We offer you 10 amazing tricks, experiments or research shows that you can make with your own hands at home.
At the bottom of the child's birth, at the weekend or on vacation spend time with benefit and become the focus of the set of eyes!:)

In preparation for the post helped us experienced organizer of scientific show - Professor Nicolas . He explained the principles that are laid down in a particular focus.

(Total 36 photos + 2 videos)

1 - Lava Lamp

1. I'm sure many of you have seen the lamp, which in a simulated hot lava. It looks magical.

2. The sunflower oil is poured into water and added to a food dye (red or blue).

3. Then add an effervescent aspirin in a vessel and there is a striking effect.

4. In Reaction colored water rises and falls smoothly, without mixing with them. And if you turn off the lights and turn on the flashlight - will begin "real magic".

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "Water and oil are of different density, also have the ability to not be confused, as though we were shaking the bottle. When we add into the bottle effervescent tablets, it dissolves in water, begin to release carbon dioxide and cause the liquid to move. "

Do you want to arrange a real science show? More experience can be found in the book "The experiments of Professor Nicolas" .

2 - Experience with soda

5. Surely at home or in a nearby store for a holiday there a few cans of soda. Before you drink them, ask the children a question: "What would happen if the dip cans of soda into the water?"
Drown? Will float? It depends on soda.
Ask the children to pre-guess what happens with some banks and carried out experiments.

6. Take the cans and gently lowered into the water.

7. It turns out that in spite of the same volume, they have different weights. That is why some banks are drowning, and others do not.


Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "All of our banks have the same volume, but the mass of each bank is different, which means that the density is different. What is the density? This value is the mass divided by volume. As the volume of all cans of the same, the density is higher in one of them, whose mass is greater.
Will the Bank to float in a container or sink, depending on the ratio of its density to the density of water. If the density is less than the banks, it will be on the surface, otherwise the bank will sink.
But due to what the bank with the usual cola denser (heavier) than the bank with a diet drink?
All the matter in sugar! Unlike conventional cola, which is used as a sweetener sugar in the diet added a special sweetener, which weighs much less. So how much sugar in the normal bank with soda? The difference in weight between the usual soda and its analogue diet will give us the answer! "

3 - Cover of paper

Ask the audience a question: "What happens if you turn a glass of water?" Of course, it will result! And if you press the paper against the glass and turn it over? Paper falls and the water still spilled onto the floor? Let's check.


10. Carefully cut out the paper.

11. Put on top of the glass.

12. carefully turn over the glass. The paper is stuck to the glass, the magnetization and the water does not come out. Miracles!

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "Although it is not so obvious, but in fact we are in the real ocean, only in this ocean is not water, and air, which puts pressure on all subjects, including you and me, we just already so accustomed to this pressure, which really do not notice. When we serve a glass of water with a piece of paper and turn over, then on the sheet with one hand presses the water and on the other side (from the bottom) - the air! The air pressure was more water pressure in the glass, this piece of paper, and does not fall. "

Even more interesting experiments in the book "ABC of experiments by Professor Nicolas" .

4 - Soap Volcano

How to make a house a little volcanic eruption?


14. You will need a soda, vinegar, a little detergent chemistry dish and cardboard.


16. Dilute vinegar in the water, add washing liquid and coloring all the iodine.

17. wraps all dark cardboard - this is the "body" of the volcano. Pinch of baking soda falls into the glass, and the volcano starts to erupt.

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "The reaction of vinegar with soda there is a real chemical reaction with carbon dioxide. A liquid soap and dye, interacting with carbon dioxide to form a colored lather - that eruption. "

5 - Pump out the candles

Can a candle to change the laws of gravity and lift the water up?


19. Put a candle on the saucer, and lights it.

20. Pour colored water on saucer.

21. Cover with a glass candle. After a while, the water would be lured into the cup against the laws of gravity.

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "What makes the pump? Changes the pressure increases (while water or air begin to "run away") or, conversely, reduces (when gas or liquid is beginning to "arrive"). When we covered a candle burning glass, the candle went out, the air inside the cup is cold, and so the pressure has decreased, so the water from the bowl and began to be sucked in. "

Games and experiments with water and fire is in the book "The experiments of Professor Nicolas" .

