Delicious and unique dish dolma . The recipe is simple, but difficult to find vine leaves.

Dolma - originally the name originated among the Turkic peoples of Central Asia and refers to any dish of minced meat stuffed inside.

For meals, associated with wrapping meat stuffing leaves, there is also a traditional name from the Turkic sarma sarmak verb meaning "to turn."

Combination of ground meat, rice, grape leaf can be regarded as ideal - there is no random ingredients: rice takes away excess fat meat, grape leaf gives acidity and astringency, well, meat - satiety.

Most often prepared with lamb dolma, generously sprinkling toppings fresh-cut spicy greens. A form can be different: and miniature rolls and square envelopes. Square grape leaf to fold faster, because a lot of dolma cooked immediately.

Especially carefully selected leaves. They have to be young, with delicate veins. To give greater flexibility of scald.

 Share recipe cooking dolma in multivarka.   

Dolma in multivarka


 700 g minced

 70 g rice

onions 2 pc

Tomatoes 2 pc

 grape leaves

 sour cream, tomato paste


 spices, herbs, garlic, nutmeg

Cooking method:

Prepare grape leaves. Take the best young leaves. About the size of a palm. Older leaves will be darker and more harsh. Fresh grape leaves, place in boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain water and shake off excess water. Remove the stalks and cut thickening at the base of the leaves.

Prepare the stuffing. Meat mince. Peeled onions finely chop with a knife. Tomato peel, scalded with boiling water. Cut it into small cubes. Pour boiling water over rice for 15 minutes, or boil until half. Peeled garlic finely chop.

To add the minced onion, garlic (optional), rice, greens, tomatoes, nutmeg. Season with salt and pepper. Add 2 tablespoons of water. Mix thoroughly. The smooth and wide face grape leaf Put a tablespoon of the filling.

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Tuck the edge of a leaf to the center and fold the tube. Displace both stuffed. At the bottom of the bowl Multivarki put grape leaves. This will give a more pronounced taste of the dish. Top tightly packed in multivarku dolma. It can be laid in several rows. Each layer of the flipper vine leaves.

Prepare the sauce. To do this, connect the sour cream with tomato paste and stir. Add salted broth, garlic and herbs. Pour the sauce into a dolma multivarka. Close the lid. "Quenching" Enable mode. Cooking time dolma multivarka in 1 hr.

The finished house put on a plate and sprinkle with fresh herbs.

 Bon Appetit!

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