Instagram has become incredibly popular social network - the second largest in the world after Facebook. In 2016, the number of users worldwide has exceeded 400 million. They are the stars, your friends and your family, and you probably have it too. But it is well able to keep a few. These cards - how to make your instagram little better.

Good instagram - lively, varied and tells the story of (your life, travel, what do you do, what kind of story - you decide). The best instagram - the one that brings you joy, one that is interesting to consider, as a photo album. Often such instagramy are also very popular.

Really cool instagram different single concept (or subjects) and recognizable style. And, as a rule, beautiful photos. If you need thousands of subscribers, be sure to come up with some interesting course or subject, which will meet all or at least most of your posts. It is for this to you, and will return again and again. Instagrama sign of good as any high-quality blog - regularly updatable. But should not be abused: upload several photos in a row - a bad taste, it's annoying subscribers. The optimal frequency - one or two photos per day. It is believed that the best photos published in the afternoon and early evening, when most of the active subscribers.

You are welcome. Here , for example, instagram, who are two girls, recording lipsinki (lipsync - is when the talent you open your mouth to the song). Here  is ironic talk about the architecture of Moscow. But there are instagram on behalf cheerful skeleton. Blog of a girl who plays the fashion photography at home, a very funny. Kolyanchika Blog (him four, and he's a star). Instagramy travel ( again , two , three ) and work ( again , two , three ); stunning images ( againtwo , three ). Absolutely amazing instagram, the author of which collects all the photos in  a single infinite collage (viewed from your phone!). And finally, a huge collection of Riga door , where our editors.

To gain thousands of subscribers, will take time, perseverance and talent. If you want to check how good you get, use one of the free tools that analyze instagram-accounts, for example,  this : there you will find the various statistics - what kind of photos are you the most popular, before which days and watch them better spread.

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Quality instagrama not define thousands of likes (thousands of likes - just a figure of fame). Your first truly interested readers will be your friends and friends of your friends (so be sure to link your account to instagrame with other social networks). If your shots are popular among them, they will fall on the recommendation screen "search", where users offer the photos, which they surely will like - on the basis that laykayut their friends, themselves, and even that is popular right now near . A truly beautiful and interesting content readers are always happy to share with each other, so experiment and do what you like, and people catch up.

It is not necessary. And you can not use the filters if they appear to you to distort reality, but the overall experience shows that the treated picture looks more advantageous. Instagram during its existence has evolved considerably and improved the range of tools for processing photos - now you can not only select the appropriate filter to determine its intensity, but also to edit the exposure, contrast, and sharpness. However, these tools are too aggressive effect on the picture, so the third-party applications are still better for processing. Filters instagrama visible from afar and look primitive: in fact it's just the color superimposed over the image. Other applications use more advanced technologies to work carefully with color correction and contrast. So if you have decided to resort to the filters, we recommend not to use the built-in.

The best third-party application to process - VSCO . Inside it is possible to buy up hundreds of filters (and the best are worth). Do not need to install everything - in fact, you are unlikely to use more than five, but precisely in the application there are filters for all tastes. Their main difference from the built-in filters instagrama - the possibility of the natural colors of the image, to make them more vivid or, for example, warmer. As an example of quality filters can advise C1, N3, A7, E6, Q5 ( incidentally, the filter intensity is best reduced to 8-9 - as will be softer shades). The less noticeable, which filters you use, and the natural colors in the photo, the better, but many people like to choose one or two constant filter to all photos were designed in a single style - it adds harmony profile. Once decided on the filter (the basic palette of pictures), be sure to experiment with tools such as the "exposition", "Contrast", "image sharpness" (especially if you are not able to capture the perfect focus), "dark areas" (allows to lighten or darken photo), and do not forget to straighten the horizon.


For more scrupulous photographers recommend Snapseed . The main advantage - very sensitive correction tools: for example, you can change the color balance and saturation in certain parts of the image. Like here:

Yet there's an app Retouch , which allows you to remove photos from any object or, conversely, to add another the same - useful if you want to, for example, to eliminate the excess of people with the landscape, a fly from the glass or bags under the eyes.

For lovers of textures, gradients, and the effect of old film photos recommend Mextures  - one of the most clever photo editors.

Matter adds to the crazy shots, but fascinating mirror objects like hypercubes and flying saucers, brushstroke  turns your photos into "paintings", Lorystripes adds strange shapes ( "extra dimension").

The main thing for photos - a good light. It was from him will depend on the quality of your image, the color and beauty of the shadows. Try not to shoot in dim rooms and bathrooms. The best light - daylight, but not direct sunlight (in direct sunlight the object is likely to be severely overexposed and therefore poorly visible). When shooting on the iPhone, you notice that some part of the picture looks overexposed, touch at this point to the screen - and you will see a thin yellow square lock the exposure / focus and the sun nearby, allows you to change the exposure manually by moving the scale (try a bit dim frame to get rid of overexposure). In the manual exposure android included in camera settings. Also try turning the phone HDR function - it will more evenly distribute the light in the photo.

Geotags - a very useful thing. They allow you to not only save the shooting place to come back to them later, but also see pictures of other members of this place (suddenly you missed something interesting). Also, do not hesitate to celebrate the photographs of other people - your photos will be visible in their profiles. And be sure to sign your images: photo caption - this is 50% of the impressions of her. Sometimes people subscribe to it witty comments, rather than fotoshedevry.

Depends. People use the hashtag, so they found an unfamiliar users. And they can really serve as a useful tool for promoting the profile. However, never try to use the most popular hashtags (those in which more than a million publications): they are clogged low-quality photos - so you will never find yourself loyal subscribers. By themselves, are good only rare and thematic (eg, #theworldneedsomemorespiralstaircases stores a collection of beautiful spiral staircases, and # 45diagonal - pictures, divided evenly on the diagonal). More than three hashtags under the image, again, bad taste. We recommend to put only those which go to the people concerned (for example, dedicated to a specific event or a narrow topic, you can search for them in the "labels" in the search screen).

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Video - this is good. Not so long ago instagram given the opportunity to fill in a video lasting up to a minute (previously there were limited to 15 seconds), so that those who do not like to shoot static images, which now has a swing. From the obvious advantages - the opportunity to assess the actual number of readers opened instagram video statistics views. In addition, the rollers are still rarely come across in the film instagrama, so if you bet on this format, it will be easier to stand out among others.

Instagram has released two full own application for video processing. "Boomerang"  makes short looped SIFCO. Hyperlapse  accelerates video several times; ideal to take pictures through the car window. Suitable for mounting the iMovieVivaVideo  (there are even special effects and filters you can apply) and, for example, Splice . In addition, you've probably already heard about MSQRD , which allows you to add filters to the mobile entity.

It seems that you lack inspiration. Examine the picture of friends of friends whose profiles you particularly like - certainly there are many people in their subscriptions, which will be able to inspire not only them, but also you. Or consult the list of top instagramov  version DailyTekk.

Get another account. Not so long ago appeared instagrame simultaneous management of multiple profiles (you can add the account in the settings). Therefore, for example, if you really like to take pictures of your cat (or dog ), but have mercy on people who do not feed him the same warm feelings, it can remove all images in  a separate tape  and there is nothing does not deny.

Here is a last farewell. Try not to be repeated. Do not hesitate to make a lot of pictures at once - then you will be able to choose the good shot and delete unnecessary. And yes, do not be lazy to wipe the lens (not thumb).

Author: Kate Letova


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