Social consciousness is a set of ideas, theories, views, ideas, feelings, beliefs, emotions, people, moods, in which nature is reflected, the material life of society and the whole system of social relations. Social consciousness is formed and developed with the emergence of social life, as consciousness is only possible as a product of social relations.

Under the forms of social consciousness to understand the different forms of reflection of the objective world in the minds of people and social life, from which they arise in the course of practice.

Public consciousness exists and manifests itself in the forms of

- political consciousness (formed with the appearance of classes, the state and politics as a sphere of social life, that is, with the emergence of the political system of society It reflects the relationship between classes and social groups, their role and place in the system of state power, as well as relations among nations. and states the basis for the unity of these links are the economic relations of society)

- legal consciousness (due to the political consciousness, because it is directly manifested, and political and economic interests of the social group of legal consciousness in society fulfills regulatory, evaluative and cognitive function.)

- moral consciousness (. Contains a historically changing moral attitudes that represent the subjective side of morality category of morality lies at the heart of moral consciousness)

- religious and atheistic consciousness (the oldest forms of social consciousness, and it is clear subordination of its particular social and historical conditions.)

- aesthetic consciousness (performs synthesizing functions, as aesthetic consciousness structure includes elements such as aesthetic views, ideals, evaluations, tastes, aesthetic feelings, needs, aesthetic theory of aesthetic consciousness -. It is the spiritual foundation)

- science of consciousness

- economic

- environmental

The existence of different forms of social consciousness is determined by the wealth and diversity of the objective world - nature and society. With a kind of reflection of the object, every form of consciousness has its own special form of reflection: the scientific concept of moral standards, religious dogma, the artistic image. But the richness and complexity of the objective world created only by the possibility of various forms of social consciousness. Implemented this possibility is based on a specific social need.

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