6 - The water in a sieve

We continue to explore the magical properties of the water and the surroundings. Ask someone to pull the bandage of the present and pour it over water. As we have seen - it is without any difficulty passes through a hole in bandage.
Argue with others that can make it so that the water will not pass through the bandage without any additional steps.

22. Cut a piece of bandage.

23. Wrap a bandage or a glass of champagne glass.

24. Turn the glass - the water does not come out!

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "Due to such properties of water, as the surface tension of water molecules want to be together all the time and they are not so easy to separate (Here they are wonderful girlfriend!). And if the size of the small holes (as in our case), the film does not tear even under the weight of the water! "

7 - The Diving Bell

And in order to secure for you the honorary title of Magician of Water and The Last Airbender, promise what you can deliver the paper to the bottom of any ocean (or a bath or basin), without wetting it.

25. Let those present will write their names on a sheet of paper.

26. displace sheet of glass to remove it so that it rested in its wall and does not slide down. Immerse in an inverted glass sheet on the tank bottom.

27. The paper stays dry - no water can get to it! Once remove leaf - let the audience make sure that it is really dry.

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "If you take a glass with a piece of paper inside and a close look at it, it seems that there is nothing other than paper, but it is not, it has the air.
When we turn the glass upside "down" and lowered into the water, the air does not get the water to the paper, which is why it remains dry.
By the way, this property is used in a diving bell. "

8 - Flying porridge

After this experience the kids will love more porridge, especially such a magical, flying Hercules.

28. Pour into a bowl of oatmeal and a little inflate a balloon.

29. Rub the ball on his head, uttering the magic words.

30. Bring the ball to porridge and demonstrate how flakes like acquired wings and flown to the ball.

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "In order to deal with the fact, what is the force made our cereal jump, you need to know here is the interesting fact. It turns out, the atoms that make up the all-all-everything else, can have both positive and negative charge. So, with the same charge repel particles and are attracted to different charges. When you potresh bulb of the hair, it becomes negatively charged. Now, if it bring to flakes, a positively charged particle begins to reach for him, and flakes go up, and then fall back! Wow!"

Even more interesting experiments in the book "ABC of experiments by Professor Nicolas" .

9 - Bridge of paper

Can paper be strong, as a bridge?

31. Take an ordinary piece of paper and place it on top of the two glasses. Let children try to put something on top. It sags under the weight of the paper, and the bridge will break.

32. Tell me, now you do this, the bridge of the paper will be so strong, that it can even drive a car (of course, a toy). Fold the paper a few times to make it like an accordion.

33. Now the bridge is ready to withstand the most difficult tests!

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "We had a real engineering work. Bending a piece of paper like an accordion, we have created a so-called ribs, which gives the strength of the whole structure, which allowed the bridge to withstand the weight of even a glass of water! Great! "

Conduct experiments with the professor at the amazing show of Professor Nicolas .

10 - Invisible Ink

How many of the children do not like secrets? Teach them to write each other secret messages. Divide the children into two teams. One will prepare a secret message, and the other - to receive it.

34. SECRET MESSAGE no one should see. To prepare it, you need lemon juice or milk.

35. With the help of a brush, make a message on a piece of paper and let it dry out a bit. Now, adults do not know that there's something written.

36. But it is necessary to warm up a little sheet, for example by means of iron, and the message can be read at once!

Commentary by Professor Nicolas : "When we have a hot iron on a piece of paper, our" ink "just burn and become dark - that's why they are now seen!"

Gratitude for photographic materials and assistance in preparing this article, we thank Professor Nicola. A lot of amazing experiences you will find on his website "Science shows mad professor Nicolas" .
Or you can invite a professor to himself and carry out interesting experiments together. And if you feel the strength, you can buy kits for home runs .

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