Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine

Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day today is a popular celebration in the world. People of different faiths celebrate this holiday. The younger generation with bated breath waiting for this day, hoping to get "Valentine", symbol of the holiday.

Of course, Valentine's Day in our time is absolutely a secular holiday and also highly commercialized. It is thanks to businessmen holiday was a worldwide distribution. Entrepreneurs are able to use the romantic feelings of the people in their own interests and fifteen days in a year to successfully implement a lot of goods and services, with the slightest hint of a lovers holiday symbols.

Be that as it may, the holiday is always better human dramas of everyday life. And if so, then we have prepared to celebrate Valentine's Day and share with the reader all sorts of legends associated with the origins of this holiday.


Legend first -drevnerimskaya

A priori, human mortality in the ancient world was very high. But even this sad statistics had its "peaks" - the maximum mortality rate during epidemics.

For example, in the last decade of the third century BC Rome collapsed wave of diseases such force that the city became extinct more than half. Many survivors and recover from a woman could not bear to term children or those born dead. Pagan oracles saw in this phenomenon a punishment of the gods and to beg forgiveness of them decided to make a holiday of sacrifice.

Obviously inflamed brain priests spawned a ritual flogging women to increase fertility. Under the rules of ritual, from the skins of sacrificial animals were made scourges which armed young men ispivshie wine in honor of the goddess of fertility. After abundant libations, naked thugs rushed to Rome, caught all the women who come across to meet them, stripped and beaten with leather whips. Men liked so much fun that it is increasingly merry participated every gdom, including the Roman nobility.

Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony

Pope Gelasius

Pope Gelasius

Historical evidence shows that with a leather whip was seen and Mark Antony. As the reader surely knows Antony lived and glorified his great name in the 83 - 31 years BC. That is, according to these dates, Roman cavalry more than two hundred years, entertained themselves by flogging women.

The author wondered if such a pointed way Marc Antony this holiday with his girlfriend - the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Too bad we'll never know the answer to this question as well as whether the effect of the long-awaited ceremony of corporal punishment of women.

Another interesting fact that this pagan ritual existed long after the Christianization of Rome. Only at the end of the fifth century AD, Pope Gelasius decided to ban this pagan relic. The rite is associated with the modern holiday of all lovers of two reasons. First, it was conducted in mid-February, just after the animal sacrifice in honor of the she-wolf who suckled the legend of Romulus and Remus - the founders of Rome. Secondly, the purpose of the ritual is directly related to the background of the modern holiday.

Legend second ... too old Roman

At the turn of pagan and Christian eras there was such a story. The Roman statesman named Valentine, being a secret Christian, paid to the new faith of his servants. One day, Valentine held a wedding ceremony of two of its employees according to Christian rules. Denounced by all three of them were arrested. Valentin, as a top-ranking official who escaped the death penalty, and his servant there. Wanting to encourage doomed fellow, Valentine wrote a letter to them in the form of red hearts signifying the love of Christ. Message of the bride and groom had failed to pass a blind girl. But suddenly he changed his mind and persuaded Valentin jailers servants exchanged life on their own. Before the execution Valentine handed the letter, sanctified by faith and kindness, the same blind girl, who then saw the light and became a beautiful woman.

Legend of the third - the medieval, but also about ancient Rome

His vision of the origins of Valentine's Day, a medieval chronicler stated in the book "The Golden Legend".

"Golden Legend" was the most popular reading in the Middle Ages. This decent work was created by the Genoese, the Bishop, Jacobus de Voragine. The book was compiled on the basis of folk legends and historical documents.

So, according to this book, Valentine's Day holiday has the following sources. Again, in ancient Rome (which entertainers) Emperor Claudius the Second occurred to me that a lone man - the best warrior. Not burdened with family and thoughts about the welfare of his wife and children, a bachelor would be better to fight in the emperor's honor. And when they came to this judgment, Claudius II forbade warriors to marry.

The hero of this legend was a simple priest and a military doctor concurrently, compassionate love soldiers. In the conditions of the strictest secrecy priest consecrated the unions of men and women. It was not until as long as the good work medic stumbled upon a love triangle and rejected third party reported him. Poor guy was convicted, sentenced to death. Waiting for death, medic has managed to fall in love with the jailer's daughter - Julia. In love with a priest doctor before dying wrote a note to his girlfriend, where he spoke of his love and signed it "Your Valentine." It was the world's first "valentine". Read the note was after the execution, and the execution took place itself ... which is surprising, on 14 February.

The first mention in the English classics

British writer Jeffrey Chores

British writer Jeffrey Chores

Richard II and Anne of Bohemia

Richard II and Anne of Bohemia

British writer Jeffrey Chores added Valentine's Day romantic aura. Lovers started to count the day your holiday, and the martyrdom sacrifices of the ancient Romans (Christians or simply sympathizers) have forgotten.

In the poem "Bird Parliament", dedicated to the engagement of King Richard II of England (yes, yes the very unfortunate hero of the war between the Wars of the Roses) with

Anne of Bohemia, the author positions on February 14 as the day of lovers. The words were roughly the (free translation of the author): "On February 14 - the day when every bird chooses a mate." A union of Richard and Anne, which was a success, and love, only cemented this new stereotype.

As noted by a holiday in the UK

In the Middle Ages the youth of England and Scotland have practiced this custom. Valentine's Day girls wrote their names on slips of paper and dipped the little notes in a large box. Boys pulled out a piece of paper. The girl, whose name is indicated on a piece became "Valentina" and was "the lady of the heart" for his "Valentine" during the year. Between young people establish relationships described in medieval romances that existed between the knight and his lady only for a year.
This cute custom existed until the seventeenth century, and later became comic. Later it became fashionable custom of giving gifts on this day a favorite that still exists today.

church calendar

In the late 60-ies of the last century, the Catholic Church abolished the festival dedicated to Valentine's Day. Now, according to the calendar of the Catholic Church, this day remember the Saints Cyril and Methodius (the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet and Slavic educators).

on February 14 in Bulgaria

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In Bulgaria, February 14 is the day of St. Tryphon, or, more simply, a holiday wine.
On this day, a curious rite of circumcision is done vine. In some areas of the country vines pruned vine-growers, and in South Bulgaria honor to trim branches vines falls girls. Cropped place poured wine (last year, respectively) and sprinkled with ash. That was a good harvest vine sprayed with holy water. And of course, what holiday without tasting the wine thereof.

Best regards and see you soon, Elena

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