And so on our site is the most interesting and cool scenarios the twenty-first time, there is both traditional and modern, themed and what you want to suit all tastes. You can take a script prepared here as a base and add your wishes and preferences desired competitions and recreational activities.And can fully ready to take the script and not particularly bother and do not worry for their quality, it is excellent. And you can generally take only a couple of ideas, or stostavit from different scenario one. Importantly, what would you most it really liked it. And loved your birthday, for which you are making this beautiful script.

Well, probably the most important thing in the script is to determine the theme of the holiday. Based on this, it will be possible to create a certain ambiance. That would create a certain atmosphere. And plunged into her room. That is, it must have a certain interior, a dress code, a certain competitive program, which should correspond to the situation and the subject of the competition. You can also make one or more dishes that match the subject party. For example, if it is a party in the eastern style, sushi and seafood may appear on the desktop. You can also give and themed gifts.

A beauty contest among the women is nothing new. Therefore, leading out onto the stage with the unexpected announcement of the competition Mr evening (the name you can choose the appropriate holiday, but men will be involved).

Funny screenplay birthday


This celebration, like a birthday, a significant event for everyone.
Nowadays, people are too busy with daily issues, so it is very rarely anyone thinks about that birthday you can come up with a specific script that will make the holiday memorable.

сценки на день рождения взрослых
Nevertheless, this is a wonderful way to make a festive evening special and unlike any other, that will leave a lot of positive impressions and memories. One of the great ways to diversify the holiday leisure is staging a hilarious scenes involving all invited.

Funny greeting scenes

The main thing that should be considered when developing the script and choosing the funny and hilarious mini-scenes for his birthday - they are in any case should not be offensive , not to overshadow such a wonderful holiday ridiculous prank. Everything must take place in a strictly positive manner with the support of all the guests.

It does not matter for whom are sketches for his birthday - a woman or a man friend to friend.

"Good chicken"

Some of the guest puts on the outfit hen, puts into the pockets of two Kinder surprise and is suitable for a birthday, then a speech about this content: "I carried the two testicles especially for our dear (name of the hero for the day). Now let him break one of them to know what to expect in the near future. The second egg will become a symbol of what our dear birthday will receive next year. "

Of course, choose the chocolate eggs to be guided by the plot. Today is not difficult to choose themed surprises (eggs with cars, houses, boats and so on). After the presentation of gifts "chicken" says a beautiful toast to the birthday child's health .

"In the forest, after a holiday"

сценка на день рождения мужчине


  1. Mouse-thief.
  2. Fox-beauty.
  3. Wolf.
  4. Bunny-razdolbaychik.
  5. Bear.
  6. Frog - Bear's girlfriend.
  7. Cuckoo.

In addition, it will take the chair on which the bear is sleeping in the "den" with any drink bottle.

Bear in den wakes to wild hangover. It makes a few sips from the bottle and falls asleep again. Cuckoo cuckoo five times.

There is a knock at the door. It granted the wolf, the whole district a famous drunkard and a bully. Wolf sees on the table alcohol residues and asks bear one hundred grams. He does not wake up. Cuckoo not mind a drink. Drink. Cuckoo cuckoo six times.

The door knocking again. At this time came the Frog - Bear's girlfriend. She sees the mess, and, cursing, begins cleaning. Wolf again offers a drink. The frog does not agree. Cuckoo not mind. Drink. Cuckoo cuckoo seven times. Wolf sings songs, sleeping bear, frog sweeping the floor.

A knock at the door. On the threshold stands bunny-razdolbaychik. Seeing a frog with a broom, he gets excited and starts to interfere with her to do the cleaning, jumping over a broom. Wolf will again offer a drink. Bunny refuses. Cuckoo not mind. Drink, and the cuckoo cuckoo eight times.

The knock on the door again. At this time, I bestowed the fox, which has long been dreaming of a wolf. She begins to seduce him, but the desire of a wolf, only one - to have a drink. Lisa refuses, but, as always, willing cuckoo. Drink. Cuckoo cuckoo nine times.

Frog continues cleaning, followed by insults. Bear is still asleep. Fox seduces Wolf, who sings, not paying attention to her. There was a soft knock at the door. Nobody notices anything. In den sneaks mouse-thief steals neatly remnants of alcohol and just disappear quietly.

In the end, by swearing frog bear wakes up and begins to look for, what would sober. Wolf is aware of the horror of the situation and hastily retreats, taking with him a fox. Bunny-razdolbaychik fear of losing consciousness. Now bear a drink offering. Frog indignantly refuses. Screwy cuckoo do not mind, however - nothing to drink. She cuckoo nine times on and off.

Bear goes unsteadily toward the guests in search of alcohol. Do not let the suffering of dying from a hangover!

Scene for lovely ladies

мини сценки на день рождения

For a sweet lady who was the hero of the occasion, can play an excellent setting, which is sure to cheer up not only her, but also to all those present.

"Medical examination of the birthday girl."

