1. bachelorette party in a sauna

How to spend a bachelorette party in a sauna

Wedding on the nose? It's time to plan a bachelorette party and it is desirable so that there is something to remember. Options, of course, a great multitude: a table in a cafe, an unforgettable party in the club, theme nights and much more, just enough to include fantasy.

But if you want to relax and get away from problems, but the soul needs rest in a purely female company, the best choice for you will be a sauna. Here you can not only warm up with friends, pamper your body, go for a swim in the pool, but also make a whole meal. It is enough to book a table, alcoholic drinks and various snacks. Some saunas are even TVs, microwaves and refrigerators.

When planning a bachelorette party this option, first of all, you need to choose a good sauna. To begin to carefully examine the range of services provided by the administration. And, on this basis, we can make the best for you a set of procedures. Take the time to visit the interesting saunas to evaluate interiors. Today they tend to develop designers, so choose from what will. You met a nice atmosphere, comfortable and stylish furniture and good lighting? Congratulations, you have found what you need! Now make sure that the sauna conforms to all hygienic requirements and can ring up friends.

You want a lot of impressions and memories for a lifetime? Well, memorable surprise in the form of a stripper nice dilute your sorority. However it is better to leave such entertainment without the knowledge of the groom. In the excitement of such a peculiar joy of his bride, he just will not come. But this is not a unique guide to action. How to spend a bachelorette party in the sauna you decide based on your beliefs, desires and fantazii.Nu And finally, a couple of tips when planning a bachelorette party:

1. If you want to be fresh and rested on the wedding day, the event was held a few days before the wedding.

2.Big error will prompt women of all ages. You agree that aunt Glasha hardly likely to appeal to a noisy party club, and your girlfriends get bored during intelligent conversation over a cup of tea. Therefore, it is desirable to divide a bachelorette party in two and give enough attention to each side separately. In any case, the decision is yours.

2. PARTY in the sauna

One of the most popular holiday destinations of the citizens of our country has long been a bath or sauna. It was in the steam room are increasingly conducted informal party for birthday, anniversary, get any awards. Even the children's holidays began to spend in the baths. The thing is, that the sauna helps to emancipation. When a person minimum of clothing, and then less and less shy, and the conversation is fun. However, if the next campaign of friends warm up it is far from ordinary, and do not want the whole evening just to drink beer and chat, you need to think about the competitions and other entertainment. The easiest way, of course, sit in the steam room for a while. Who is the most enduring - and the winner, but there are plenty of other, more unusual ways to make the evening less weary.

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Since the conversation turned to the beer, it is impossible not to mention the competitions with the participation of this divine drink. But in that case reserved the nectar of the gods need to complete. The most banal, but no less fun competition - who drink more beer for a certain period of time, such as three minutes. Or you can put in front of each member of a liter of beer and start the timer. Who would drink first - the winner.

If you want a competition with beer complicate should be reserved props. For example, a scarf and a cocktail stick. With props especially good to play in a mixed, rather than a purely male company, so easy to share in the team. Moreover, every man party cheerleader may appear that only contributes to inflame passion and competitive spirit. So, we have a beer, have scarves and have ducts. Every man party eyes fastened thereby scarf in hand given tube, and a beer bottle is placed somewhere in the break room. The meaning of the competition comes down to the fact that with closed eyes you need to find a bottle and a straw to drink its contents. And all this is done at the time. Participants naturally stumble upon each other, cheerleaders shout, so that the atmosphere turns very dashing and daring. Who first found and drank beer, every drop, he is done.

Be sure to come up with prizes for the winners and punitive measures for those who are not trying. Practice shows that the most fun of penalties is a simple shot of vodka. Lagging is rapidly converted to the amusement of the entire company. The subjects more interesting prizes. If the company is a purely male, you can stock up the elite cigars or pipe tobacco for hookah and other things that can be eaten on the spot. Prize "beer" is not recommended for fast drinking beer - lost sense of triumph. If present in the steam room only their own, you can stock up crowns and medals with funny pictures. This prize will only fun and excitement into a heated atmosphere.

While hiking in the bath itself seriously is not different, it is more needed in order to maximize relaxation for harsh men, there are several major competitions. If Silushka hits over the edge, and to arrange a fight reluctance is simply to fight on their hands. That is to arrange an impromptu arm-wrestling championship. To give the solemnity of the moment, you can prepare in advance of the championship circuit and fill it out as you go to the finals. It is possible to stretch the game for the whole evening: warm up - beer drank - the circle of struggle - to warm up, and so on. Champion, of course, will need to give the champion a broom or a massage, or something even more piquant to struggle was sharper.


