I'm sure many have noticed the numerous promotions with such slogans as "Black Friday», «Black Friday». Why is there such a stir that date and where this tradition has gone? Let's deal!

The origins of the concept of "Black Friday"

The concept of «Black Friday» or "Black Friday" occurred in the United States. Since the XIX century, the Friday after Thanksgiving, the tradition of global sales, so begins the week before the Christmas shopping. Almost all shops were opened at 5:00 am and were given a substantial discount to customers first. Some have already opened at midnight and admitted tired of waiting and frozen people for the coveted gifts.

This Friday is officially became known as "Black" in 1966 due to the fact that in this day in Philadelphia, formed a huge traffic jam of cars and pedestrians.

Intensive traffic on Black Friday of the last century

Intensive traffic on "Black Friday" the beginning of XX century

Feast of "Black Friday" today

Despite its ominous name, "Black Friday" - is a bright and cheerful holiday. For many, it's a chance to buy a long-desired thing for next to nothing. For others it is an opportunity to earn extra money by reselling later. But many enjoy the moment and buying gifts for their loved ones.

Today, the US can observe kilometer queue, which occupy more in the evening on Thursday. After opening shops shoppers unstoppable avalanche will sweep away everything in its path. Which opened at 5am, after a couple of hours in the shops there is nothing left!

In Russia and CIS countries "Black Friday" came only in 2013, and is mainly represented in the online stores. A distinctive feature is that the discounts are not limited to one day and can last for a couple of weeks.

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What awaits us after «Black Friday»

After a weekend in the United States comes another day Cyber ​​Monday sales (Cyber ​​Monday), another kind of day sales, but can welcome customers online.

For those who did not buy at a discount at the time have a wonderful opportunity to buy discounted goods after his return. Many shopaholics, blinded by discounts, buying up everything that comes their way, and by the morning understands that bought a bunch of unnecessary things. It is not surprising to see people in the US turn to return the goods to the next week after the discounts.

"Black Friday" 2014 list of stores (discount up to 12/12/14)

For those who want a taste of discounts in the holiday sales, will give a list of stores that are involved in this motion for a coupon.

All pleasant shopping, respectfully Your Light Kalinin 😉

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