Any of the guests performs the role of a doctor and an assistant, and the birthday girl, of course, is a patient. After a short inspection, spiced with funny jokes, "medical personnel" removed "to the meeting." After several minutes of "providers" back, and the "doctor" in hand sheet with the diagnosis. Doctor announces the medical indications:

  • Passport data.
  • Age: blooms and smells.
  • Pulse: brims over, it is difficult to measure.
  • Blood Group: Red bull in excess, the real blood and milk.
  • Heart rate: sometimes calm, sometimes freezes excitement or delight, at the moment shows a complete happiness.
  • Rumor: Universal, suitable for everyday use.
  • Vision: helps to note the positive even in small things.
  • The sense of smell: it helps to accurately determine where the wind is blowing, but the nose only responds to the stronger sex.
  • Diseases: for some strange reason can hibernate after a hearty lunch or dinner. The same symptoms are observed while watching TV.
  • Recommended mode: more rest and less strain.
  • Final conclusion: The patient has just started to live, an urgent need to get everything out of life that is still held by, and learn to enjoy everyday activities.

For the stronger sex

If the culprit is a triumph of man, for him there is also a lot of great ideas that will help to emphasize the individuality and lift your mood instantly .

"Inspection of the birthday"

On the birthday of the skit for adults to play the role of a stern inspector (be great if some of the invited have given occupation workers), and his assistant. Birthday boy put in the middle of the room and begin to critically examine it, commenting on each stage. It looks like this:

Good afternoon, Inspector Rublev. Please present the documents. Having received from the hands of hero for the day sheet, he pulls out his list and begins to "MOT".

  1. Glancing man look, "inspector" says so, the model (passport), year of manufacture (year of birth), run (age).
  2. Touch the pulse: the motor works like a clock, apparently, applies high-quality fuel.
  3. She stares into the eyes of the headlamp without damage coverage rate.
  4. Touches muscles: for example, capacity is normal, even slightly exceeds it.
  5. Looks at the lower part of the back: the exhaust system is normal, the hydrogen sulfide level does not exceed the permissible parameters. Use as pea fuel is not recommended.
  6. Considers shoes: brake system does not cause fears, triggered in time.
  7. Well, congratulations to you, good luck.

Finish "inspection" the best show of the glass and the proclamation of toast for the birthday child's health .

Fun party

сценка на день рождения подруге

To a birthday celebration is remembered for a long time for both visitors and the hero of the occasion, it is necessary for the entire evening to organize impromptu small skits, jokes and other funny moments. Any details: nowhere grafted "waiter", a favorite song on the radio or television, the message on the cell phone with congratulations, can cause bright memorable emotions. The main thing for a fun holiday - the imagination and uncommon sense of humor!

Look one more cheerful setting for my birthday:

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Scenarios birthday fun

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Funny screenplay day for adult birthday


подарок мужчине

The script for "The hero of the evening," suitable for birthday married middle-aged men and is designed for a large number of guests.

Funny greetings from friends, portrait of a woman, speaking gypsy and pop stars - only a small fraction of what awaits the birthday that day.

Guests will be able to see how the birthday boy was a child, what happened to him as a teenager, and how he had grown up man.

Entertainment program is constructed in such a way that each of the guests will be able to take part.

hall decoration

To decorate the hall, you can use any Party Supplies: balloons, garlands, confetti, photos and even unusual dishes. Room decoration depends on its size. If the event is taking place in the apartment, it is enough to add a few balloons, posters with the wishes and garlands. If, however, ordered the restaurant, the chairs and tables decorated with beautiful capes, also added to the balls and lights.



  1. Sheets with the "baby."
  2. Crosswords.
  3. Collections of recipes from carrots or vegetables.
  4. Easel or sketch pad with markers / crayons.
  5. Soap set.
  6. A black wig and a long dress.
  7. Tablets with words.
  8. gypsy clothes.
  9. bottle of alcohol.
  10. Three squirrel tail.
  11. Content for the package with a secret: cap, nipple, socks, thong, bra, dressing gown, hair clip, gloves, goggles, boxers, necklaces, wigs, false hare's ears.
  12. Bunny tails.
  13. Hat.

musical arrangement

For background music selected light compositions, often without a word, leaving only the melody. On the way out special guests can put a theme song. Thus, the output gypsy - a song about a camp, for Conchita Vyurst - the beginning of the song, which she sang at the Eurovision Song Contest.

музыкальный пульт
In breaks between competitions and games, you can invite guests to dance. In this case, consideration should be given and a playlist for dancing. It will depend on the age of the invited guests and the birthday of flavors. Funny, fiery and energetic songs have always enjoyed success at festivals such as the day of birth.

Funny screenplay day men "Hero pm» Birthday

Moderator: Welcome to birthday (birthday child's name)! I welcome all of you and congratulate you on the occasion of the birthday! I propose to keep up with the other guests and join my congratulations. And here is the first willing - friends birthday.

So you always been
a laid table,
Currency multiply in your pocket.
Let it be beautiful wife next
Giving you my love,
To boil the blood in the veins
from the stormy night in your bedroom.

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And do not forget about friends,
Call, write, often in guests are welcome.
We are always ready for you
stand the mountain, lie flat.
Man, know, you are our pride!
Happy Birthday! Hooray!
(the last word pronounced loudly all together)

Moderator: What are you loyal friends, I propose a toast to your friendship. Let it always be as strong! For you, my friends!

(Guests raise their glasses to the friendship)

Moderator: We see you for who you are: strong, brave, impressive. And who remembers the birthday, when he was just crumbs? I invite you to my birthday and someone to support the group.

