modern look at what should be the furniture is changed every seven to ten years. This is due to the fact that the desires and preferences of the people more and more based on the functionality of the interior element and its modernity.

The functionality of the furniture have become a priority, as more and more people are faced with the problem of small size a particular room. Of course, there is no limit to perfection, and to dream of spacious hall not forbid, but the reality is somewhat different. Therefore, it is often necessary to look for furniture for the narrow hallway, which is the only correct way to deal with complexity.

Your main task is to determine what exactly can be located from the furniture in your long and narrow hallway. Here is a list of what you need to live there:

A wardrobe

In dreams it appears large and spacious, it may be with glass doors and even illumination. But in reality - it is likely that will have to resort to the conventional wall hanger. Very often, this option will save the owners of furniture narrow hallways, because modern technology can make it a unique and modern. Therefore abandon the hanger is not necessary. If you want just in case, he may be ordered on an individual thumbnail, but it will be small and neat.


It should be as practical. It will be stored seasonal shoes, so you need to focus on what to obuvnitsa was roomy. The main mistake many - an attempt to put into it all the shoes that are in the house. So it should not be done, it is important to understand the complexity of the space, and so all the unnecessary can be placed in a different location. Compact obuvnitsa, as in the photo, will be the ideal choice of furniture for the narrow hallway.

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It is indispensable, since it is the desired product. Shoes standing neither you nor your guests do not like it, so pick up for yourself a small and beautiful version of the ottoman. Keep in mind that it should not be a separate element, it should be viewed similarly to the general interior.

Shelves and a mirror

These are the two elements without which a narrow hallway can not exist. Be guided by your taste and choose these decorative additions on the basis of personal preferences.

The steps and the complexity of the selection

Very often people try before you buy to study the market of goods and ideas, to do pre-plan what would like and what is prohibited. Today, you can find a great number of pictures, which selected the most optimum furniture for narrow hallway. From the large collection, you can pick up something, and under his personal taste.

But not everything is so simple, the first difficulty, which will meet on the way - the quality of goods. After all doors and fittings should be strong, they bought at least for a period of 3 to 5 years. Therefore, interested Manufacturer, safeguards and materials should always be. Information will not be redundant and serve you a big advantage at the stage of purchase.

Next, you need to remember that the quality and beauty are not necessarily neighboring components. So do not forget about visual appeal. Let the furniture for the narrow hallway and non-standard, but it should always be beautiful. Therefore, carefully choose not only the size but also the color, form, decorative composition.

Photos of furniture for narrow hallway

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