child strongly sweatsCHILD sweat heavily on walk

It turns sweating is not so simple process, and it occurs in healthy people by the rules. Knowing about them, whether the kid if he's healthy, we can conclude comfortable if dressed properly. We worry that the sultry summer our child strongly sweats. Anxiously probe wet Golovenko and smocks and think, "That's the trouble! Hot! Heavily sweating baby "But sweating - a complex but completely natural process.
Leather - it's not only the shell of the body, which separates the internal contents from the external environment, but also the most powerful organ of thermoregulation and isolation. On top of that organ samonalazhivayuschiysya and adapt to ever-changing environmental conditions. Isolation of sweat - a function necessary to our skin.

Evaporating from the body surface,

Sweat cools it, not allowing overheating, and thus saves us from heatstroke. On average, per day skin babies allocates about 0.5 - 0.8 liters of sweat. And in the heat amount thereof is increased to 2 liters. An adult under certain conditions (for example, work in hot shops) can produce up to 15 liters of sweat!
Besides sweat is a natural grease which together with sebum not allow the skin to dry out and crack. We should also bear in mind that the skin of babies is much thinner and more delicate than an adult, her yet plump layer of the epidermis, and the required amount of sebum she learns to allocate only three years, while the sweat immediately cease to seem superfluous. And do not think that the excessive sweating in children will certainly erode the delicate skin of the baby. Infant secret sweat glands - no more concentrated than human blood plasma, it does not even smell. Well, just the perfect moisturizing! And the harm the skin of the baby causes the common opinion that the child should be dressed warmer than we are.

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child strongly sweatsMaybe,

have you noticed that the body sweats unequally? This is because of the sweat production meet the special glands. If adults have a whole two types of "water supply" (in the armpits is especially noticeable one, which does not have children), but the kids have only one of them - the eccrine glands. Their "dew" so tender that even devoid of smell.
The body baby, these glands are spread unevenly. In some places, there are almost none, and in some there are so many that formed the whole field sweat. On the face - it is the forehead, bridge of the nose, narrow zone along both sides of the nose and place "under the mustache" on his upper lip. Such a field is and on the temples. But sweat glands on the heads a little. And they work as needed - "dew" will be less than the thick head of hair your baby. On the back of the field of sweat has a diamond shape with vertices on the sacrum and between the shoulder blades. On the chest - a zone bibs. And on the feet and palms of a secret glands collected in hidden in the skin, "a glass of." He squeezed less floor heat, as if the slightest touch and turbulent emotions.

babies are born

with the need of ripening, imperfect body. Not regulated thermoregulatory system - the reason why the child strongly sweats . Even in the main perspiration - the hypothalamus, learn to properly carry out its work only in 2.5 - year. "Adults" apocrine glands begin to work only in puberty. It is this immaturity makes babies pour "family sweats" when the temperature gets to around 30 degrees. When sweat appears in the heat of the sweat on the fields, it is a sign that all systems are functioning normally. And ideally, when the crumb is dressed for the weather and feeling well, his skin feels should be cool and slightly damp without streams and drops of sweat. Remember, overheating is much more dangerous for children than hypothermia.

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child strongly sweatsOf course,

best summer outfit - it's own skin. If possible, arrange baby air baths. In the morning (until 10.00) and evening (after 16:00) is better to go in the sun. This hardening and prevention of rickets. Of course, while walking around the city it is not appropriate. If the baby is healthy and you do not need to enter the air-conditioned rooms, a little wet nightie can be considered the norm. Thin natural fabric moisture evaporates almost as easily as the skin and in the absence of drafts and changes in temperature baby does not catch a cold. If crumb a few out of shape or you have to go to the subway, it is necessary to take with them for a couple of spare odezhek walk.

If you're wrong

picked up the quantity and quality of the clothes, get ready for the fact that in the face, temples, neck and back will flow abundant streams. If the baby and thought so zakapriznichal - go immediately home, undress and gave him drink. If the baby is sweating heavily , the concentration of salts in the blood plasma increases. Such changes toddler body can react sharp rise in temperature, the dysfunction of the heart and lungs, and even convulsions.
True excess fluid is not very useful, since then leave the body, and salt. Therefore, if the body pour more water than needed, the salt concentration decreases. Excess water body will actively withdraw, and will want to drink even more. As a result, the baby will be flowing waterfalls sweat. And this cycle not burst until remedied lack of minerals, namely sodium and chlorine. It is interesting that the inhabitants of hot countries, especially the desert, thirsty, first suck the salt crystal, if you drink do not perehotelos, pripadaet to the precious water.


child strongly sweatsSweating in Children -

It is not only a method of maintaining the required constancy of body temperature and skin elasticity, but also an indicator of the baby's health. As already mentioned, in the normal sweat on the head should be slightly. If in a dream head kids sweats heavily, it may be a sign of incipient rickets. Please note, if the hairs on the back of his head fall. If available, and this symptom, contact your pediatrician immediately, so that together with him to confront the disease. wet is observed cushion syndrome and hydrocephalus (increased cerebrospinal fluid). This increases the intracranial pressure and can suffer brain tissue. You understand how important it is to diagnose the time such changes in time.

Disorders of endocrine glands may be a manifestation of - increased sweating of the child .

Constantly moist skin looks for deviations in the thyroid gland. Wet pad is kids whose pancreas produces insufficient insulin. They especially suffer from thirst. Therefore, if you are sure you do not overheat the baby, then do not delay the visit to the clinic. After timely appeal to the endocrinologist - the key to successful prevention of such terrible diseases as hyperthyroidism and diabetes.
But, most importantly, do not forget that the optimum air temperature in the nursery  should be not greater than 22 degrees and even better - about 20 degrees. Excessive overheating is bad for the health of the child. It is possible that to establish a normal temperature in the baby's room, you will no longer have to worry that the child strongly sweats .

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