(Birthday suits to the master, and as an assistant to him to choose a wife, mother or sister)

Where the end of the blouse sleeves are also made to the assistant was able to insert their hands. And the birthday boy puts his hands in the pants. Thus, we obtain the following picture: the audience sees the birthday boy's head, hands his assistant and dangling legs, which manages the birthday itself.

Laughter that the assistant does not see all that is happening, and the birthday boy will not be able to do what is usually convenient to do with his hands. Presenter reads the text, and participants perform all the movements that they hear. All the necessary details he submits assistant.

Presenter: of N years ago to light a little (birthday child's name). Luxurious stretch, he rubbed his eyes and sneezed loudly. That's the first time he tried to milk. (assistant hands give him a baby bottle with milk) Ah, the glory he had eaten that much spatki wanted. Wide mouth opening, he yawns very long time, covering his mouth with his palm. Suddenly wanted him to defecate. He makes an effort, greatly straining - out. I took the paper and began to wipe his ass. Pleased (the name of the birthday), dances, moves the legs. Here he found somewhere a pacifier in his mouth stuffed, smiled. (then the nipple is removed)

But growing up our (the birthday child's name). Teeth brushing learned, he took a brush and began to brush your teeth vigorously. I took a comb and comb hair, beautiful, ran quickly into the kitchen, opening the door to the heel. There is a sandwich and throws easily in the mouth. All washed down with a compote, and hurry into the yard to play. But first, put on a hat, scarf, gloves. And the confident gait down the stairs down. (Energetic music included in gait)

Moderator: Applause birthday and his helper! And in order to grow healthy (the name of the birthday), raise a glass and say a few nice words to him. I propose a toast to tell the parents of the birthday.

(Parents congratulating son)

Narrator: Meanwhile, we gradually move to already matured (birthday child's name). Now he became a teenager, and then begin to appear bad habits. That's how he first tried vodka. Yes overdid it a little, it is difficult to pick up his word. One hope for you, dear guests. I invite you to my two nine-man teams.

конкурс со словами

  • Then lying, then standing. Then cold, then hot. (Shower)
  • It is round and transparent as glass. See the future in it quite easily. (Ball)
  • Strong, slim and strong, because he is the lord of the forest. (Oak)
  • Rides ringing in the hands of a child. (Ball)

Moderator: grows quickly, our (the birthday child's name). It becomes a man, and there are new demands. For the next competition I need three pairs of male-female. Who is brave? Do not be shy! Will not hurt, I promise.


Moderator: We have decided on a pair of winning and she gets a trophy - a book of recipes carrots, vegetables that you've used for other purposes. I give the floor to my wife birthday greetings - (wife's name).

(Wife says toast for the birthday)

Moderator: What are the warm words came to you (the name of the birthday child) from the beloved and charming wife. We immediately see how much she loves you, but the words, I suggest actually see what the wife sees her husband. (Wife's name), I ask you to come to me.


Moderator: guests do not get bored, and the support of young artists with applause. (Name of wife) certainly a worry.

(The music paints a portrait of his wife, and the guests it is supported)

Narrator: Look, what Picasso woke up in you (wife's name). Our dear (name of the birthday child) take from the heart a better picture of the history of mankind - your portrait of his beloved wife. She tried very hard.

(Birthday handed his portrait)

Moderator: And gifts do not end there, still to come. In the meantime, I invite seven wishing for the next competition.


  • A bottle of vodka.
  • Stranger, and not your, men shoes.
  • Female catkins.
  • Ketchup or sauce.
  • Any thing with the birthday.

Moderator: Applause to all participants, and we award winner soap kit and asked to say a few words birthday.

(Winner says toast)

Moderator: Let's play a little bit we will, and for that I need five people.


  1. How did you first come to this place?
  2. What were your impressions of this place?
  3. What do you usually do it?
  4. And what you there is so attractive?
  5. And as this are your relatives?
  6. And when the next time you're going to get?

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, please wait a minute attention. I now declare the name of a celebrity, who came here to congratulate his birthday with a holiday. Meet the incredible and stunning Conchita Vyurst.


Moderator: Thank you, Conchita, you were inimitable! We spend pop star thunderous applause. And you, dear guests, do not forget to raise a toast to the birthday boy.

(All congratulate the birthday)

Moderator: I declare another contest. Ask to go here so many beautiful ladies, how many letters in the full name of our birthday.

Moderator: That is a bit unusual and erotic representation arranged for you (the name of the birthday) of the fair sex. Patted them friends, but in the meantime we continue to surprise the birthday greetings. Under your loud applause, I invite special guests - gypsy Zara.
(Guests are welcomed gypsy)

Moderator: Zara does not just come to congratulate (birthday child's name) birthday, but also to predict the fate of everyone.


Prediction 2:
Ooh, fun weekend you expect.
Handsome man will stick.
Do not give in!
Five minutes of work -
Nine months of care.

3 prediction:
The road of life is your success,
it leads to the mountain.
Buy a car soon,
but just can not make out what:
Whether white BMW, whether green Muscovite.

Predicting 4:
Oh, pearl hand,
I have never seen such good fortune.
And strong family, friends and loyal,
I see a long and happy life is waiting for you.
How long you will live until you die.
Happiness at you ahead,
And as the slope - at the rear.

