It has long been known to all that the expectation of the holiday carries a special charm. Especially if the approaching holiday - New year 2018. This magic can not just sit and wait, you need to prepare for his arrival. And the best preparation - making Christmas crafts with their hands. For crafts include Christmas decorations, made with his own hands, dressing room, courtyard, its threshold or porch. The main thing that was interesting ideas and skillful hands. A few interesting ideas can be gleaned from this article. In this article, we will tell you what original articles on the new 2018 can be made with your own hands.

Beautiful and original Christmas crafts in 2018.

Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands. Here collected a small selection of Christmas crafts you can do with your children. This is a very exciting experience!

"Snow-covered branch," the New Year 2018 with his own hands.

Поделки на Новый год 2018 своими руками
Photo: Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands

White, sparkling sprig can decorate any Christmas table. And this is done very easily. It should pick up a few sprigs of spruce (broken branches always remain in the places where they sold Christmas trees), and drop them in the water - salt solution.

To make the solution, it is necessary to take liter of very hot water 32 tablespoons coarse salt. The salt must be put in a spoonful of water and stir until the salt dissolves. When the salt will not be dissolved, stirring to stop (this means that the salt is sufficient, the solution is saturated and more salt has dissolved).

To this solution was lower branches and leave them to be covered with crystals. Better to do it in a wide bowl that well includes branches. Snaachala crystallization will go fast (in hot temperatures), then when the water cools down more slowly.

After the branches covered with "frost", they need to pull out and hang to dry (best to do this over the tub to dripping water). When the glittering twigs are dry, they can decorate a New Year's table, put in front of a TV or other prominent place.

The same principle can be made sparkling snowflakes.

"Glittering snowflake" hands.

Поделки на Новый год 2018 своими руками
Photo: Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands

Snowflakes frame can be made of rods or wire. However, especially fluffy and beautiful snowflakes are obtained from a special fluffy wire (chenille), but if you can not get a wire, it does not matter, you can tie a wire frame fluffy white thread and a white wool.

By making the carcass should tie a thread - it is ready to be hung decoration.

Once everything is ready, snowflakes frame dipped in water and saline solution, and how to do it is already described above.

"Magic Tree" on New Year's Eve 2018 with his own hands.

Very unusual and beautiful decoration derived from customary small snags, cones, cups of sour cream, clay, foil, glue, beads and silver paint.

Hack is done very quickly and without much effort.

The hardest part of this deletion find a suitable snag. It may simply be bent twig, maybe a branch with a large branching or any other.

Found a branch fastened with clay in the cup from under the cream. Clay will add weight, and then decorated with driftwood will stand firmly on the table.

On a snag or a branch (what was found), paste bumps in the order, which like. The basis is made.

Now we need to start decorating. Silver paint from the spray to spray the entire composition.

Plastic cup and clay can not be painted with paint evenly, so they should just gently wrap foil.

Crafts should be left to dry. After the composition is dry, you need to paste cones plain beads (beautiful on a silver background looks blue or red beads). Magic Tree is ready.

Paint can be not only silver but also white or gold, to choose the master.

Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands for kindergarten.

For kindergarten crafts should be bright and interesting. You can use a variety of toys that the child is already broke and from them there were only a part.

"Baby - New 2018 '.

Very interesting crafts can be done if the house has a broken doll and the baby with her plays.

Of bright cloth (better if it is material- shiny satin, silk) should make a nice bag for newborn (sizes are determined by the size of the doll's head). This bag is not difficult to make, even to someone who does not consider himself a tailor. Bag to decorate with lace. Secure in bags broken doll's head, put on his head a red New Year's cap. Bag rewind beautiful ribbons and sign the "New 2018".

Hack will look brighter, if you decorate a bag of glitter and tinsel.

"Bag of Santa Claus" on New Year's Eve 2018 with his own hands.

Поделки на Новый год 2018 своими руками для детского сада.
Photo: Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands for kindergarten.

For this go the other crafts broken toys.

It is necessary to choose the informative part of the broken toys (not just the tail of the toy proteins, and its muzzle, etc.). Better not take soft toys.

Sew beautiful bag decorate it sparkles, tinsel or beads (for manufacturer selection), the bag fill for foam volume.

In the open part of the bag to attach adhesive tape or parts of toys (as if they fall out of the gift bag), and carefully tie the bag beautiful ribbon.

It should be noted that toys should not be too much and it is better if such toys are not severe.

Video: hack your own hands.


Поделки на Новый год 2018 своими руками для детского сада.
Photo: Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands for kindergarten.

This hack will require adult sewing skills (although complex patterns will not).

The size can be chosen arbitrarily.

two cloth ball need to stitch of white cloth, one smaller and one bigger and wider. Balls stuffed with cotton, foam, or simply unnecessary matter. This will be the head and chest snowman. By the chest sewn two hands (small "bananchiki"), followed by the chest to sew a skirt. The skirt is also made of white material.

On the head need to embroider the eyes in the form of charcoal, mouth, nose and sew-carrot. Be sure to make paper vedro- headdress. Perhaps snowmen are beads on the chest or long cilia of the Christmas tree needles - it only give the originality and fun.

Decorate snowman can be sequins, short-haired "rain", tinsel.

The same principle can be made of any fairy tale character is feminine. If you make a colorful skirt, sew the straps and wear a headscarf, will Alenka, if put on her head a crown, Queen of turn. You should not just feel sorry for the light to decorate, then hack will be Christmas.

