.



Preparing for the New Year in Japan begins long before the holiday. The main squares arranged Christmas fair, there are shops with holiday cards, and the streets, glowing festive illumination, encouraging Japanese and many tourists.

Great demand in the New Year are such souvenirs and gifts, such as bamboo rake (a symbol of happiness in Japan), ships with rice, arrows with white feathers (from the negative security and the evil eye), well, the queen of the festival is considered kadomatsu - composition of bamboo, pine branches and plums. According to legends, the New Year god uses this ward as its sanctuary. Kadomatsu put in front of his dwelling (only in pairs) or inside it.

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Unlike us, the New Year in Japan do not meet under the chiming clock and a bell ringing. 108 beats bells symbolize cleansing from 108 human vices.

As Christmas treats on the table from the Japanese seaweed is necessarily present as a symbol of joy, beans, as a symbol of health and longevity, boiled fish, which brings peace of mind.


New Year in Vietnam is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, in the period from 21 January to 20 February. Tet , aka Spring Festival , also known as the New Year is celebrated only in the family circle. According to Vietnamese tradition, the holiday is celebrated in the fun and the joy of a few days. Grandiose fireworks, New Year festivals, mass dancing dragon - without them can not do any New Year in Vietnam.

As a New Year tree Vietnamese use peach or tangerine, decorated with flowering branches of houses and streets, or give them to your friends.

The Tet in Vietnam decided to breed on the street bonfires on the coals which are prepared rice dishes. In the north of Vietnam traditional are those treats like jelly, carp, pig's trotters with bamboo, and in the south - pork, cooked in coconut milk, melon stuffed with meat and famous Vietnamese pie "banching", which consist of rice, pork, onion, green peas and wrapped in bamboo leaves.


Christmas in England, in a Catholic country, the first by a holiday worth. Although New Year's is paid a lot of attention. The main center of the celebration of New Year holidays is Trafalgar Square , which is set annually and festive Christmas tree through which the New Year's parade.

English - very conservative nation, so New Year's tradition is especially revered in this country. In addition to trees, houses of Brits to decorate more and branches of mistletoe - special plants, which brings happiness and good luck to the house. It is believed if at midnight on New Year's Eve lovers kissing under a sprig of mistletoe - in the new year they will definitely be together.

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The arrival of the New Year in England is associated primarily with the ringing of the bells of Big Ben strikes. An interesting feature of this tradition is that before midnight bells covered with a blanket to muffle their ringing and open only at 12.00 at night.

Waiting for this holiday, and in particular Santa Claus , and the youngest residents of England. Before they go to bed leaving on the table the special plates, which are Santa puts gifts.

Among the dishes are popular New Year's table with vegetables baked turkey , meat pies, and for dessert - pudding.

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