Moderator: I want to invite to the next contest seven people. Everyone remembers the competition with chairs? Music plays, participants dance around the chairs and when the music ends, you need to have time to sit on the empty chair. This chair is not enough, he is eliminated. We are a little bit to change the rules of the competition. As people we have grown, we will replace the chairs on the glasses with vodka.

Narrator: And here we announce the winner and receives a well-deserved prize - a bottle of good liquor. But do not advise keen on strong drinks, and then one day you can visit here are the squirrels.

Narrator: And now I invite you to imagine all comers. Absolutely everyone who is brave, go out with me.

(Leading to the beginning to enter people)

Chair: stand in a circle, so that everyone was comfortable and free standing. I've got here is a package with a secret. Your task is to pass it to each other as long as the song is playing, and what to do next, I will tell later. Go!

Moderator: What is the variety once appeared. But unfortunately now all this beauty should be removed and, as usual, to the music. Let's start with the last player.

(Included music and first guest begins to take off their recently put on thing)

Narrator: But the surprises do not end there. Now beside him I want to see three brave members for our next fun music competition.

Moderator: Dear friends, you now have a unique opportunity to become famous all over the world. Each of you need to perform the song as loud as the other participants as possible. Here is direct without the music every one of you, that there are forces that try to sing his song. Ready? Started!

(Each loudly sings his song, trying-sing their rivals)

Moderator: Well - well! And now we have a little rework your songs on a more modern twist.

(Each participant is no longer just singing a song, and mix music using words like "ey", "uiva-uiva" and so on)

Moderator: pat our beginning, but such promising stars.

Narrator: And now our holiday is gradually coming to an end and I want to ask you, dear guests: Is today a holiday like it, do not regret coming?

(Guests are responsible, that you liked)

Moderator: What like, is good, but just something quiet you are speaking about this. I've got a magic hat, (takes the hat), which will open the whole truth about your thoughts. So there you go!


  • "I am all so sudden," A. Semenovich.
  • "I'm tired, I want to love» Quest Pistols.
  • "You see what a woman" artist Shang-hai.
  • "In the week before the second I leave in Komarovo" Vitas.
  • "I want to thump" Kakpizden.
  • "Buy me a crucian" Alexander Kozlovsky.
  • "Take me to marry" Breast Group.
  • "What a wonderful day" Mouse hilarious.

Host: In general, good, now I can believe that the holiday you really liked. Thank the wonderful organizer of the evening (birthday child's name) and once again congratulate him on his birthday! Let your life be full of bright events and pleasant memories! Good luck! Happy Birthday!
(all congratulate the birthday child, and begins a disco)

Funny screenplay, active guests, fun contests, resourceful leader - the main criteria for a fun birthday. Remember, the best gift - an emotion! Arrange an unforgettable holiday for the birthday, entertain his comic gifts and greetings, and he will never forget your efforts.

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The script of the day the girl birthday


The script of the day women 30-35 years of birth

Such a word as " jubilee " in young people is associated with maturity, or old age, but we recommend not to be afraid of the term, especially if the person is executed only 30-35 years. This celebration becomes more than a way to gather your friends, loved ones and all together to have fun, this bright day.
Our scenario is the day the birth of a woman written to celebrate the young ladies, aged 30-35 years. Usually, at this age already has a husband, or simply a beloved man, who organizes the festival. Often, trying to impress his beloved beautiful and expensive gift, a magnificent feast, to the background leaves itself the celebration program.

Сценарий дня рождения женщины 30-35 лет фотоOften, it turns out that birthday party turns into a massive uptake of food and drinks, in addition to the scandal drunk friends. To this avoid, and turn your favorite birthday a memorable holiday - we offer our merry scenario in which there is a place, and a joke, and fun games with competitions for both young people and for older guests generation. In the role of leading, we offer two-merry men.
Before the start of the holiday, it is imperative to tell the birthday girl conceived script birthday, special care is necessary to rehearse her first outing. Birthday girl before its release to appear in the room should not be!
When holiday guests had already gathered at the restaurant, leading to offer hotel guests on either side of the entrance, where the birthday girl should appear.
It sounds easy instrumental music.

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Presentation of the birthday girl
PRESENTER 1: (solemnly) Good evening, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen!
PRESENTER 2: (simply and sincerely, without pathos) In this wonderful, cozy room - a holiday again, today celebrates his birthday with all my love, very nice girl named Lena, let's welcome her with applause!

Fanfare, the guests applauded, the music stops, the birthday girl does not appear.

PRESENTER 1: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is this idea? (Grimacing) It is that you, a friend, or what? Another'd say: "Lenka, come out!". Well, I think his head - it's the birthday girl!
PRESENTER 2: Well, how do you think it is necessary?

PRESENTER 1: Watch and learn: now for the scenario in this room must enter a beautiful and unique girl. And it is - not Cher, not Madonna, not even Penelope Cruz, it's a girl, whose beauty has long been blinded by all the surrounding men. Meet - Lena!
Again fanfare, the guests applauded, the music stops, the birthday girl does not appear, one of the guests takes the lead 2 note.

PRESENTER 2: Well, handed a note from the birthday girl, says that we can not really imagine it - so it is not released, and the promised fee pay only half!