"Snowman" on New Year's Eve 2018 with his own hands.

Поделки на Новый год 2018 своими руками для детского сада.
Photo: Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands for kindergarten.

Those who are not familiar at all with a needle, you can make a great hack for the New Year 2018 - a snowman made of cotton and glue.

This will require glue (PVA), cotton wool, toothpicks, paint, paper and imagination.

First you need to, as follows, disheveled wool to a lush state. Then lather hands and roll the three balls and allow them to dry. After the preform dried out, it is necessary to connect them with toothpicks and brush fluff crafts PVA glue (it should be noted that the adhesive to be diluted in a minimal amount of water). Do not forget about nos- it also needs to make a small piece of cotton wool and rub the glue. Hands can be made of thin twigs, or to roll out additional small balls. Even on the wet adhesive should be applied sequins. Once dry the entire workpiece, it is necessary to start to draw. You need to draw eyes, mouth, nose paint.

Complement all crafts need a bucket, which can be glued paper. Perhaps Snowman is not in a bucket, and a knitted hat or a small cap with a scarf - it is necessary to connect the imagination here.

By the same token, you can make a bunny three ball - head, chest and hind legs, forelegs and hind ends of the legs can be made of cotton swabs, broadening roll of cotton, glue the tail, all combine with a toothpick and paint.

Crafts for the New Year 2018 paper.

Of course, those who are interested in origami, and can do wonders without prompting. Today, however, consider a few ideas that do not require a lot of skill.

"Mansion" with his own hands.

Поделки на Новый год 2018 из бумаги.
Photo: Crafts for the New Year 2018 paper.

Fabulous Mansion on the Christmas tree can be done from an ordinary box size. Make it easy and special intricacies are not required. There will only be taken into account some of the subtleties to the house was for real, and New Year's fairy tale.

The box itself - is the foundation of the house. It only remains to glue the roof, but it is worth a little wait.

First in the box should be cut out windows. To do this, raschertit squares on three sides by attics, and on the fourth side, draw a door. Squares need to share a flat in the line to cut with a razor, not only windows, but the shutters. After the windows and shutters are cut, it is possible to proceed to the next step.

On a piece of paper you need to draw little animals - the inhabitants of attics. If you fail to draw, you can cut out the desired figures. The attics are not necessarily live mouse - Norushka Frog -Kvakushka. There may settle and Winnie the Pooh, and Rabbit, and any other little animals.

Cutouts should be glued to the inner walls in the attics "leg", that is, to take a small slip of paper, folded it twice and bent the ends coated with adhesive. One end of the stick to the figure, and the other to the inner wall of the attics. Then it turns out that the figure is inside the house.

Be sure to keep in mind that the figures kleyut next to the windows so that they could see better if "foot" in each figure will be of different lengths, then create a feeling that the figures in the house are at different distances, as happens in life.

Once glued figures, can be glued roof attics (this handle any, so the description will not be).

Fabulous Mansion must be very beautiful, so can the entire body of the house painted in brown (wood imitation), and shutters pasted pieces of white lace. The same lace can be put on the edge of the roof.

The bottom of the house can be decorated with cotton with glue (snow imitation).

Do not forget about the strong thread on which to hang a fabulous Mansion.

After a fabulous home ready, you need to hang it on the tree and into the thread the lamp from the garland, that's when the chamber's begin to live your life the magic and will not leave anyone indifferent.

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Bulk postcard on New Year 2018 with his own hands.

Новый год 2018
Bulk postcard on New Year 2018 with his own hands.

Paper can make a series of bulk cards.

For example, on thick cardboard paste herringbone "on the leg", which will be carved out of green cardboard. Christmas tree stick on all kinds of beads - it will be Christmas balls and edge cards pasted a beautiful braid.

In addition to the Christmas tree can be stick carved beasts, birds, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Decorating cards can be not only a band, but the bows of colored ribbons (they are sold in flower shops), streamer, tinsel.



Crafts based on the "cap."

A photo

A plurality of volumetric crafts can be made of paper, making the basis of the "hood".

The basis of this is simple - a dense sheet of paper twisted sack, edge glued connections and bottom evenly trimmed. It turns out a cone.

Next - a matter of choice. If on top of glue painted head, the back of the cone glue lush colored tail and wings out of paper, turn cock. If you stick your head chanterelle, tail and bent lapki- will chanterelle, etc. You can even make Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.


Garlands New Year 2018 with his own hands.

Photo: Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands

Especially good paper garlands.

Back in the early years in the labor lessons does the chain of colored paper (thin colored stripes glued links and connected to each other), but now is the decoration will, most likely, to decorate the street area.

At home you can make garlands interesting.

"Snowflake" Garland.

Новый год Собаки 2018
Photo: crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands

Cut several identical snowflakes, and glue them in the following order: first, a pair of snowflakes glued together the upper ends, obtained by "cakes", which now need to glue to one another means. Internally, the "cake" is not glued together in the middle.

For extreme snowflakes need glue thread for which will be attached a garland.

After all the snowflakes dry out, should stretch the strings garland and decorate the room.

Especially beautiful garland is obtained when using paper two tonov- one side blue, the other side is white, etc.

Instead of snowflakes can form the shape of Christmas trees cut, while couples will connect the top and bottom, and the middle.