As a rule, most of the baths has a billiard room, and you can find and table hockey, or ping-pong in some institutions. It's no secret that men do not feed bread - Give to compete. Some of the bath just for the sake of billiards and go. For just such sports enthusiasts billiards championship will be the most excellent entertainment. And if to warn that the winner on his knees prettiest stripper lap dance will dance (at the expense of other participants), the fight breaks out serious.

If the bath has a company very well, youth sports, even the props for tenders is not required. Guys can do push-ups or press to swing a race. A girl may well jump on the rope or on the range. After a couple of glasses of drink this holiday seems very cheerful. If the bath complex has a swimming pool, it is necessary to swim speed. And it is pleasant and healthy. Still it is possible to compete in singing, because karaoke is always at hand, so that those who certainly there.

Competitions with the materials at hand

There is such a wonderful children's game - twister. We it is not very common, it is best known from American movies. Twister looks like a white box with colored circles. The kit also comes roulette, spinning that, find out what kind of a hand or foot on the circle of colors deliver. In the US, for this toy for a long time the reputation of adult entertainment. Twister is often used on picnics and all kinds of party. And in the sauna competitions with a field of colored circles are even greater poignancy. Participants something almost naked. That is, inevitably someone shy and saved, but it only makes the competition more interesting. The winner, of course, the one who will be the most pliable and flexible. Besides the fact that such competition is very funny, he makes it clear how a person can get out of the most complicated situations in the literal sense.

Although mothers often say kiddies "do not play with your food" in the sauna I want to say quite the opposite. suit contest "Delicious body art" for corporate parties and swashbuckling stag-hen parties. For him, you need to stock up on cream in cans, chocolate and some even colored syrup. It is desirable that the ingredients are well washed. Contest rules are simple: you have to break up into two-person teams (man-woman) and created with delicious sweets evening on each other (masquerade, ball) suit. If participants - people without hesitation, the girl can play top loess.

"Delicious body art" uses the wildly popular among young people, because the most untethered resolved at the end of the competition to try Honey suit. But it is only after the completion of the competition program. The meaning of the game comes down to the fact that for a certain time, say 30 seconds or 5 minutes, it is necessary to draw clothes. A honorable jury will choose the winner. Although it is possible to arrange a secret ballot, then all will be able to play. Even better - choose the king and queen of the ball pair. Here the crown for the winners will be more than appropriate. If the company is really friendly, a team no prudes and hypocrites, the fun heats the blood very well.

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As the saying goes, the farther into the woods, the thicker the guerrillas. And contests with bath, the closer the matter to a close, the more relaxed become members. The more otvyaznoy party became, the more daring of the game can be carried out. We all know that men are crazy about the contest of wet T-shirts, but not so often fall on him, as we would like. But in an environment of steam this omission may well be correct, the main thing - that the girls were not against and T-shirts were. Prudent organizers should stock up in advance a few thin tee shirt or T-shirts with funny slogans to the game does not become a bad joke.

Hold a contest of wet T-shirts may be different. The easiest option and naughty - girls just jump into the pool and emerge from it in ready to participate in a game. So man will be able to watch as the girls naughty and lovely lady plenty narezvyatsya in the pool. The competitive part of the owner is to select the most beautiful "wet T-shirts." To prolong the pleasure and make it more refined, you can offer the ladies do not jump in the pool, and perform an erotic dance with a bottle of water. At the end of the shirt have to become wet. In this version of the game is estimated not only the parameters but also the skill of the dance performance. The fact that the strong half of humanity will be delighted, you can not mention. The main thing - as a party to the ladies, too, wanted to play a little liberated.

At the very, very many people, a sauna, is associated with a sensual pleasure, for example, with a striptease. Therefore striptease contest - a jewel of the collection bath games. Here it may be involved and the guys and girls. The main thing - to bring a selection of appropriate music and to prepare the site. Competition can be divided into several stages, to be sure all danced. And in the end determine the winners by secret ballot.

There is another option striptease contest, which invites for a professional dancer or a dancer, or both. A sense of fun - repeat for all the pro motion. Entertainment turns massive and incredibly funny. This kind of master class not only amuse the guests, but also allow a little to gain experience. If a party is planned immediately from the strip-class should warn guests to grab some sexual things that you can do an impromptu costume. For such clockwork games should attend and juicy prizes, including comforting. It is an appropriate gift for the winner of the event will be a paid trip to the strip bar. However, imagination have no limits, so go and have fun in the bath to your health!

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