Key Features:   Cooking under pressure and without, power 1455 W, 14 programs multipovar, removable protective internal screen Multivarki lid, a container for collecting condensate, a light cover closing indicator, delayed start up to 13 hours, from the inclusion of no bowl protection, adjustable power-saving mode adjustment of heating temperature, touch panel, insulated handles on the bowl.

Features: Induction heating element, a voice guide, a bowl with a marble-plated automatic steam cleaning.

* After selecting the program can activate the delay start (up to 13 hours in 10 minute increments). During cooking, the display shows the time remaining before the end of cooking, you will hear a warning about the release of steam, followed by a message on the readiness of dishes.

In the "Toasting" and "Quenching" to start cooking, press "Start". In modes "Steaming" and "Oven" press "Enter" for additional cooking parameters such as time and temperature, then press "Start".

"Multipovar" mode allows you to set the temperature and cooking time for a specific recipe. You can adjust the cooking time of 10 minutes. to 1 hr. 30 min. in 10 minutes and the cooking temperature from 40 to 120 ° C.

Wonderful multivarka. But the price of 34,000 rubles, with which the start of sales began a little shocking. 27000 (September 2013), too sour, but it is close to Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F. U700 manufactured at the plant Cuckoo (link is external) under the brand name Bork, but sold much more expensive than its Korean "ancestor" (most likely of CRP-HNXG1010FB Cuckoo (link is external) ). But those who decide to buy Korean original and really save two or three times, deprived of Russian instruction, control panels, voice guidance, as well as a two-year warranty.
A little strange, that included to this is not cheap Multivarki thin book with recipes and a great and colorful design, you need to buy separately for 960 rubles. But induction multishefu U700 fit recipes from Cuckoo 1055 (link is external) . A huge number of recipes from Cukoo 1054 (link is external) readily adapted by adding 10-15 minutes for heating and davleniyak set to the recommended time.

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Induction multishef Bork U700

Model Year: 2012
Country of origin: Korea (Cuckoo ) )
Color: Silver + White / Silver + Black
Warranty: 2 years

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