Steps aimed up, we associate with the ascent to the podium, with the conquest of new vertices. And if in a dream you had a chance to climb the stairs, then in reality you will be successful. But at what price you will achieve it, and in what area? Accurate interpretation of what such a dream story, give our dream book.

To obtain accurate and reliable prediction, it is necessary to pay attention to the following details: alone you crossed the path, or you have someone accompany; Do you find it hard it was to climb the ladder, or easily; the steps were new and firm, or rotten and shaky.

On the question of what is a dream to climb the stairs, downers usually converge to a single opinion: you expect the long-awaited success. But the way to his goal, which you so long dreamed of, it may be not so smooth, and not the fact that the agreement reached will bring you full satisfaction.

On the interpretation of psychoanalytic dream book, climbing the stairs in a dream represents the sexual desire. Count on finding harmony in the relationship only through the attainment of mutual understanding in intimate terms.

sonnik climb stairs

Climb stairs Dream Miller - a symbol of achieving business vertices career. But not all so simple: if after lifting the dream you feel dizzy, then luck will change your entity add selfishness and pretensions slaveholder. You will find power, but lose a lot of friends.

If you follow the interpretations of the old Russian dream book, then reaching the top step in a dream foretells you great fame and receiving honors in reality. Listen to advice, and do not fall prey to pride, or something that dream of such a plot, will be the cause of loneliness.

If you had a chance to go up and down stairs in a dream, and at the same time you do not feel tired, then in the near future, you will show an enviable zeal in sexual relations. In a short time a list of amorous conquests increase significantly.

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If easy to climb to the top in a dream, you stand and contemplate what is happening below, then you will always remember those who support you in the difficult path to independence. And if you look at the sky, there is no doubt, what a dream is a dream - after reaching a goal, you will move immediately to the next.

to climb the ladder in a dream

What dream difficult to climb stairs? If you have not made it to the top in a dream to stay on the incredible fatigue, the cause of failure in the future will be the usual laziness. Dream book advises to overcome the reluctance to move on, and efforts be rewarded with a vengeance.

Adverse interpretation acquires a plot in a dream, where you are not reaching the upper stage, have been dumped down by an unknown force or another person. Dream book argues that the plans were not destined to come true, the enemies will erase the efforts.

What a dream to climb the wooden stairs? If the wood creaked and flex beneath your feet, the path to a successful life, you greatly hinder detractors. You have to pay a hefty price, and give a lot of effort to achieve the dream.

If the tree is solid and does not bend, then dream interpretation predicts that the only logical and sober reasoning can help you achieve this. Resist the emotional aggressive impulses, be careful.

climb the wooden stairs

What a dream to climb the broken stairs? Even if now the hope abandoned you - do not give up. Dream book predicts that no matter what, you can overcome the traps on the way, at the end of which you will be successful.

The steps that break under the feet during sleep - an unfavorable character. You have chosen the right strategy to achieve the goal, but the vanity and ambition, tendency to tackle the overburden, interfere with you.

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With the ease of climbing the steep stairs - a good sign. Dream book foretells that you yourself will overcome challenging obstacles, and will wait for happiness. But if you breathe out, you can not rise above, the achievement of the desired result will not bring any joyful emotions.

If the rise in his sleep next to you, hand in hand, is a loved one, it is a very good symbol. Interpretation of dream book lies in the fact that you will be assisted by friends and family, you will not be left without support in a difficult situation, and climb the stairs up to the dream, it will be easier than ever.

The woman, who had a chance to climb the stairs with a man in a dream, is to expect an improvement in relations with the other half. You will be able to come together and feel like a real married couple. Difficulties that you will overcome together, still more united you.

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