Garland of paper tapes with their own hands.

Photo: crafts for the New Year 2018 with their hands out of colored paper

This garland does not require much effort, and even a lot of time, meanwhile, it looks very original, fashionable and stylish.

Variations in her somewhat, but to do everything on the same principle.

It is necessary to buy paper strips in a flower magazine- they are durable, it is easily done streamers and make beautiful bows. Color may vary.

Take a piece of tape equal to the length of garland, it is the basis. Buy the same balls.

On the basis of attached balls in the following order: Bow from a tape with a flat serpentine, 15 cm ball bow with streamers, balloon, etc. Red bows and streamers would look great with silver balls, but the colors should be chosen on your own.

Another varint - instead of balls you can attach Christmas toys in the form of small animals or icicles.

Another option - you can alternate bows and cut pictures out of paper. It gets more interesting if the bows will alternate with cards and wishes.

Banks to help us

A number of beautiful ornaments can be produced by conventional glass jars. It is worth considering the basic principle of the craft.

Option 1

It is better if you take to the bank is not quite the usual form, it will be more colorful, but the fit and the usual half-liter. On the cover you need to glue small toys (very good fit toys from Kinder Surprise), can be used Christmas decorations or buy special figures in the store. It is better if made a small story - kids near a Christmas tree, a dog with a kitten playing with snow, etc. round figures put snow from the sized wool.

Next stage- poured into the jar with distilled water to dilute it and glycerol special "snowball" (sold in the store). You can add sparkles. If the "snow" falls rapidly, so a little glycerin should increase the dose.

Once the desired consistency is achieved, cover with glued figures (they are upside down), close tightly. Bank flip.

To not have seen the cover, and a souvenir gift to take a final view, the lid edge to be pasted or taped tinsel.

option 2

If there is no "snow" and glycerin can make just a small plot in the same bank, but without water, in this case simply is not "falling snow".

option 3

Very unusually thus possible to produce a lamp. In this case, instead of cans are taken two glasses of smooth glass ina base attached figures. It should not take a toy and gift bows of ribbon, a bunch of beads from artificial pearls, tiny figurines, etc. The base may serve as an ordinary cardboard, cut slightly larger than the diameter Fougeres. Fougeres turned over and covered with the composition. The junction with the base edge of the wine glass can be decorated with beads or lace. An inverted wine glass leg brace put the candle.

option 4

On the walls liter cans (better if it is an interesting form of bank) lacquer or acrylic paint any subject - it could be a winter landscape, silhouettes of ladies in crinolines or just any pattern. In the middle of the banks set the candle.

When the candle is lit, the figure can be seen particularly interesting and even mysterious.

The testicle is not easy, but ...

Eggshell is the basis for a variety of amazing handicrafts. The main thing in this case, cleaning of the shell of the egg and fantasy.

First, be careful egg wash and dry. This is necessary because the shell is covered with a very thin protective film which will hinder smooth finished painting crafts.

In order to make the shell and pour egg, without spoiling the shape, you need to carefully drill two holes with a needle at the opposite ends and blow out the contents. Will remain an empty shell, which is useful for crafts.

"Goldfish" of the eggshell with their hands.

Новый год 2018
New for 2018: crafts with their hands

In addition to the eggshell required patches of beautiful, thin cloth and a small patch of red cloth. It is better, if it is colored organza or tulle. Well, if the hand will be sequins, while fish is incredibly good. Paint, paper, colorless nail polish, glitter, scissors and glue are also necessary.

Of colored fabric to cut the fins and tail. The fabric is not crumbled, and the fins were beautiful, the edges of the fins and tail to paint nail polish and then sprinkle with glitter. Now the edge of the fabric is not obsyplyutsya and fins will sparkle sequins.

Glue the tail and fins in shell glue, let it dry.

From the red tissue cut thin strips about 2 cm long, 0.5 cm wide. Roll each strip into a thin sausage shape and fix the nail polish. While not dried paint, glue these strips in the shape of the mouth to the shell. Fins and lips ready to fish.

Of white paper cut two identical circle 0.7 cm in diameter, it will eye. Black paint to draw eyeballs.

Eyes glued to the shell glue.

After the preform is dry, the fish can be dyed yellow or gold. But more interesting is if the whole body is covered with sequins fish. They will need to carefully stick as is scale. Impose sequins need a tail, moving to the head.

The effect on the result will impress even the most indifferent spectator.

Crafts for the New Year 2018 "Penguin -dzhentlmen".

Фото: поделка на Новый год 2018
Photo: The new hack to 2018

It needs a shell of chicken and quail eggs, paper, paint, glue, scissors.

In this case, the holes of the needles should be made a bit more to match slipped. The match will be joining two eggs -kurinoe and quail. When two shell eggs will be connected, it is necessary to glue paper items (beak, eyes, legs, wings, tail). Paws should be made of thicker paper, because they will keep all the hack.

When the parts are glued, you need to paint a penguin. Head, back and wings are painted black, and the belly is white. On the neck, you can draw a butterfly.

In order that the gentleman had a decent view, it should make a small hat and put on his head a penguin.

Under the wing can shove a cane that is easy to roll out a piece of paper, glue and paint it brown.

"Bullfinch" with his own hands.

«Снегирь» своими руками.
Photo: "Bullfinch" with his own hands.

