To start thinking how to spend the outlet need in September - the sooner the better. Is generally carried out at the beginning of the school year parents' meeting , which discusses all the nuances of the holiday and is determined by the amount you need to pay. Most often the payment of "stretch" for a year, because a large amount of turns, and much easier to pay a little each month.

What should be discussed at the meeting? Firstly, it is necessary to determine the place where you're going to prom . Usually this is done in advance - otherwise all good places can divert you from under his nose. Let's list the most popular places prom celebration:

Restaurant - the traditional option. Solemnly, fully corresponds to the case does not need to worry about the music, desktop, service - everything is done for you. But this option is not the cheapest.

Café, bar, nightclub . Usually in such places are sent when all the restaurants are already occupied. There are usually cheaper, but such facilities often small, so if you want to spend the entire exhaust parallel, and even their parents - can not "climb".

School . If the administration "has given good" can be carried out in the school - in the dining room or the assembly hall. This option is economical and in some ways even touching, but the celebration of the graduation in the school sometimes lacking in pomp and festivity.

The motor ship . The outlet on the boat - quite expensive, but it is very unusual variant. Such exhaust certainly be remembered for a lifetime. But, unfortunately, for many cities is the celebration of the outlet is not available.

Second, you should consider a program of the exhaust so that it does not become a banal feast with dancing. How to be in this case? Two options - to cope on their own or use the services of professionals.

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The first option - is more economical, but also more time-consuming . In this case, preparation for graduation is to do in advance and bring it to the most active alumni, teachers and parents. It is best to write your own script to fit exactly to your latitude. But in a pinch, you can find a ready script on the Internet and a little remake it. It can be included in the script and the music room, and contests, and even a karaoke contest - anything you want.

The second option - more expensive, but you do not have to do anything , and graduates will be able to safely enjoy the holiday. To carry out the exhaust, you can invite toastmaster (lead) or even use the services of specialized agencies involved in carrying out proms and other celebrations. But even if the discharge is prepared by professionals, you need to clearly articulate their desires and control the process of training to really exhaust was not unpleasant surprises.

In organizing the program should take into account whether students celebrate graduation together with teachers and parents . If graduates want to spend prom separately from adults (eg, in different rooms of the restaurant), then you need to take this into account. You may have to organize two separate holiday (if teachers and parents do not choose to take themselves).

Besides the price, location and organization of the cultural program to be discussed:

All these are usually engaged parents. But the students themselves also do not have to stand to the side - after all this is their holiday, and if they want to spend a fun graduation, they will have to try. Activists can prepare a skit - a small program with funny scenes and alterations known songs, and there is still time to remember funny moments shared learning. And those who can sing, dance, juggle or swallow a sword (just kidding, of course, though ...) can prepare the music room.

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And in general, to have a good graduation, you need first of all a positive attitude . The main thing - not where, and how, and with whom. Prom - is an occasion once again to remember all the good things that happened over 10 years of schooling.

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