Every child dreams would be an excellent student. This is not surprising, because everyone wants to use the position of teachers, proud parents and admiration and envy white comrades. In practice, however, many students such dreams and remain just dreams. Reasons and explanations for this state of affairs are many, with the one of the first places worth inability and unwillingness of children with high quality and on time with homework. Instead of returning to school to do homework, most students the lion's share of their time on the Internet, television and games.

How to succeed? How to make yourself do homework? In order to fix its position in the school and to be among the best students require strict compliance with multiple regulations. Some of them may seem simple, some - difficult, but necessary to carry out both of them, without exception. Only then can you achieve the desired result.

Rule 1.

Returning from school, do not immediately sit down at the computer. Turn it on for a couple of minutes, you can "stick" on the Internet or games until the evening. Instead, eat and immediately start for the cooking lessons for tomorrow. An additional incentive is that the sooner all the homework will be honored, the more time will be for rest and entertainment.

The student does not want to do homework

Rule 2.

Starting the implementation of the lessons start with, tidy your work area. On the desk there should be no foreign objects that will distract your attention, making it difficult to perform tasks. TV and the computer must be turned off, so as not to tempt you, and do not be tempted to do instead of lessons movies or games.

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Rule 3.

First, do the lessons that make you less problems and complications after them those that seem more complex. At the very end do very light work, such as lessons completely rewriting of drafts in notebooks.

Rule 4.

Faced with any difficulties, do not get hung up on them. Instead of aimlessly sit above the inexplicable challenge you better switch to something else that will help you to escape and relax. This will allow you to organize your thoughts and later return to a difficult task and find a solution for it. In the complex case, when do the job yourself you can not, rather than just sit, ask parents to help you and explain. So you can make lessons more quickly, without wasting time in vain.

Rule 5.

How to make yourself do the lessons , if homework is given too much? Very simple: break all planned work in a few small steps to carry out that will be much easier. After each of these steps, you can make yourself small breaks. It also allows more efficient use of your time. In addition, the breaks at the end of each step can serve as an additional motivation for how to perform each step faster.

Breaks are needed to everyone because if they do, then the brain starts to get tired quickly and cease to perform effectively. Therefore, a pause in the work required for the brain to "pack up and freshen up," are justified. It is important to remember that at the end of each break to seat themselves for the lessons is becoming increasingly difficult. Doubly difficult to return to jobs in the event that during their breaks you turn on the computer or TV. It would be better if, instead, you listen to quiet music or perform some physical exercises.

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