It is done in the same manner as penguin - glued wings, tail, beak eye. Only made of one egg and paint on -Other.

You can make and another birdie, then for its wings and tail can not stick paper patterns and feathers (they can get out of feather pillows).

"Mouse" with his own hands.

«Мышка» своими руками.
Photo: "Mouse" with his own hands.

The same principle, only glued ears and tail.

Of the eggshell can do a lot of crafts, just that they are truly the New Year, do not regret glitter, sequins, tinsel and other decorations.

Crafts from papier -mashe.

Articles made of papier-mache require great accuracy, the work is tedious, but make them a force to each. And the right material is always at hand.

The mask made of papier-mache hands.

A photo

For those who produces such crafts for the first time, it is better to start with the production of the mask.

Need paper, paste (you can cook from flour or starch), paint, scissors and already finished mask. If there is a fox mask, then it is possible to make a wolf or a dog mask (which is especially important in the New Year 2018 as the year of the Yellow Dog).

Ready purchase mask will be taken as a basis. It needs to fluff sunflower oil, ready to hack removed without problems.

Newspaper to break into small pieces, each piece in the wet paste and apply on a greased surface of the finished mask. It should be applied so that the entire surface was covered. After the first layer is applied, it must be dried.

Further naklyvayutsya other layers on the same technology. Each layer was dried separately. All of these layers need to glue the 4 or 5.

Field of all the layers have dried, the preform can be removed carefully from the mask.

Workpiece be painted white gouache on three times. You can then paint a mask on your own.

Do not forget about the eyes-slot them neatly cut with a razor.

It would seem, why make a mask out of papier-mache, if we have already been finished. But one of the masks can be prepared several masks of papier -mashe can be painted in different ways and even made a mask sure to beautifully decorate.


Symbol of the year 2018 "Dog" with his own hands.

Символ года 2018 «Собака» своими руками.
Photo: Symbol of the year 2018 "Dog" with his hands, step by step

For those who get the mask, you can offer the job more difficult.

You can make a dog. Consider the stages.

For crafts you should choose a plastic toy in the shape of a dog (you can make any toy, then you need to take any toy).

It is advisable that toys were not a lot of fine details. The integrity of the toy, the easier it is to do. Some toys (doll with hands and feet), and is not worth it to make the newcomers. It will further be clear-why.

Toy oiled and on this form is glued pieces of paper, in some dry paste.

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Further, as in the case of a mask, the layer is dried and the subsequent layers are applied.

After all the layers of dried need to take a razor and carefully cut along the resulting shape of the body.

Gently release papier -mashe of toys base.

Received two halves of the dog's body. They must be carefully glued to each other on the falling edge and leave to dry.

After figure dries, it is necessary to impose 3 gouache layer of white paint and only then color pawl at its discretion.


Edible beauty in the New Year 2018 with his own hands.

Be sure to make crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands, which can be eaten.

The most common decoration has long been considered a cookie, decorated with colored glaze. Bake cookies for a variety of recipes, figure cut too different, but the mood of cookies is always joyful.

Christmas cookies.

Вкусная поделка на Новый год Собаки 2018 своими руками
Photo: Tasty hack the New Year of the Dog in 2018 with his own hands

To test need glass flour, sugar, butter and 150 g, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon baking powder and a pinch of salt.

½ part of the cold oil is triturated with sugar, the other part is melted to a liquid state. Then combine a liquid oil with whipped butter and sugar and beat until smooth.

Absorb salt, baking powder, add egg, mix well and pour the sifted flour.

The resulting dough is put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Control dough, roll it in a layer about 0.5 cm thick, cut figures and lay them on the pan.

Each cookie Chipped fork and bake in the hot oven for 5-7 minutes at a temperature of 250 degrees.

To figurines were bright they should decorate the frosting. To do this, you need to take protein and powdered sugar, beat until the peaks of stability, and then divide the mass into several parts. In every part of the added food coloring and fluff cookies.

Recipes may be different, but if there is no baseline, then this will come in handy.




Photo: Making crafts stages

Edible balls can be made from any fruit circular shape.

It is necessary to take the foil (it is better if it is not too thin), cut the foil in the form of a snowflake or a flower.

At the middle of the resulting snowflakes lay Mandarin and connect its ends, as if obvorachivaya Mandarin.

Such balls are conveniently laid in a festive vase, it will be a real Christmas decorations.

If desired, you can hang a homemade ball on the Christmas tree, but then you have to first wrap Mandarin thread and leave the two ends svobodnymi- loops for attachment.

Mandarin is the ball 2.

Beautiful balls obtained from the mandarins, who not only wrapped in foil.

We need to take a few scraps of beautiful materials - satin, organza, nylon, etc. Scraps must be the size of a little less than a napkin.

On a material of nail polish to draw a snowflake and immediately dip it in the finely chopped rain. Prikleyutsya sequins. Of snowflakes around the patches to make a few.

After wrapping material is ready to lay in a tangerine and flap engage its golden cord, tape or ribbon for color paper. These balls can be put in a vase on the table, it is possible to scatter them on the table without a vase, and you can hang on the Christmas tree.

Sweet garland hands.

Photo: Sweet crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands

Of chocolates with a bright, shiny wrapper, you can make delicious garland by tying candy on paper floral tape.

This garland can serve not only as decoration but also as an attribute to the Christmas game (cut candy with eyes closed).

"Funny puppies" on New Year's Eve 2018.