PRESENTER 1: No, it does not matter now since I will try your best!
It sounds much fanfare (possible from the music to the program, "What, where, when")

Ladies and gentlemen, ladies End gentlemen, please welcome! Clever, beautiful, activist, and just a wonderful girl, our birthday girl - Elena! And you know, if earlier, before I knew it, we could simply say: "Meet", today this extraordinary moment when I think I met myself. (He goes to open the door, in which the birthday girl will now)

Guys are leading both sides open their doors birthday girl, gave her his hand, introduced into the hall.

PRESENTER 2: Your applause of our birthday girl!

Birthday Girl: Hello dear friends! Glad and happy to see all of you in this beautiful hall. I invite you all for a festive table.
The first toast
PRESENTER 1: Well, the holiday seems to have begun.
PRESENTER 2: Wait, celebration of a girl can not begin without first toast to the chief man of her life.
Thus, the right to declare the first toast and open festival granted beloved birthday girl ____
(you can use your favorite poems birthday)

PRESENTER 1: Dear (the birthday girl's husband), it is seen that a woman, and then to the wedding - it's two completely different person. And one and the same female phrases before and after the wedding, they sound quite different? Do you agree?
PRESENTER 2: You have a chance to see this.

Preparing a pre-printed card "before the wedding", "After the wedding", put them in order, respectively, on two trays. Cards "before the wedding" is awarded to the husband of the birthday girl, "After the wedding" - the most the birthday girl.

PRESENTER 1: So before the wedding ...
Husband birthday girl (reading the card): "I'm all yours."
PRESENTER 2: But after the wedding ....
Birthday Girl (reads your card): "Now you're mine!"
PRESENTER 1: Before the wedding ...
Birthday Girl (reads your card): "You have such a machine."
PRESENTER 2: And after the wedding:
The husband of the birthday girl (reading the card): "We have such a machine."
PRESENTER 1: Before the wedding ...
Husband birthday girl (reading the card): "Nothing, nothing, my dad will pay for the wedding."
PRESENTER 2: After the wedding:
Birthday girl (read your card): "Have you forgotten, whose father has paid for the wedding?"

PRESENTER 1: we applaud our protagonists. And no matter what, I want to wish the family climate in your family it has always been clear as a summer's morning, and warm, like the Crimean wind.
TOAST parents
PRESENTER 2: Here, incidentally, we reminisced about my father and mother, who, in all probability, would have to pay for the wedding. Let us, by your applause, invite them to propose a toast to his daughter.

PRESENTER 1: You know, I was driving in the bus today, I read an ad in the newspaper, and I realized that behind the text, you can determine who the author - a man or a woman.
PRESENTER 2: I wonder how?

PRESENTER 1: Well, for example one of them. "Buy an apartment, or exchanged, or is it selling, but not exchanged." What do you think, who wrote this announcement: a man or a woman?
PRESENTER 2: One hundred percent - it's a woman!

PRESENTER 1: Of course, and here is another: "Buy a car, unbeaten, unpainted, honestly, honestly!"
PRESENTER 2: It is also - woman.

PRESENTER 1: And here: "Buy spinning."
PRESENTER 2: Well, it is - just a man.

PRESENTER 1: You did not listen to "Buy spinning, or throw him to hell!"
PRESENTER 2: Well, then it is classified - female.

Toast of godparents
PRESENTER 1: Here is another: "Happy birthday beloved goddaughter"

PRESENTER 2: I guess that is classified - by godparents to our birthday girl, give him the floor!
(you can use birthday cards goddaughter)

A toast to the birthday girl

PRESENTER 1: Many years ago, in a fairy-tale country lived a magician who could turn the most beautiful women in pearls, is then converted into an eagle, and wearing a pearl necklace is proudly hovered in the sky. But one day there was a storm, and the eagle necklace scattered around the world. And now reveal the secret: today - a holiday of the most beautiful pearls of this collection. Your applause birthday girl, let's raise our glasses and drink to her health.

Toast "For the beauty of the birthday girl"
HOST 1: Let's you try to lay down a portrait of the ideal woman.

PRESENTER 2: Well, firstly, it must be a blonde
PRESENTER 1: Why just blonde, brunette and not, for example?
PRESENTER 2: You asked about the ideal woman.
PRESENTER 1: Well, all right, but there is, well, what is the blonde?
PRESENTER 2: You see, we're due blonde, almost fell out!

PRESENTER 1: And in my opinion, the ideal woman - is the one that is always different, and it does not matter, brunette or blonde.
PRESENTER 2: I guess you mean our birthday girl, which, no matter what, so quickly change their images, and in each of them - it is beautiful. Let us drink to the beauty of our birthday girl!

The game "Get to know your"
HOST 1: Tell me, then, that we, men without women do? Who, for example, loves us, fed and clothed?

PRESENTER 1: Who educates children?
PRESENTER 1: Who warns against bad deeds?
PRESENTER 2: The police.
PRESENTER 1: Acceptable ... But who creates comfort in the home, clean and tidy?
PRESENTER 2: Who's who - Vacuum cleaner. Well - a woman with a vacuum cleaner.
PRESENTER 1: It's funny. But tell me, you'll be able to find his wife in a thousand?
PRESENTER 2: Of course. What for?
PRESENTER 1: Dumb question, in the hall of your wife ...
PRESENTER 2: Sorry, did not think, will continue.
PRESENTER 1: I now call for the competition our birthday girl and ten girls.

Girls are seated on chairs, hands - on his knees.

