Each pet landlord knows firsthand that tree, garlands and tinsel attract favorite cats canned food is stronger than all the world. Whether pussies so happy Christmas decorations, whether they want to "kick their ass" and show who is the most important and beautiful.

Femme Today  gathered photos of baleen wretch who also wildly happy upcoming New Year.

Wow, what a beauty! And as I had not noticed?

Oops, a little bit miscalculated

What is this strange thing? I have to try

Blessed Whiskas! She is alive!

Something you're early today, the hostess. I've corrected your toys ...

Come here, luminous rope, I'm going to ask you right now!

Why would you want a star on the top of the tree, if there is such a handsome cat?

Omnomnom what light!

Wow, how delicious! Ahem, I mean beautiful ...

Man, I do not understand where the real tree? Cardboard is not as tasty as a natural

 This cat, too furious packing: neat bow does not tie

Researcher Snowball Barsikovich bravely conquering new top Christmas tree Everest

Oh, I am tired of the hustle and bustle of the New Year's eve ... Then dress up the Christmas tree itself

Want to understand the garland - think like a garland of light as a garland

Yes, I broke a Christmas dinosaur. And, no, I'm not ashamed, I warned him that there is not oshivalsya

A good tree resistant, approve

This friend of valerian do not pour more than

All tree, you yourself asked for it!

Murzik, these garlands tastier last year! Try it yourself

When the tree is still there, and I want to have a holiday

Holiday comes to us - to meet him!

Source: https://www.adme.ru/svoboda-narodnoe-tvorchestvo/20-bespodobnyh-kotov-vstupivshih-v-neravnyj-boj-s-novogodnimi-ukrasheniyami-1413065/ 


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