Since the New Year 2018 is the year of dogs, it can be interesting to decorate a chocolate bar.

Chocolate bar wrap yellow paper and glue carefully so as not to be seen cuts.

Visually divide the tile into two unequal parts (upper smaller the lower more) and those parts of the border to designate brown stripe, it will be the collar.

On top of the tile to draw eyes and a muzzle, the upper corner of one tile of wear fused cap christmas red paper (glue to fix it) and the other upper corner of the paint as a needle.

At the bottom of the draw a paw.

Dog ready.

"Pasta decoration."

A lot of crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands can think of different kinds of pasta.

For example, you can make a Christmas tree. First you need to make a foundation - a sheet of thick paper to roll the cone and smooth off the edges.

Starting at the top sticking pasta of different shapes so that it can not see the paper.

Once everything is glued, the glue to dry.

Take the paint in cans (silver, gold, green, white), evenly sprinkle crafts from all sides and let it dry.

Once the paint is dry, the Christmas tree can be decorated with beads, threads of rain, sparkles.

According to this principle can be made lively panels, balloon flower, etc.

Other decorations for the New Year 2018 with his own hands.

Crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands:

"Champagne in a beautiful bottle."

Photo: Sweet garland

For adults it is highly recommended to decorate a bottle of champagne. It turns out such a work of art that can be give as a New Year gift.

To do this, you need to take a bottle of champagne and clear it from the paper labels.

Prepared to decorate a bottle of fir twigs pattern, beads, decorative cords, bulk tape and all that tells a fantasy. All these parts are glued to the glass bottles with glue.

Once the glue dries, spray paint the bottle completely. Especially luxurious look these elegant bottles, if they paint zolotoykraskoy. In the New Year it will look like a bottle in a silver color.

Such decorated bottles obtained so great that no one has thought does not occur, that they have made "artisanal" way.

Balls of yarn by hand.

Photo: crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands in stages

It looks very festive balls, made of yarn of different colors. They made very simple. We need to take an ordinary balloon and inflate it. it is not necessary to inflate too much, it may burst prematurely.

Wrap the ball of colored threads in a single layer (there is no need to wrap tightly, it is necessary that the gaps were visible).

The layer of adhesive and smear thread immediately to wind the next layer.

Such layers may be 2 or 3, according to the manufacturer's request. Each adhesive layer is greased.

Once the ball has found the desired shape with a lumen and dried out, the balloon, which was all the time inside the crafts, you need to pierce and pull through the holes.

Hack ready.

On this basis it is possible to make other crafts. For example, a nest with chicks.

"The nest with chicks."

Ball of yarn is done as described above, but in this case the ball to choose a small, no more than 15 cm in diameter.

The ball glued scissors to cut the hole. At the bottom lay the ball spruce twigs and put a toy bird with chicks. This nest will look good on the Christmas tree.

In this article are just a few ways on how you can make crafts for the New Year 2018 with his own hands. In fact, imagination, ingenuity, and most importantly, the desire to work, will help to make and invent a lot of new, interesting crafts that will please more than one holiday.

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Christmas gifts with his own hands

New Year holidays is located in the list, which tenderly loved not only children but also adults. His look forward and believe that on this day there is something magical and fantastic. The main tradition of this holiday - a gift exchange with loved ones. Someone nice to give gifts to someone on the contrary - to receive, but in any case a matter of choosing a gift, each person is given. Consider  how to make gifts for the New Year 2017 with his own hands .

Unique gifts for the New Year with their own hands

When choosing gifts main task is to find unusual and original gift. Of course, today's stores offer a broad assortment of various interesting things, but there is much more pleasant to make original gifts for the New Year with their own hands.

Christmas photo frame

Photo frame - is a fairly common gift, so it can be giving and New Year's holidays, rejecting doubts. It will always remind you know about your love for him and, of course, pleasing to the eye. Advantages of such a gift in weight, the most important of them - it's simplicity in execution. The frame can be decorated with any decorative elements that seem appropriate.

Новогодняя рамка своими руками

Christmas frame with his hands

 To work need:

  • Any frame;
  • Beads, rhinestones, sequins;
  • Glue;
  • Cardboard or photograph;
  • Nail coating.

 manufacturing principle:

As a basis we can take any frame: wooden, plastic or metal. Furthermore it will be necessary for different beads, rhinestones, glitter, glue and varnish. Of felt need to cut snowflakes, each of their size and color. Also useful for cardboard foundation on which will be written wishes or pasted picture. Glass can be used as desired. By the frame, attach the cardboard base glued to her snowflakes, beads and other decorations. At the end of the work and apply varnish to dry the product. Such a gift will be a pleasant and warm memories for those to whom it is intended.

Other ideas Christmas framework with their own hands:

Подарки на новый год своими руками

Christmas photo frame with his hands

Обычная рамка, обсыпанная блестками - классный сувенир своими руками

Normal frame, sprinkled with sequins - a cool souvenir with their hands

Новогоднюю рамку можно сделать из обычной за 1 минуту, просто приклеив к ней елочные игрушки

Christmas frame can be made of the usual 1 minute, simply glued to her Christmas toys

Подарки на новый год своими руками

Подарки на новый год своими руками

Herringbone with their hands

Homemade Christmas tree - a gift that is sure to please any man. It is unique in that he is able to create a real Christmas atmosphere and a great substitute for a large real spruce. After all, some people do not always manage to put the tree and decorate it.

