Many women at the age of 30-35 years, complaining of these age-related changes like sagging facial contours and cheek, swelling, the appearance of nasolabial folds and double chin. These phenomena are explained by age begins lowering muscle tone, which form the shape of the face. Unfortunately, these problems are usually not solved by only using makeup - because it provides only a superficial facelift without affecting the muscular frame. But there is a solution - a micro-currents - a method of long-established in the world of cosmetology and applied as therapy at home.

Microcurrents - a weak pulse currents acting on the muscle fibers, and lymphatic channels and enabling improvement of tone and output fluid. According to its characteristics Microcurrent impact is very close to the natural currents of the body - which is why it has a pronounced lifting, rejuvenating and toning effect.

Under the influence of micro-currents (also called biotoki facial) muscles are toned, increasing their resilience restores facial contours, eliminating sagging. A lymphodrain effect increases fluid outflow, removing the swelling and puffiness. In addition, the effect of microcurrent improves the local blood circulation, improves the functioning of blood vessels and oxygenation of the skin, which leads to improved complexion.

Models and  Description

Beauty Iris m708 Gezatone

Perhaps one of the most rewarding in the range of combines. It combines three methods of influence: galvanic currents, microcurrent therapy and wrinkle correction mode, which makes it ideal for full comprehensive care.

  • Power Type: AC adapter.
  • Galvanic currents: 3 programs.
  • Microcurrents 2 program:
  • Microcurrents Lotti: 1 program

The combined effects provides maximum anti-aging effect for women 30-35 +.
Mains maintains the optimum power level.
Stylish packaging and luxurious design will make the device a great gift to yourself or loved ones.

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Bio Wave m920 Gezatone

Homemade apparatus for microcurrent therapy, which focuses specifically on muscle toning and strengthening. The device is compact, you can take with you on a trip to never miss procedure.

  • Type of food:
  • batteries.
  • Microcurrents 1 program

Due to its compactness the device is convenient to take with you.
The device is perfect for controlling the initial stages of muscle aging.

Ionic-Ultratonic m365 Gezatone

Portable device for therapy at home combines two techniques: micro-galvanic currents and impact, thus gives the skin comprehensive care and shine. Compact and very easy to use it will become your indispensable assistant, both at home and on the road.

  • Power type:
    built-in battery.
  • Microcurrents 1 program
  • Galvanic currents: 1 program

The combination of the two methods gives a complex effect.
Compact size allows you to take the appliance to tour and travel.
Electrodes arranged in a circle are working most effectively wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

Microcurrent therapy is called the use for therapeutic purposes modulated pulses of electrical current ultra low amplitude (40 to 1000mkA) with a frequency 0.1 to 500 Hz. Micro-stimulated using pulses of low frequency and low intensity acts on the blood circulation, improve the activity of fibroblasts, provides drainage and cleans the surface and visible tissue, returning tonus weakened myofibrils.

In modern hardware cosmetology Microcurrent therapy is one of the main sites and is popular among customers of beauty salons, especially devices for persons with microcurrent. Microcurrent therapy method combines the advantages of electrical stimulation and the impact of the constant galvanic current, while avoiding the negative effects inherent in these factors. Microcurrent impact  does not irritate the skin and does not cause persistent redness, characteristic for constant galvanic current. Microcurrent therapy, unlike electromyostimulation, causes no obvious muscular contractions, avoiding unpleasant pain under the electrodes characteristic myostimulation. Impact microcurrent is due to stimulation of electrochemical processes at the cell membrane surface, activation of metabolism by increasing the biological activity of the potassium-dependent enzymes, and as a consequence, the acceleration of the synthesis of proteins (especially collagen and elastin), lipids, energy cell factor (ATF) and other biologically active substances, which contributes to the regeneration of skin cells, improves its function, increases muscle tone.

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