Floorings can be very different - from the laminate to natural stone. Among the whole range of flooring in recent years have increasingly isolated floor tiles clinker.

Gender - a kind of basis for any room. It is to the floor imposed the most stringent requirements, because in addition to visual appeal, he must possess a number of important physical qualities. So, the flooring should be easy to withstand heavy loads, do not absorb moisture and provide an aesthetic design component of an apartment or office. Clay Floor tiles copes with all these problems, and therefore more and more popular with consumers in recent years.

Clay tiles on the floor together with the clinker steps on the stairs - it is primarily beautiful. Indeed, ordinary baked clay looks very interesting and modern clinker in the production of which in addition to the clay used natural dyes, and does - a kind of architectural masterpiece. If you want to make the room look original and unusual, stylish and neat, the tiles - this is the perfect choice for you. Thanks to the rich assortment of colors and shades, which produced clinker tiles, this material is suitable for almost any room. However, most of clinker floor tiles used in open spaces, terraces. In the other rooms such as the bedroom or living room, not taken to lay the tiles, but this does not mean that in these rooms tile will look bad. If you pick up a beautiful pastel colors of clinker and tiled gently and smoothly, even the bedroom or a guest room converted and will look truly exclusive.

However, most of the clinker tiles becomes a perfect design for bathrooms, corridors, toilets or kitchens. It is also often used in tile pools and office facilities. It is not surprising that every plant produces clinker a wide range of material, because the bath tiles and tiles for the office may not be the same.

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So what is the reason for the popularity of clinker in modern construction? As noted above, the clinker has a special visual appeal, which is able to transform any room. However, this dignity ceramic tiles does not end there. It should be noted that it clinker has high durability and reliability, and therefore can easily withstand large loads. You can not be afraid that your floor scratch or rub off on time and be spoiled by a heavy cabinet or other furniture overall. Paving tile is placed literally for centuries, as its quality and reliability - this is the main advantage of this construction material. Furthermore, clinker tiles impervious to frost and heat, moisture and other adverse climatic conditions. Because of this, the floor covering of clinker is popular not only in homes and offices, but also for the design of paths and grounds in front of buildings.

Plant ceramic tiles - a modern production, which uses only the highest quality equipment and must be permanent control of its products. The fact is that from the raw material quality of the tiles is almost independent, but from the production process depends very much. Insufficient firing or, conversely, too intensive heat treatment "kill" the majority of the advantages of this wonderful building and finishing material. Thus, only the correct firing is able to compress the clay and remove its porosity allows that after the tile of clinker to be unresponsive or to frost or moisture.

By the way, thanks to waterproof the tile it is an ideal material for flooring pools. Unlike many other construction and finishing materials, clinker tiles does not spoil the water and protects the room from dampness and mold. Moreover, clinker tiles has another undeniable advantage, which is very important for a floor covering in the pool. Thus, the tiles clinker practically does not slide (as opposed to, for example, a floor covering made of natural stone), so the pool customers will not fear for their safety when leaving the pool in wet shoes. Also, this feature is helpful when designing a floor in an office setting. In winter, the soles are often brought ice and sleet, which makes the flooring a real ice rink. However, ceramic tiles for steps are not afraid of this situation, and with the clinker room will always be safe for visitors.

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