Порадуйте ребенка, подарив ему маленькую самодельную елочку

Treat the child, giving him a small home-made Christmas tree

 To work need:

  • Paper, drawing paper or cardboard;
  • Tinsel;
  • Small toys;
  • Garland.

 manufacturing principle:

Make such a gift is easy, you just need to take a cardboard or drawing paper. The size of the sheet or the roll depends on how large the tree you want to do. Paper to roll in the shape of a cone and screwed her tinsel, preliminary having to glue. Main tightly wrapping tinsel cone to avoid gaps. Ready to decorate the Christmas tree can be easily small toys or garlands. This will create a real sense of the New Year holiday.

Other options of homemade Christmas firs:

Маленькая елочка - милый сувенир в дополнение к любому подарку на новый год

Little Christmas tree - cute souvenir in addition to any gift for the new year

Поделки из шишек могу стать самым настоящим произведением искусства

Crafts from cones can become a real work of art

Елочку можно сделать из любых подручных материалов, даже пластмассовых ложек

Christmas tree can be done from any available materials, even plastic spoons

Подарки на новый год своими руками

Поклонники минимализма оценят такую елочку

Fans such minimalist appreciate herringbone

А в такую елочку можно спрятать маленький подарок

And in such a Christmas tree can be hidden a little gift

Sweet gifts for the New Year with their own hands

New Year, many associated with sweets. To give or receive as a gift for something tasty and original doubly pleased.

Sweet Christmas decorations

Сладкие подарки на новый год своими руками

Great gift - delicious and edible decorations on the Christmas tree. These cakes will look wonderful as a decoration and will be a great addition to other sweets on the table. These tasty gifts for the New Year with their hands all pleasantly surprised.

 To work need:

  • Butter of good quality;
  • Linden honey;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Cardamom;
  • Egg yolks;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Sugar;
  • Flour;
  • Chocolate;
  • Powdered sugar;
  • Ginger;
  • Carnation.
See also:   beautiful orchids. Contemplate the beauty and enjoy!

 Cooking steps:

  1. 120 g of sugar and ½ part butter packs must be mixed together and heated to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  2. Add to this mixture, 250 g of lime honey and stir.
  3. 20 inflorescences carnations grind.
  4. Add ½ kg of flour, cloves, 2 teaspoons peeled and grated ginger, 3 yolk, 1 tsp cardamom seeds and 2-3 tsp cinnamon.
  5. Then all the ingredients you need to mix and bring to a smooth paste.
  6. Roll seam oak rolling pin to its thickness is not less than 0.5 cm. Molds or glass to cut the desired figure.
  7. For gingerbread making small punctures a cocktail stick.
  8. Bake for 15-20 minutes the product at a temperature not less than 190 degrees.
  9. Then you need to prepare the icing. To this end, 50 g sugar, grind in a coffee grinder. Drizzle a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix well.
  10. Pour gingerbread icing. It is also possible to melt in the microwave oven and 120 g of chocolate cakes dip into it.
  11. Through the holes to be made to reach ribbons decorate cakes.
  12. To achieve vivid colors in the glaze, you can add natural food dyes, such as beet juice and carrot.

Sweet ball on the Christmas tree

Sweet ball on the Christmas tree - a genuine pleasure for real sweet tooth.

Сладкие шары

sweet balls

  To work need:

  • Round tree toy of transparent plastic or glass;
  • Cocoa powder;
  • Powdered sugar;
  • Small candy;
  • Chocolate drops, or pieces of tile;
  • Small marshmallows.

  Cooking steps:

  1. With a transparent ball is necessary to remove the top part, wash it and dry.
  2. Absorb into cocoa powder, powdered sugar and chocolate drops. Mix.
  3. Add small candies, marshmallows.
  4. Wear on the upper part of the ball.

Such a gift can be safely give to friends and family. He will be a great decoration for the Christmas tree, and after the celebration of the contents of the bowl can be poured into a cup, pour boiling water or milk and enjoy the fragrant drink.

Other options sweet Christmas gifts:

Вкусный мешочек от Санта Клауса

Delicious bag from Santa Claus

Снежные печеньки

snow cookies

Только единорогов не хватает!

Only unicorns is not enough!

Мм, какая вкуснятина!

Uh, what yummy!

Сладкие подарки на новый год своими руками

Сладкие елочки из печенья

Christmas trees, sweet biscuit

Symbolic gifts with their hands on the new 2017

You can prepare a gift in the form of the Fire Rooster. This mythical bird in 2017 - a symbol of the New Year. For example, to make an original souvenir in the form of this bird.

4. Символические подарки своими руками на новый год 2017

 To work need:

  • Flour - 200 g;
  • Water - 130 g;
  • Sol - 125 g;
  • Paints;
  • beads;
  • Glue.

In order to make such a souvenir, it is necessary to mix flour, salt and water. From this test, blind rooster: head, beak, eyes, tail, crest. Fasten together all the details of the glue and paint in bright colors. Also on colored rooster can be glued beads for decoration.

Rooster bottle

Turn to cock a bottle of champagne - a constant attribute of the New Year table. Her appearance will delight children and no doubt will surprise adults.

Символические подарки своими руками на новый год 2017

 To work need:

  • Colored paper;
  • PVA;
  • Scissors;
  • Feathers.

