An integral part of our culture are the various omens and superstitions. Even despite the fact that most of them were in the early days of paganism, many and still listen to them. This article will reveal the essence of signs: "What itches the right breast of a woman."

Sign - a certain pattern, which connects the two phenomena, which is not always a scientific explanation. Quite a number will contact our body. Usually, if it is scratched some part of it, then this may be the cause of others jokes about personal hygiene. Of course, this one does not argue, but even our ancestors believed that this may be a prediction of future events.

What itches right breast at the signs of the girls

Particular importance was attached, if a girl was scratched right breast. Usually it says that it is connected with your loved one woman. Perhaps he feels a strong sense of nostalgia and it is transmitted his beloved's just such a marvelous way. It is believed that if the left side is responsible for the emotional background, the right - for the mental processes.

Harbinger of infidelity favorite is the constant discomfort in the right breast, which lasts for several days. And if he is unstable and intermittent, it is about a girl admirer, which overcomes guilt and anguish.

Sometimes it can mean the upcoming sexual relationship. Another interesting view is that such an itch goes on possible changes in the weather. Most often, precipitation or cold snap.

Some people believe that if you scratched the right breast, the woman thinks about the blond, but if left, the brunette. Perhaps this is due to the intended location of an angel on the right shoulder, and the bar on the left.

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Some forecasters provide information that itch in both breasts, which in this case are the same size - a measure of a full and busy life. Also on the belief in the right chest discomfort can be experienced in the case of envy on the part of rivals. For example, this symptom may occur when you are discussing behind.

If the breast is itching in the evening or at night, the girl should think about the correctness of the choice of the second halves. Think of the time spent together. It is likely that this is not the one who you want.

It is also worth considering to what day of the week there was an itch chest.

What itches right breast

If itching chest on Monday:

  • it speaks of a secret admirer, which has already been mentioned above;

On Tuesday:

  • before women can bring unpleasant news that her choice stare at other ladies, and perhaps to close friends;
  • if a girl is married, that kind of feeling in her right breast indicates that the husband is dissatisfied with you as a sexual partner, and think about the diversity of their sex life. Take this into account and show it to its former passion;

On Wednesday:

  • unmarried lady waits for a new romance with blond cavalier;
  • but the married woman at this point may be the subject of gossip of envious of others;

What itches the right breast of a woman on Thursday:

  • according to the beliefs, discomfort in the day talking about the possible positive news from relatives. Perhaps soon you will be invited to the wedding;

On Friday:

  • possible changes of weather conditions;

On Saturday:

  • itching in the day does not bode well. Most likely, your spouse is unfaithful to you, especially if there was discomfort at night. Of course, this is just a sign we should not jump to conclusions, but still take a look at your partner.
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If sensations appeared in the nipple on her right breast, then:

  • in the near future on your way appear an interesting conversationalist with an unusual cast of mind;
  • you finally make peace with the person with whom for a long time been at loggerheads;
  • positive changes are coming. For example, you buy an apartment or a car.

But do not blindly trust the beliefs and superstitions, and if the itching and discomfort you are very concerned about, it is best to consult a doctor because it could be a symptom of improper care or the onset of the disease.

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