Remember the Hollywood film "Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere in the title role, where paintings hero tries to solve the problems in his personal and professional life through dance. And he succeeds! Interestingly, this is not just a movie.


Dancing - it's a completely different world with its own rules and subtleties ... At least, this is a good way to relieve stress after a hard day's work and getting vivacity charge: on the job you are working on documents, contracts, tasks your superiors and subordinates.

During the dance classes you focus only on how to properly perform the movement and keep up the rhythm. When the composition is mastered, you just enjoy the music and your performance.
In short, even if dancing does not come across before - should not be afraid. In addition, almost all the dance schools you can attend the first trial lesson and just see what it is and what it, so to speak, dance.

Many dance fans do not even know what a positive impact dancing has on their bodies. Dance classes burn calories, improve circulation, increase vitality, strengthen muscles, and even improve heart. As a result - increased endurance and flexibility all parts tela.Tantsy improve posture, balance and concentration.

A visit to the ballroom - a good way to make new friends, communicate with people and deal with loneliness. In addition, dance classes helps release endorphins and help you feel well.

Strip plastic - it's a beautiful dance, which with the help of plastic and graceful movements of the body allows you to express your feelings and emotsii.Strip plastic serious type of dance that includes classical choreography, stretching, fitness, fashion show elements and other elements of modern dance, also it includes psychological work to eliminate self-doubt.

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Beautiful curves of your body and its bright, spectacular moves in the breathtaking dance, leaving a delightful impression of you as an assertive, independent and beautiful woman. You will feel the ease and flexibility after a few sessions strip of plastic. Warm-up, stretching, dance moves to the music teach a woman to feel your body.

Strip plastic fits all, because the ideal figure is not the main requirement for a beautiful dance. On the contrary, perfectly executed dance elements will help you show off your strengths and hide their weaknesses.


Let your dancing will leave unforgettable impressions!

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