Even the first graders will not be difficult to make such an original gift. Of yellow paper to do a cone and cut the wings. Red paper cut out the small details: the beak, comb, eyes. The tail can be made of feathers, but you can also cut out of paper. All parts are glued together, and symbolic original cock-Case for champagne ready.

Красивого петушка можно сделать из обычных пуговиц

Handsome rooster can be made from ordinary buttons

Символические подарки своими руками на новый год 2017

Unusual gifts for the New Year with their own hands

A gift with a real Christmas mood - this tree toy with the photograph. Such a present will be pleased to get to all without exception. After the photo - it's good memories, but in this version it does not leave anyone indifferent.

Необычные подарки на новый год своими руками

 Для работы понадобится:

  • Прозрачный елочный шар;
  • Искусственный снег;
  • Лента;
  • Фотография примерно 5х5.

Для начала распечатайть фотографию. Ее размер зависит от величины самой игрушки. Далее в отверстие игрушки засыпьте искусственный снег и вставьте аккуратно свернутую фотографию. Используя иголку или зубочистку, расправьте фотографию внутри. Привяжите игрушку к яркой ленте, и подарок готов.

Отлично дополнить новогодний интерьер могут снеговики из лампочек. Предложенный подарок на Новый год точно порадует своих новых хозяев, тем более если он был сделан своими руками.

Необычные подарки на новый год своими руками

 Для работы необходимы:

  • Лампочка;
  • Клей;
  • Краска белого цвета;
  • Кисть;
  • Цветная бумага;
  • Маркеры и фломастеры;
  • Лоскутки ткани;
  • Ножницы.

Лампочки для такого варианта можно брать перегоревшие. Для начала их необходимо окрасить в белый цвет и дать обсохнуть. Затем из лоскутков ткани вырезать прямоугольники – это будут шарфы снеговиков. Их следует приклеить на снеговиков. Маркерами и фломастерами можно нарисовать глаза, кармашки, рот и пуговицы, а нос-морковку вырезать из цветной бумаги оранжевого или красного цвета. Маленький улыбчивый гость непременно украсит праздничный стол.

Порадуйте своих друзей необычными новогодними стаканами

Порадуйте своих друзей необычными новогодними стаканами

Необычные подарки на новый год своими руками

Необычные подарки на новый год своими руками

Необычные подарки на новый год своими руками

Необычные подарки на новый год своими руками

Креативные подарки на новый год своими руками

Одарить близких теплом, уютом и частичкой волшебства можно очень просто. Красивый и праздничный подсвечник поможет создать ту самую атмосферу.

Необычные подарки на новый год своими руками

 Для работы понадобится:

  • Клей;
  • Стеклянная ваза, стакан или банка;
  • Белая бумага;
  • Ножницы;
  • Кисть;
  • Свеча;
  • Элементы декора.

Чтобы сделать такой креативный подсвечник, вырежьте из белой бумаги разного размера снежинки. Емкость, которая станет подсвечником, должна быть идеально чистой и сухой. Нужно взять кисть, обмокнуть ее в клей и тщательно нанести его по всей поверхности. Следом приклеить снежинки. После того как снежинки приклеятся, нужно нанести еще один слой клея, чтобы создать неровную текстуру. После этого подсвечник оставить высыхать на 1 день. Далее можно взять бусины или бисер, нанизать их на нитку и обвязать ею подсвечник. Также для этого подойдут яркие ленты. Когда подсвечник будет готов, внутрь необходимо будет поместить свечу.

С чем еще ассоциируются новогодние праздники, так это с шишками. Из них также можно создать оригинальный подарок, который запомнится надолго.

Необычные подарки на новый год своими руками

 Для работы понадобится:

  • Венок из каркаса с диаметром 40-50 см;
  • Зеленая нейлоновая нить;
  • Клей-пистолет;
  • Еловые шишки.

Чтобы соорудить венок из шишек, каркас нужно тщательно обмотать нейлоновой нитью. Его можно сделать самостоятельно из проволоки и поролона. С помощью клея крупные шишки нужно приклеить к моху. Мелкими шишками заполнить пустое место между крупными. Далее следует дождаться, когда венок высохнет, и тогда презент готов.

Перечисленные подарки с инструкцией помогут воплотить в жизнь самые оригинальные и креативные идеи на Новый год. Не стоит бояться сложностей, ведь все намного проще, чем может казаться. Для того чтобы создать универсальный подарок для близких, совершенно не нужно иметь особые знания, достаточно хотеть этого и мастерить его с любовью.

Другие новогодние поделки из шишек своими руками

Новогодние поделки из шишек своими руками

Новогодние поделки из шишек своими руками

Новогодние поделки из шишек своими руками

Новогодняя поделка собака 2018

Новогодние игрушки своими руками на 2018 год

Новогодние трафареты на окна 2018 картинки

В преддверии праздника начинается тщательная подготовка к встрече Нового года. Нужно продумать каждую мелочь, от выбора наряда до украшения своего жилища. Придать сказочную атмосферу помогут новогодние фигурки на окнах, вырезанные из бумаги. Такой вариант декора является одним из самых востребованных, так как практически не требует никаких затрат, а смотрится просто великолепно.