PRESENTER 2: welcome to us the birthday of her husband. His task - to blindly hand the girls to know who among them was his favorite.
The husband of the birthday girl, in turn, goes to the girls. Girl shake hands with him. The husband should know his wife's hand.

PRESENTER 1: Of course, we knew that the contest was a happy end endom. Therefore, we propose a counter play. He does know the birthday of her beloved husband leg?
PRESENTER 2: Please go to our five men. Birthday girl blindfolded.

Participants-men sadim on the chairs, please raise one leg, exposing the ankle. Birthday girl, blind, should determine the pace of her husband.

PRESENTER 1: Well, you guys once again convinced us all that You are a perfect match.

Game - compliments

PRESENTER 1: Now - intellectual contest. In the center are invited seven of the wisest men.
PRESENTER 2: So, dear participants, as we know, women love with their ears. All we know that our birthday girl has a lot of advantages.

PRESENTER 1: Therefore, your task - to give our compliments to the birthday girl, who meet certain letters. So, to understand the letter.
Cooking on a tray card with the letters "U", "D", "C", "K", "H", "L", "P", distribute to each participant in the letter.

PRESENTER 2: The problem of participants - in turn, called the largest number of compliments that start with that letter.

PRESENTER 1: Let's start with the participant number one. He has the letter "U".
So, in turn, leading approach to each participant, who calls the appropriate compliment the game speeds up, wins the one who will come up with the highest number of beautiful words.

The contest "Attentive husband"
HOST 1: Looking at our birthday girl, for some reason I want to talk about love. Let us recall the vivid images of couples - duets, which symbolize a wonderful feeling: Romeo and Juliet, Othello and Desdemona, Ruslan and Lyudmila ...
PRESENTER 2: Yes, Masha and the Bear.

PRESENTER 1: Well, in some way - so! Keep your logic: fife and pitcher, Molotov and Rebintrop can transfer indefinitely, but I will not, not, yet all-call and another equally familiar and unique duo - our birthday girl (name) and her beloved husband (name)

PRESENTER 1: We invite them to the center of the hall

PRESENTER 2: Tell me, dear (husband), well you know your wife? Now we have to see this. We will ask you questions, you answer them. And then listen to the version of your wife.

Pre-cook player with headphones and loud music that suits the birthday girl. The Game: Leading asking questions to her husband, he is responsible, then remove the headset with the birthday girl, and listen to her version. As a rule, it is not the same version - turns funny and fun.

• What weight birthday girl was born, and at what time?
• What day of the week was the happiest day of love for you?
• What is your shoe size woman?
• And her mother?
• Who is the sign of the zodiac, in a year on the eastern calendar was she born?
• What are the favorite color of his wife?
• What is the show she looks?
• What is your favorite website?
• What is the subject of the institute studied the specialty?
• As a general rule, at what time to go to bed?
• What ringtone is standing on her phone when you call her?
• What kind of drink she prefers?
• What is your best quality it attracts?
• What are her dearest wish?
• How long you will be able to kiss her now?

PRESENTER 1: Let's applaud the beautiful couple and wish them to learn each other like an interesting book.

Birthday cake
PRESENTER 2: Now, dear friends, a birthday cake on our birthday girl!

Sounds pretty festive tune into the hall are imported cake with candles. You can organize the effects of falling leaves of roses - out very nicely. Birthday girl blows out the candles.

ФИНАЛЬНЫЕ СЛОВА сценария дня рождения женщины 30-35 лет, праздничный фейерверк
ВЕДУЩИЙ 1: Искренне желаем, чтобы ваша звездочка счастья в ночном небе, как и этот праздничный салют, освещали радостный путь жизни нашей именинницы,

ВЕДУЩИЙ 2: а стрелы Амура постоянно беспокоили прицелом ее сердце. Ура имениннице!!!!

[Назад к содержанию]

Прикольный сценарий день рождения женщины


Прикольный сценарий дня рождения в домашних условиях для девушки любого возрастаЛучшая подруга заслуживает незабываемого дня рождения. Сценарий «В огонь и в воду» позволит сделать праздник ярким и интересным. Проведите день рождения вместе с дорогим человеком.

Смотри еще:  Как правильно позировать. Секреты отличных фотографий



  • Особенности организации дня рождения лучшей подруги
  • Что вам еще обязательно надо прочитать:
  • Смешные конкурсы на день рождения взрослого человека

Подарите ей массу позитивных эмоций используя наш прикольный сценарий дня рождения женщины.

Особенности организации дня рождения лучшей подруги

Как организовать день рождения лучшей подруги?Необходимо создать живой коридор из гостей торжества. В руках участников должны быть воздушные шары и различные хлопушки.

В момент появления именинницы необходимо включить соответствующую музыкальную композицию.

Встретить виновницу торжества нужно бурными аплодисментами и криками поздравления. После этого ведущий должен сказать поздравительные слова. Теперь гости могут сесть за стол. Виновница торжества должна быть в центре стола.

Первый тост должен быть за неё и звучать примерно так:

С моей подругой мы пройдем огонь и воду,
С ней мы даже в самую плохую погоду.
Она не подруга, а настоящий боец,
И всегда она молодец!
Сейчас мы выпьем за тебя,
Дорогая ты моя!

