Clean windows has always been a dream of any housewife, who are forced to use to wash the crumpled newspapers and rags. But if the inside of the glass clean without difficulty, then outside his wash is problematic. On the upper floors you can do so only partially and with the threat of fall out of the window, and at the bottom of the grille prevents.

To the back of the glazed balcony can be reached only by climbing equipment. Some balconies windows do not open at all, and if open, then we have to lean out of the window and try to reach out a hand to the spot, showing the wonders of acrobatics.

Brush magnets for washing windows

Masters cleaning companies could solve the problem of access to such glasses, having developed a special device for washing windows on magnets. It consists of two brushes with magnets located on opposite sides of the glass. The magnets attract each other and provide a reliable fixation.

If you are in the old wash detergent, and then polish the crumpled paper, then you have long and carefully sanded box c on both sides, being exposed to danger when cleaning the outside. It is also the additional expenditure for wipes and detergents. In this case, you just need a sponge for windows on the magnet! Manufacturers of modern cleaning devices for home care easier cleaning process. Magnetic mop for washing windows will help you to quickly and safely clean the glass on the dirty spots.


Window Wizard Magnetic brush consists of a very simple design - two separate plastic parts, in the case where the magnetic elements are covered with a soft sponge and a rubber seal. In case a sponge attached to the outside of the window, fall down, she hold out the safety cord. Although this is not necessary - the sponge securely holds a powerful magnet!

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HOW DOES magnetic brush for washing windows

Magnetic brush Window Wizard


  • Lower jaw soft tissue white surface of the water. It can be used for washing, soapy water or plain water.
  • Both the brush 90 rotate ° C apart and break them.
  • Brush the surface with a damp cloth fasten on the opposite side of the glass.
  • Move the brush with one hand on the glass, on the other side of the window of your movements duplicates other brush on the magnet.
  • After washing windows and remove the sponge and dip it in water or soapy water. After that, she will be ready for the second window cleaning!


Strong magnets included in the design, quality brush cleans the glass surface on both sides simultaneously. Running a hand through the glass inside the apartment, you will be safe. On the reverse side of the glass wash the second element of the brush, even in remote places, repeating your movements.

Tip: The process of cleaning is better to start from the edge of the glass, moving to the central part.


Brush for washing windows Window Wizard


  •  Ergonomically made brush is securely fastened and does not slip.
  •  The design is based on a strong durable plastic, which means that the device will serve you for a very long time.
  •  The principle of operation of the product is incredibly easy - there are no complex mechanisms completely, and there are no moving parts.
  •  Useful working surface quality not only cleans the glass surface, but also plastic and textolite.
  •  When storing the magnetic brush for washing of glass does not take up much space.
  •  Savings as all cleaning work to clean up the office of windows, balconies can be done on their own, without the involvement of artists.
  •  The process of washing windows runs twice as fast! Also, twice reduced scope of work - you wash only one side, and the other cleans the Window Wizard automatically.
  •  Safety wash on the upper floors. Now all dangerous and dirty work outside will do the brush magnets for washing windows.
  •  The amount of detergent is reduced by 80-100%. Magnetic Brush cleans the windows perfectly plain glass surface with clean water or ordinary soap composition without the use of expensive equipment. In very dirty windows, you can use a small portion of the agents dissolved in water.
  •  Now you do not have to fall out of the window, performing complex movements, simply wash the surface of the inside and outside of it will wash the second part of the brush!
  •  Magnetic brush for washing windows double excellent effect on glass, they are well washed, glitter and sparkle.
  •  100% quality of cleaning! Magnetic brush washes simultaneously with two sides and grinds, and therefore, you do not need more than a pile of newspapers, Mount sponges and rags!

The magnetic brush for cleaning windows on two sides Window Wizard allows to wash windows with triple glazing thickness of 27 mm. Feedback from users - from all devices for washing windows, this device is the most convenient and effective of those who come to enjoy. With a wide range of choice, a viable alternative to brushes for washing windows on the magnets do not exist!

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So, acquiring the magnetic brush you:

  • will save time, nerves, energy, detergent;
  • You will be washed twice as fast;
  • vote excellent washing quality;
  • forget about the fear and danger when cleaning windows.

Acquiring a unique device, you will facilitate the process as much as possible the removal of dirt from the windows!

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  1. Sergey Petrovich

    As a former employee of a cleaning company I can tell you about this thing useful.
    The fact that working at the company, we often receive orders for washing windows. They were often those in high-rises, 20, 25th floor! First, our workers have used such special brush on a long handle. Well, they are uncomfortable but what to do. Then about two years ago, there were these magnetic brushes. The girls laughed at first - well, there you can think of traveling! And then we try, adapt himself and began to wash quickly. And most importantly - no need to lean out of the window. But on 40 the floor is terrible! Even I could not look.
    Then it turned out that the magnetic brush appeared in free sale. I said that the son immediately ordered. I love to confess to him about them, he lives on the 27th floor and always with washing windows at-law problems. In short I advise everyone to buy such a contraption, why the extra time and effort spent on cleaning windows?

    • Svetlana Tanaylova

      Sergey, please tell me, as in conventional stores you can find this magnetic brush? I'm on the Internet nothing ever ordered, and try to post your comment is very desirable. All the more so to wash windows is becoming increasingly difficult due to age.

      • Sergey Petrovich

        No, unfortunately, to buy Window Wizard in stores can not. But you can not fear ordering from this site. There's nothing complicated. Website checked, I took it myself and friends. So do not worry.

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