Распространенное название «вытынанка» пришло к нам из Украины. В России декоративное искусство называется «вырезки» и известно еще с древнеславянских времен. Наши предки несколько столетий передавали новым поколениям технику резных узоров из бумаги. Первые глиняные, лубяные, тканевые и кожаные артефакты с изображением фигурок на окнах были найдены еще в 18 веке. Они относятся к трипольской культуре (5 – 3 тыс. до нашей эры). Но здесь есть множество разногласий, так как основная часть историков считают, что искусство более молодо.

Техника вырезания фигурок из бумаги зародилась задолго до этого в Китае – практически одновременно с изобретением бумаги и примитивных инструментов по её обработке. Древние жители Поднебесной вырезали богов и мифических существ, развешивали на окна и двери, чтобы отпугнуть злых духов или придать больше уюта своему жилищу.

Трафареты на окна к Новому году 2018 для вырезания

К нам данная техника пришла только в середине 19 века из Польши и Украины. Почти на 100 лет раньше, вытынанка «перекочевала» вместе с торговцами из Персии в Европу. Наши предки с удовольствием подхватили «вырезалки», украшая ими не только окна на праздники, но и иконостас, печь, стены и пр. Со временем, вырезки даже стали применяться, чтобы сообщить смотрящему человеку в окно о:

  • болезни кого-то из домочадцев;
  • скорой свадьбе;
  • беременности хозяйки;
  • похоронах и пр.

Сейчас вытынанки широко используются на праздники. Можно сказать, что каждый из нас в школе сталкивался с этим искусством, вырезая снежинки для украшения класса перед Новым годом. Особенно бумажные фигурки популярны в семьях с детьми. Молодые мамаши устраивают для своих малышей сказочную атмосферу в детской или гостиной комнате, развивая в них любовь к искусству и народным традициям, воображение и прочие личностные качества.

Сегодня мы научимся делать оригинальные украшения на бумаге формата А4, а также попробуем скачать уже готовые шаблоны для вырезания и распечатать на принтере.

Вытынанка своими руками

Чтобы создать на поверхности стекла настоящую зимнюю сказку понадобятся следующие материалы и инструменты:

Материалы Инструменты
  • офисные листы формата А4;
  • брусок белого мыла;
  • губка, художественная крупная кисть, чистая ткань.
  • канцелярский или строительный нож;
  • ножницы (можно маникюрные с прямым лезвием);
  • ровная кухонная доска или кусок фанеры;

Сначала нужно распечатать на принтере заготовки для вырезания. Если у вас нет копировального устройства, то увеличьте изображение до необходимого размера, приложите лист бумаги к монитору и проведите простым карандашом по контурам.

Внешние части вырезаем ножницами, а внутренние или мелкие – канцелярским ножом, предварительно положив шаблон на ровную деревянную поверхность. Старайтесь, чтобы на бумаге не оставались черные линии от контура. Фигурки будут просвечиваться на окне, поэтому нужно удалить лишнюю обводку.

Более эстетично будут смотреться белые картинки, но если вы желаете разнообразить композицию, то некоторые детали можно разукрасить карандашами или краской. Приклеить вырезки очень легко. Макайте кисть в теплую воду и натирайте брусок мыла. Этот раствор наносится на заготовку, которую нужно сразу приложить к поверхности стекла, пока она не размокла. Прижимаем бумагу губкой и разгоняем образовавшиеся пузырьки воздуха мягкой тканью. Чтобы снять вытынанки нужно их намочить теплой водой, подождать 3 – 5 минут, чтобы они хорошо пропитались и соскоблить ножом. Если это делать аккуратно, то некоторые фигурки можно использовать в следующем году.

Важно! Мыльный раствор необходимо делать густым. Иначе бумага может отклеиться от стекла через пару дней.

Надеемся, что данная инструкция поможет вам сделать своими руками настоящий новогодний шедевр, а также создать праздничную атмосферу. А теперь, предлагаем галерею готовых шаблонов.

Скачать трафареты на окна к Новому году 2018 для вырезания


2018 – год желтой земляной Собаки по восточному календарю, поэтому самой востребованной фигуркой в новогодней композиции станет лохматый питомец. Обязательно добавьте пса на окно, а вместе с ним впустите в свой дом удачу, благополучие и достаток.

Трафареты на окна к Новому году 2018 для вырезания
Просмотреть и загрузить трафареты

Дед мороз, Снегурочка и Снеговик

Эти персонажи являются традиционными для любой новогодней композиции. Они способны создать сказочную атмосферу в детской комнате. Такие фигурки станут особенно актуальны, если детвора сама сделает украшения под вашим руководством.


Трафареты на окна к Новому году 2018 для вырезания
Скачать шаблоны

Снежинки, ёлочка, игрушки

Для создания новогодней композиции понадобится праздничная атрибутика. Поэтому предлагаем загрузить на компьютер галерею шаблонов с подарками, венками, свечами, елочными шарами, колокольчиками, гирляндами и пр.

Трафареты на окна к Новому году 2018 для вырезания
Загрузить галерею трафаретов

Цифры «2018»

И в завершении можно скачать несколько трафаретов с цифрами. Они подойдут не только для украшения окон, но и стен, мебели, дверей и пр.


Трафареты на окна к Новому году 2018 для вырезания
Скачать новогодние цифры

Фигурки из бумаги для вырезания: краткая история ажурной красоты

Новогодние украшения своими руками 2018

Новогодние идеи 2018 своими руками

Новогодние открытки 2018

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