После этого подруге вручается орден «В огонь и воду». Вручает орден капитан женской гвардии, которую необходимо предварительно одеть в специальную форму. Капитаном может быть как лучшая подруга, так и любой другой из гостей.

— Почему пьем и меня не зовем? Смирно! Быстро наливаем бокалы и залпом за виновницу торжества! Ать- два!

— У меня очень серьезное задание. Мне необходимо оценить ситуацию, провести испытание, а затем наградить.

Далее капитанша зовет виновницу торжества в центр и говорит:

-Чтобы получить орден, необходимо выполнить задания. В первую очередь нужно зайти в дом в огне. После этого остановить коня на скаку, а напоследок – принять поздравления.

Итак, чтобы провести испытание, нужен дом и огонь. Теперь ведущей необходимо выбрать четыре парня и две девушки. Лица женского пола будут избой, а мужского – огнем.

В то время, как женщины поднимают руки вверх и изображают крышу, парни в ярких париках изображают огонь. Как только музыка включается, парни начинают двигаться вокруг девушек и не пускать именинницу в дом. В такой суматохе не так-то просто попасть в избу, но именинница с легкостью проходит это испытание.

Следующее задание – остановить коня. Нужно подобрать два парня, на которых впоследствии наденется костюм лошади. После небольшого танца именинница должна оставить коня. После этого капитанша вручает орден и снова читает поздравление.

Имениннице торжественно вручают подарки и устраивают дискотеку. Но на этом праздник не заканчивается. Ведущая проводит несколько конкурсов, которые не дадут заскучать.

Смешные конкурсы на день рождения взрослого человека

Какие смешные конкурсы актуальны на день рождения?Как прикольный сценарий дня рождения женщины с конкурсами можно разбавить новыми идеями? Смешные конкурсы идеально подходят для компании взрослых людей на день рождения.

Победителям желательно преподнести поощряющие призы. Участвовать в конкурсах могут все желающие.

    1. Лучший стриптиз. В этом конкурсе должны участвовать две пары, но могут и больше. Мужчины должны войти в роль шеста, а девушки исполнять красивый романтический танец. Победителя выбирают гости.
  1. Готовим вкусный ужин. В этом конкурсе также необходимо выбрать несколько пар. Мужчинам опять не придется ничего делать, а если быть точнее, просто сидеть на стуле и не двигаться.Девушки же должны украсить их едой, которая есть на столе. В итоге у мужчин может оказаться банан на голове и петрушка на ушах.В данном конкурсе нужно постараться не испачкать одежду мужчин.
  2. Паровозики. Могут принимать участие все гости. Включается заводная музыка, и гости праздника начинают передвигаться змейкой. Ведущий должен указывать направление (влево, вправо), а участники передвигаться так, как сказали.

День рождение может закончиться фейерверком.

[Назад к содержанию]

Сценарий дня рождения женщины 55 лет


Встреча юбилярши.

Дорогие друзья! Уважаемые гости!
Спешу вам сообщить, что сегодня вы пришли не просто на праздник, а на юбилей вашей знакомой, подруге и родственницы – (имя юбилярши).
Сегодня ей исполнилось, знаете, про возраст женщин не принято говорить вслух, так что пускай это будет небольшой секрет, который известен каждому из вас.
А сейчас я прошу вас выбрать по одному воздушному шарику, любого цвета. Выбрали? Так, давайте посмотрим. Ну что я могу сказать – вы все выбрали такая яркие, такие радужные цвета, что мы не вправе откладывать начало праздника. И поэтому — мы начинаем!

Сценарий юбилея 55 лет женщине. Прикольный сценарий, готовый к проведению

Гости рассаживаются за столы.

Все уселись? А вы знаете, зачем вы сюда пришли и что будете делать? Да, правильно – мы пришли веселиться и праздновать прекрасную дату нашей знакомой. И чтобы не нарушать правила, позвольте зачитать устав сегодняшнего вечера. Па после вы каждый его подпишите и отдадите юбилярше на хранение.

Устав вечера:

Сценарий юбилея 55 лет женщине. Прикольный сценарий, готовый к проведению

Что ж, раз устав подписан, то самое время начать его исполнять. У всех налиты рюмки? Тогда первый тост за… но сначала небольшое отступление.
В одном замке жила царевна. И пришли к ней свататься три жениха. Каждый из них должен был провести ночь с царевной. После первой ночи спрашивают царевну – ну как? Она отвечает – так себе. И первого жениха посадили в тюрьму. После второй ночи спрашивают – ну как второй? Да так себе – отвечает царевна. И его в темницу кинули. После третьей ночи спрашивают – ну а сейчас? А сейчас божественно! – сказала царевна и расцвела! Но третьего всё равно кинули в темницу. За что – возмутился он – ведь все было божественно?! А за компания – сказали остальные.
Ну, догадались за что наш тост? Да, за нашу веселую и дружную компанию за этим столом!

Друзья! Мы с вами общаемся, уже вроде как и выпили, но ведь ещё толком не познакомились. Исправим ситуацию? Отлично. Только я предлагаю вам познакомиться на индийском языке. Знаете, что у индейцев нет имён, как у нас. У них что-то вроде прозвищ. Вот у меня есть таблица прозвищ индейцев, давайте попробуем с её помощью познакомиться.

