Such lovely legs are too short! Most of them were bred as a hunting breed. However, today it is popular pets, the content of which there are some difficulties. For example, the fact that on his return from a walk always have to wash the legs and abdomen. This dog will always be spoiled because it is close to the ground. In gladkoshorstnyh rocks is high risk of catching a cold all for the same reason. In addition, all of these doggie winter will be hard to run around in the snow.

If you are still not afraid of difficulties, then below we present the most well-known breeds of dogs with short legs.

1. The fee
Despite its wide distribution, taxes have traditionally been viewed as a symbol of Germany. In the First World War these handsome, Wilhelm II of former pets, hated in England and the United States, and according to some reports, taxis on the streets threw stones. Americans derisively called the fee "puppy freedom", and cartoonist depicted the burghers in the form of dog. In World War II the number of taxes again fell sharply, but managed to recover after the war. It is known that the German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel adored dachshunds.

Weight: up to 9 kg

Active, friendly, intelligent and curious quadrupeds that wonderful assist hunters in search of burrowing animals. But more often they act as a pet. This kind of dogs with short legs has several types. They are divided according to the type of hair that is smooth, long and hard, and taxes come in various sizes: standard and dwarf rabbit. The most common - gladkoshorstnye fees, usually encountered on the street.

Have an elongated body with developed muscles, hair - short, is attached. Color - red, yellow, black, brown, spotted, brindle. Ears hanging slightly saber tail continues topline. Resistant genes hunter at the wrong time can remind yourself - for example, walking at a meeting with a flock of pigeons.

This is a bold, independent and serious dog with a loud voice, and the qualities of a brave guard.

2. Pekingese
If it prohibits a lot and do not pay enough attention, he can begin to put things in their own way to the house in order. Or even just out of boredom.

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Weight: 3 to 6 kg

Bred in China decorative rock doggies.

Pekingese likes to be pampered - so he occasionally reminds us of his royal origin. But at the same time he is a great entertainer and knows no fear. This animal is harmonious and stocky build. The most common color - black and red. Also, there are fawn and black Pekingese, occasionally white. The muzzle from Pekingese black, with brown eyes. Eyes wide apart, and snub-nosed profile with the muzzle at eye level with nothing not mix!

3. Scottish Terrier
is very well feel the mood of his master, and if he had a bad day, this adorable pet quickly picks up the situation and behave accordingly.

Weight: 8 to 10 kg

Pretty hardy little animal who does not like to communicate with strangers. An ideal choice for a single person or a childless couple.

Color - black, rarely happens wheaten or brindle. Strong muscular dog with a long, but proportionate to the body head. Small erect ears, dark oval eyes. This terrier waves rather short tail, which may be slightly curved. Funny Face of the baby has its own characteristics: a long and tough wool forms eyebrows, beard and mustache. Great gift for any bearded man, is not it?

4. Skye Terrier
Like many dogs, Skye terriers incredibly loyal and faithful to their masters. A great example - Skye Terrier is Greyfriars Bobby, who after the death of its owner regularly visited his favorite diner, and then again returned to the grave of his master. Greyfriars for 14 years, went through this ritual, and only the death of a faithful dog stopped his daily walk to the cafe.

Weight: about 11 kg
Quiet, friendly breed of four-legged, with its independent character. Unshorn Skye Terrier looks a bit like overgrown bachelor: straight thick hair closes the eyes, forming a beard and mustache. The head is long, the eyes are small, dark, black ears, hanging or standing. The tail is long, never rises above the level of the back.

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Colors: black, gray with blackening on the muzzle, ears and tail. It needs careful grooming and long walks. Wary of strangers, but for the host to which it is committed and gives his love, he can stand up fully.

5. The Czech Terrier (Bohemian Terrier)
Puppies are born black and completely fade to two years

Weight: 7-10 kg

Czech is different from other terriers calmer character, so this breed with short legs will be the ideal choice if you are looking for a pet - a companion.

This beautiful, stocky sobachentsiya has elongated body. The eyes are small and deep-set, dark brown, with light brown at the representatives of the eye has a light yellow. Build a strong and long hair, silky and curly. Color - different shades of brown and gray.

6. Cairn Terrier
This breed was developed in Scotland and thrust its creators cultivated appearance as long as the species last, did not become popular.

Dogs of this breed is great friends with all family members and respond well to training. Funny and energetic cores like people, but with other dogs somehow get along poorly. This small, attractive zhivotinka firmly based on his front paws. Triangular head, long snout with powerful jaws tapering to a black nose lobe. Small, dark eyes and small erect ears. The tail is short and the hair, on the contrary, a long, hard and tousled. Cairn terriers are red, camel, black or brindle. Energetic and lively character requires from the future owner of the long walks and regular exercise.

7. Taksoobrazny Brakk
They slowly go on the trail, so walking pet will not run away from the host.

Weight: 16-18 kg

Attached to the owner, kind and tolerant of children, easy to get along with other animals. This alert dog and unpretentious - excellent family friend. It is believed that the Alpine taksoobrazny Brakk - is the ancestor of taxes.

Hardy, executive Brakk has an innate hatred for the beast and excellent flair. Seeing squirrel park, it will not pass by! Wedge-shaped head, round eyes, strong neck, picked up his stomach and push forward with the prey. Forefeet larger than hind, with black claws, converted downwards. Fingers hind legs straighter and shorter, but Bracco on this occasion is not complex. Coats short, thick, light or dark brown color.

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8. Dandy Dinmont Terrier
its name, these terriers are required to name one of the characters of the famous works of Sir Walter Scott's' Guy Menne-ring ".

Weight: 8-11 kg

Very brave, cheerful and devoted psinka requiring harsh upbringing. This kid with an African head of hair is different than most terriers elongated body, long tail and saber-like convex waist. Large head round shape has a convex forehead and a "cap" of soft wool.

Hanging ears and large, expressive eyes can not leave anyone indifferent! The tail is relatively short, stiff coated wool. Colors: mustard, and pepper. It is believed that the dandy Dinmont Terriers are able to give love to only one master, however, and this feeling is still to be earned.

9. Dachshund
Dachshund starts to eat a lot and sleep when left alone.

Weight: 18-27 kg

Puppies of this breed are irresistible. Dachshund are among the contact and complaisant rocks. They are friendly towards children and other members of the dog. It is a large dog with a short coat, his head covered with folds of skin. People usually touches smart look big sad eyes and long drooping ears. Eyes brown or dark brown, deep-set. Color is typically two- or three-colored, typical combinations of white, black and red.

10. Welsh Corgi
Healthy Welsh Corgi virtually no smell of dog. Particularly sensitive people compare them to smell the smell of poplar buds.

Weight 11-17 kg

These little dogs are distinguished irrepressible liveliness, innate intelligence and goodwill. Loving and loyal, they are kind to the family of the owner. They are easy to get along with cats and loyal to other animals.

Strong tailless body with straight short legs a bit like a fox, especially if it is red. Eyes are brown. White markings on the muzzle, legs and chest and a bright golden hair color. In general, color can be any other than white.

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