How to recover your password at Google? What should I do if the lost data to your Gmail account? Is it possible to recover the password on Google after you delete your account? To all these questions, today you will know the answer!

Quite often it happens that we are due for any reason can forget the password of your account at Google. This means that you will be blocked access to Google services that you use with the help of this account. If the password is lost or you forget it, the Google account you will be available, as well as you can not work with the Gmail , calendar or the Blogger . Even if this happens, do not panic and ask all the " What if I forgot Google account? "After all, restore it very simple, carefully read this article.

If you have forgotten your password on your account, you should contact « the Google the Account of Recovery » (account recovery), where you will be given detailed instructions on how to recover your account at Google. Google corporation is trying to get their instructions were clear and simple, so when working with " rekoveri account " the whole recovery process is fast.

Go through all the stages of recovery, can be directly clicking on the link . Using this link, you can restore Google account using the additional mailbox or a phone that was attached to your account. If the second mailbox or phone number were not attached to your account, then you have to answer a few questions in the course of which will be determined whether you are really the owner of this account. If yes, then you are allowed to reset the password for your account.

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If you do not reliably know how to restore the account, you should not use third-party resources for its recovery, as this can block it permanently. Removing your listing, may have a different effect on all Google services. It is better to use our instruction.

First, consider what you need to do to recover your Google Account, if it so happened that it was deleted:

Select "I do not know my password," and click "Continue"

Done! Perform the operation to restore the account can be for some time after its removal. If passed a long time, you will not be able to restore it.

Consider how to recover your password for your Google Account if you have attended advance security of your account in advance and attach the phone number or an additional e-mail box :

Select "I do not know my password," and click "Continue"

Done. If you choose to restore a backup via email, then it will receive instructions . Click on the link and follow the instructions, starting with the fifth paragraph.Click on the link

Now that you know how to restore the password in Google using the phone or an alternate e-mail box.

How do you know your password, if you are not attached to your account or your phone number, no additional email address? We use the following sequence of actions.

Select "I do not know my password," and click "Continue"

You can always contact the support system for details about how to find an account in the Google system.

If as a recovery options to add a phone number, the system will send you an SMS-message with the code, allowing to recover a forgotten password.

We recommend contacting your mobile service provider to get more information about the costs associated with sending and receiving of SMS-messages. They depend on the mobile operator and the selected tariff plan.

To ensure that your account has been safe, remember to update the security settings on a regular basis and include additional password recovery methods.

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Most mobile operators supported by Google SMS-messages. If your operator can not deliver such a message, you can use the voice call or use a different phone number.

If you get an error message when you send a request for the recovery code, please note that there is a limit on the number of requests for the recovery code that you can download on the same day. If you think that the restriction could be you exceeded, wait 24 hours and try again.

If the recovery code is not reached you, check out the following list of possible causes of this situation and some suggestions:

Sometimes, when the connection between the mobile phone and your operator has a poor quality, you can get a duplicate notification message. If requested multiple recovery codes, only the last is the correct code. Solve this problem, tried several times to turn off and turn on your phone.

If this does not help, ask your mobile provider to reset your text messaging settings.

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