Тут вам поможет вот такая таблица:

Сценарий юбилея 55 лет женщине. Прикольный сценарий, готовый к проведению

Как видите, на ней есть прозвища, которые обычно дают индейцы друг другу. Пользоваться ей легко, и вы проведёте этот блок так, что все гости будут смеяться от души.

И так, мы познакомились в шуточной форме, посмеялись, а теперь давайте знакомиться по-настоящему. И опять сделаем это в игровой форме, только уже в танцевальной.

Блок – знакомство с гостями.
Для этого блока вам надо заранее сделать нарезки песен, где есть имена. И включать их по очереди, а гости, когда услышали песню со своим именем, выходят в центр. Чтобы они не просто выходили, скажите, что за самый лучший и оригинальный выход они получат подарок.
Примеры песен с именами:
— Розовые розы Светке Соколовой.
— Наташа, Наташа, ты моё сердце и душа.
— Колян танцует лучше всех.
И так далее. Песен с именами огромное количество, просто надо заранее знать имена гостей, чтобы приготовить нужные нарезки.

После того, как все вышли, устраиваем танцевальную паузу, и немножко играем.

И так, мы все на танцполе. И сейчас самое время показать, кто и как танцует. Для этого я разделю вас на две команды: справа команда старшего поколения (кому за 40 лет). А слева команда нового поколения (те, кому до 40 лет).

Музыкальный конкурс – битва поколений.

Сперва включается музыка из 80-х и под неё танцуют те, кому за 40. Потом включается современная песня и танцуют те, кому до 40 лет. Так делается раза 3, после чего объявляется ничья и включается заводная песня (например, ламбада) и все вместе танцуют.

А теперь у меня для вас сюрприз. Мне сообщили, что к нам в гости прошёл почтальон Печкин! Давайте встретим его!

Выходит Печкин.

Здравствуйте Печкин!

Добрый вечер. Я принёс вам телеграмму от самого (показывает пальцем вверх), но только я вам её не отдам. И не потому, что у вас документов нет, а потому, что вы все пьяные!

Так у нас юбилей, как нам не быть пьяными?

Нет, мне по инструкции не положено таким как вы телеграммы от самого (снова показывает пальцем вверх) отдавать.

Стой, Печкин. Раз уж пришёл, то садись с нами. Выпей за юбиляршу. Посмотри, какая она красивая!

Это можно, с дороги я устал немного.

Печкин садится за стол и ему наливают и дают зкуску.

Ну что, Печкин, веселее стало?

Да, намного лучше. Ладно, подобрел что-то я, отдам вам телеграмму.

Вручает ведущему вот такую телеграмму:

Сценарий юбилея 55 лет женщине. Прикольный сценарий, готовый к проведению

Вот спасибо тебе, Печкин. Давайте я её зачитаю.

Ведущий зачитывает телеграмму от Путина и отдаёт её юбилярши.

После такого подарка надо обязательно выпить!

Все гости выпивают.

Все знают сказку про золотую рыбку? А вы бы хотели поймать такую же золотую рыбку, которая исполнит три ваших желания? Тогда давайте её ловить.

Игровой блок – золотая рыбка.
Для этой игры вам надо заранее сделать и вырезать из картона рыбок. Они все одинаковые, можно сделать их разными и раскрасить. Но только одна рыбка будет золотой (она должна быть желтого цвета или выделяться от остальных). Всех рыбок складываем в мешок. И каждый гость по очереди вынимает по одной рыбки. Кто вынул золотую рыбку, тот побеждает, и у него есть право на три желания. Но так как сегодня юбилей, то все три желания будут посвящены нашей юбилярше.
Желания для юбилярши.
Тут вам снова надо сделать карточки, на которых будут написаны желания. Тот, кто вынул золотую рыбку, вынимает три карточки с желаниями.
Примеры желаний для карточек:
— пусть самый близкий родственник юбилярши скажет красивый тост.
— пусть (сын. Дочь) юбилярши скажет тост в честь своей мамы, и в этом тосте три раза будет встречаться слово – юбилей!
— пусть юбилярша выберет любой предмет со стола и оставит его себе на память об этом празднике.
— пусть мои соседи слева, и справа по столу хором споют поздравительную песню.
— пусть каждый гость подойдёт к юбилярше и обнимет её.
— хочу, чтобы все громко прокричали: поздравляем!

И так далее, можете придумать много желаний.
В общем, после вынуто карточки исполняется желание, и так три раза.

Что-то мы заскучали. А не пора ли нам попеть?

Песня переделка на мотив песни – голубой вагон бежит качается.

Сценарий юбилея 55 лет женщине. Прикольный сценарий, готовый к проведению

А теперь с прошу посмотреть на юбиляршу. Правда она хороша?! Да, и сейчас мы в этом ещё раз убедимся. Я прошу нашу юбиляршу выйти в центр. Посмотрите на неё – красивая, стройная, неповторимая и… да что я говорю, пусть сама юбилярша всё скажет.

Юбилярша читает текст и показывает всё это артистично.

Сценарий юбилея 55 лет женщине. Прикольный сценарий, готовый к проведению

Отлично! Вы согласны сов сем, что прочитала юбилярша? Тогда давайте поднимем рюмочки и снова выпьем за нашу юбиляршу!

Время летит быстро и пришла пора прощаться. Но мы скоро вновь увидимся. Ведь не за горами новый юбилей! До встречи!

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